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3398 sources PHP, Source, Code, PHP Scripts, Programmation, Cours , Script, Tutorial, Tutoriaux etc... Include File. Without understanding much about the details of PHP, you can save yourself a great deal of time with the use of the PHP include command. include takes a file name and simply inserts that file's contents into the script that issued the include command.

Include File

Why is this a cool thing? Well, first of all, this means that you can type up a common header or menu file that you want all your web pages to include. When you add a new page to your site, instead of having to update the links on several web pages, you can simply change the Menu file. Say we wanted to create a common menu file that all our pages will use. A common practice for naming files that are to be included is to use the ".php" extension. Menu.php Code: <html><body><a href=" - <a href=" Us</a> - <a href=" - <a href=" Us</a><br /> Save the above file as "menu.php". Index.php Code: <? Display: And we would do the same thing for "about.php", "links.php", and "contact.php". View Source of index.php to a Visitor: Articles d'ASP MAGAZINE. Annuaire de Scripts PHP, ASP et PERL.

On the Web again Blog d'un Webmaster Webdesigner au quotidien. Like Button - Développeurs Facebook. Why are people seeing a 'Confirm' button when they click on my Like button?

Like Button - Développeurs Facebook

There are integrity and spam-prevention safeguards built into social plugins, and this is one of them. If you have been heavily testing a Like button before launching, you may have inadvertently triggered these safeguards. Additionally certain domains on the internet are more likely to contain spam, so will see the confirm step more often. This confirmation adds one extra step to the Like button process, but once the like has been confirmed separately by a number of users, it will no longer appear, and the regular Like button will only appear. Should I display the Like button by itself or the Like and Share buttons together? We recommend that you include both buttons on your website to let people choose the way that they want to share your content. How do I display the Share button without the Like button? To get code to display the Share button by itself, please visit our Share button documentation.

For example: SEO et PHP. Gazette Linux n°116 — Juillet 2005 Pete Savage Copyright © 2005 Pete Savage Copyright © 2005 Deny Copyright © 2005 Joëlle Cornavin Dans notre monde actuel en constante évolution, l'importance de la SEO (Search Engine Optimization, optimisation des moteurs de recherche) et sa maniabilité ont été propulsées sur le devant de la scène. 1.


Que vous croyiez ou non au fait que les moteurs de recherche font de la discrimination envers les numéros d'ID dans les chaînes d'URL ou non, il en ressort effectivement que : ne semblera jamais aussi agréable à l'utilisateur final ou aux moteurs de recherche que : Se débarrasser des paramètres est aussi un avantage, car certains moteurs de recherche feront de la discrimination envers les pages basées sur le nombre de paramètres. Cet article est une introduction pour aider à surmonter ce probléme, en utilisant PHP/MySQL/Apache et un zeste de mod_rewrite pour relever le tout. 2. 3. 4. PHP Class Scripts, Tutorials, Book reviews, Jobs, Professionals, User groups, Forums, Web hosting comparisons.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.