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Im Internet lernen und lehren - Der Marktplatz für online Kurse: Wissen kaufen und verkaufen. Blog Archiv » Die 8 besten (?) Werkzeuge des analogen Lernens und Lehrens. Die einen fragen, was heute zu lernen sei und gehen damit wohltuend von den Tools des Lernens weg hin zu den Inhalten.

Blog Archiv » Die 8 besten (?) Werkzeuge des analogen Lernens und Lehrens

Prima. An anderer Stelle geht es in einem Offenen Kurs (Open Course) um die Zukunft des Lernens und in der dritten Woche, in der sich dieser Kurs nun befindet, geht es um die Tools des Lernens, mit denen dann gelernt werden soll, was zu lernen ist, wie auch immer diese Inhalte / Kompetenzen dann näher definiert sind. Wenger_Trayner_DeLaat_Value_creation.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt) - - Top Bar Hive, Beekeeping DVD. Présentation. Le Suivi Photographique des Insectes POLLinisateurs a pour but d’obtenir des données quantitatives sur les insectes pollinisateurs et/ou floricoles en France en mesurant les variations de leur diversité et celles de la structure des réseaux de pollinisation, sur l’ensemble de la France métropolitaine.


Grâce à un protocole simple et attrayant, reposant sur des photographies d’insectes en train de butiner, le SPIPOLL est ouvert à tous ! La pollinisation, un service écologique menacé La pollinisation de très nombreuses plantes dépend des insectes... Berhardt And Aruliden Enlist Eighth-Graders To Design Ideal Schoolroom. Which school nabbed a top prize at this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair?

Berhardt And Aruliden Enlist Eighth-Graders To Design Ideal Schoolroom

No, not RISD or Pratt but rather the School at Columbia and its team of eighth-graders, who took it upon themselves to reinvent their classroom -- a space that has evolved little since the dawn of the Industrial Age. The resulting products are nothing short of inspiring. As part of the Tools at Schools program, the creative consultancy Aruliden guided the class through every step of the design process -- from research to mood boards and 3-D modeling to production, which is where Bernhardt, the North Carolina?

Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers. How YouTube is popularising science. I have been recognised four times now.

How YouTube is popularising science

Four times! I knew you would be impressed. And what has brought me such notoriety? Is it my fancy suits, my outrageous tabloid lifestyle, or is it my world famous impression of a teapot? No. I am one of a growing number of science communicators on YouTube, and I know many readers could be doing the same. I'm a mathematician - and have the chalk marks to prove it - but I do not come from a family of academics. Today the profile of science communication on TV may be at an all time high. However, with the rise of new media, like YouTube, you no longer need to chase the audience. For me, the gold standard of SciComm remains The Periodic Table of Videos.

This has now grown into weekly videos, including topical ones such as the chemistry of Kate Middleton's engagement ring (above). Ameisenkolonien: Krabbelndes Superorgan - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft. OpenIDEO - How might we better connect food production and consumption? - Inspiration - Garden in a Sack. Inspiration Growing your own food does not need to be intimidating or costly. A simple garden can be grown in a mere sack and can provide enough vegetables to offer some food security to a family who may not have the resources for something more elaborate.

While a garden in a sack does not connect food production and consumption on a large scale, the ability to produce a portion of your own food needs is an empowering and satisfying project. However, this ability can be compromised by the lack of resources which are available to a person or family. For low income communities, price is a high factor in what food is purchased, and education on making smart choices with whatever amount of money available is often limited.

Social Innovation. Social innovation seeks to create transformational change in under-served, underrepresented, and disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Social Innovation

At IDEO, we use design thinking to address issues such as poverty, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, economic empowerment, access to financial services, and gender equity. Our projects involve clients in both the private and public sectors. To help them develop effective solutions, we create not only products and services, but also the entire system that supports them. This often means spending considerable time in the field, living and working with the people we’re striving to assist. We routinely partner with local leaders (who act as our trusted advisers) to ensure that all concepts and solutions are practical, culturally appropriate, scalable, and sustainable. This means that before introducing anything new, we figure out what really matters to the target population—and what will motivate them to accept and adopt our solution.

Infographic: Every Country's #1 at Something. David McCandless's new infographic is a masterpiece that lays out each country's individual claim to a #1 rank.

Infographic: Every Country's #1 at Something

These range from commodities to demographics to ecology to crime--and obviously, most of these things you'd never want to be known for being the "best" in: But collectively, it gives you a pretty phenomenal snapshot of the workings in myriad economies, countries, continents, and regions. For example, Africa in particular looks like a slapdash collection of countries with niche resource exports and barely functioning economies rife with problems such as overpopulation and disease. Further North, in Northern Europe, there are all kinds of fascinating factoids.


Obama retracing his Irish roots. Science News. The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog. Engine Service Design. Welcome to Our New School. A mind mapping game for up to six people The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme presents a raft of new challenges for many schools, not least the need to engage larger than usual groups in the planning process.

Welcome to Our New School

The OurNewSchool game is intended to provide help. Twittering classes for teachers. It's Thursday evening and hundreds of teachers are engrossed in a training session.

Twittering classes for teachers

The topic is pupils using mobiles in class; more than 1,000 questions and answers are pinging back and forth. "If students text in your lesson and aren't engaged, leave the profession – you're not cutting it," says one. "The kit in their pockets is often better than school equipment," says another. "Give a pupil an encyclopaedia and they get so much knowledge. Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide. Mail - [idw] Vogelbeobachtung in Bonn beim bundesweiten Birdrace 2011 - Home. DLR_School_Lab - Hinweise für einen Besuch im DLR_School_Lab. Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - Kita & Co. Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - Veranstaltungs-Tipps. Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - SüdOst.

Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - Aktuelles. Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - Das Institut. Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung - Veranstaltungs-Tipps. Mustervertrag_IHK_Reutlingen.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt)