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HTML filter HTML filter By default, Flash only supports a small subset of HTML in htmlText fields Reference: Anchor tag (<a>) Bold tag (<b>) Break tag (<br>) Font tag (<font>) Image tag (<img>) Italic tag (<i>) List item tag (<li>) Paragraph tag (<p>) Text format tag (<textformat>) Underline tag (<u>) Flex-htmlFilter can be utilised to extend the HTML support of htmlText fields by enabling the use of:
HTML wrapper
Workaround for wmode bug
Project Information About this project: This is the Flex Formatter project ("flexformatter") This project was registered on on Dec 18, 2008, and is described by the project team as follows: Flex formater Flex formater
Fixed Size ScrollThumb
List scrolling

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35,892 views An updated version of our Adobe Flex 3 Component Lifecycle talk. I gave this presentation at CFUnited Express in Denver on 4/6/2009. ...

Flex 3 Component Life Cycle

Flex 3 Component Life Cycle