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3.1- Community assets

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Radical Housing Network - Map of Current Campaigns. Concrete Action - Supporting housing struggles in London. Invitation to get involved - come to our organising meeting on Saturday the 14th of November, 2-4 pm - RSVP for more details: concreteaction AT Concrete Action is a platform to provide support for architecture and planning professionals and communities fighting for housing in London.

This space is for those working in building design, planning and construction to anonymously provide advance information on proposed developments, to disseminate planning and development knowledge to communities and activists, and to link professionals who are willing provide educational and design services for those negatively affected by property development. Action Resources for professionals, communities and activists. Leak Send us information for publication. Victories News from housing struggles across the capital.

Any leaks that gets sent to us will be uploaded to the Documents section. Why leaks? Whistleblowing has a proud history of helping to create change! How to send us information. Mapping protest over urban space in London - Martine Drozdz. I started my fieldwork in a context where a London -wide network of activists - Just Space - was being consolidated through the process of the Examination in Public of the London regional strategy (the London Plan). In order to situate historically and geographically this network and other cases of strategic action on which I was working at the time, I started to gather examples of conflicts which had occurred around built environment issues - broadly defined. Trying to put in place a more systematic methodology, I got interested in different online databases which I could access when I was working at The London School of Economics.

I began searching the Evening Standard digital archive and looked for conflicts and campaigns. I did so over a period of roughly 15 years (1998 - 2013). City Farms and community gardens. London Community Food Map. DCLG Community Rights. People around the country value and love the places they live in. They want great local public services, to protect the things that make their neighbourhood special and to help their community grow and develop in the right way. In 2011, the government passed the Localism Act, which gave citizens new legal powers in their communities. Thousands of people, in hundreds of communities, are already using their rights to work together to change their area for the better. This map series shows how communities are using different community rights across England (up to November 2015).

For more information, resources and case studies about the community rights, visit If you’re already involved in a local community project or would like to be, join the My Community Network ( to talk to experts, access support and share experiences with others who are passionate about their community. African Diaspora Community Assets. Campaign For Better Transport- Act Locally. Archivo geolocalizado de Lugares Q - LABORATORIO Q. Find Your London festival map. Nplannerslondon | MAP. Natural neighbourhoods. Natural neighbourhoods - free open definitions of places where people live and work Natural neighbourhoods can be defined by anyone to map custom areas that better represent real meaningful areas. Once published, these geographies are shared as open data, so everyone can benefit from the same precise definitions. Use these pages to Examine both official and unofficial types of area Pick the type of area at the top of this page.

Pick a specific area at the top of the page or from the map to see its details. Pick how the area is broken down at the top of the page to see small areas that fit into it. Link your own web pages and documents to areas so others can discover them Sign in (register first if you have not already done so) and use the “add document or link” button on the area details tab to record your link. Add new areas of existing types (eg town centres) Search in the box above for an area type to use and check its suitability in the area type details tab. Define new types of area.