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Baby Outfits, Booties and Caps. Beanie Cap= baby cap, beanie, baby pattern, infant cap. Cheri Hat pattern by Jennie Harrell. From designer: This is a simple hat I made up as I went along.

Cheri Hat pattern by Jennie Harrell

I liked the result so much that I crocheted a few more. After many requests, I did my best to write out the pattern. I know very little about crochet and even less about writing a crochet pattern but I hope it’s a starting point! You are welcome to sell hats made from my design. Please do not sell the actual pattern and please give credit for the design. 10/21/11: Please make sure you have the 2/14/11 version of the pattern. 2/14/11: I re-wrote the crown increase steps to make them clearer. Thank you, Ana for the Spanish translation. BABY BEANIE Crochet Pattern. BABY BEANIE Crochet Pattern Crochet pattern courtesy of Crochet 'N' More Click below to learn more about CNM: Copyright Tisa Enterprises, All Rights Reserved To print a new copy visit: The following pattern is my original design.

BABY BEANIE Crochet Pattern

Please only copy or print this pattern for personal use. Please contact me if you find any errors. Bernat Baby Coordinates Hook Size H Gauge: 6 double crochets worked between stitches = 2" 5 rows = 2" Stitches: ch, dc, rev sc. REV SC = A reverse single crochet is worked from left to right; whereas a regular single crochet stitch is worked from right to left. Difficulty: EASY. Free Pattern: Kid's Crown. I made this crown for my #1's birthday.

Free Pattern: Kid's Crown

She's a two-year-old princess now! Newborn size here. 12-month size here. Supplies: Small amount of yarn – stiff kind, like Red Heart medium weight. Size 5mm hook (H/8) Abbreviations: Ch – chain Sc – single crochet Dc – double crochet Sc dec – single crochet decrease, special stitch, see below. Special Stitches: Sc dec – pull up a loop in each st indicated, YO, draw through all loops on hook. Instructions: Ch 60. Notes: -The inside of a puff st is a great spot to hide a tail end. . ©2010 Alli Hyer, all rights reserved. Baby Newsboy Hat. Little Fire Crochet Soaker & Skirty Pattern.

((***Pattern updated 01/09/09***))Named for my DS, this is the (I have had a few people mention that they were having trouble getting the waistbands of the Little Fire wooly patterns loose enough to have enough stretch, even when using a larger hook for the foundation.

Little Fire Crochet Soaker & Skirty Pattern

I have found the answer...the no-chain foundation!! If you go here No Chain and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find pictorial instructions for doing the No Chain Double Crochet. Work this technique to length (one less dc than the number of dc's called for in the pattern) in place of the foundation chain and first row of dc in both Little Fire Patterns. I tried it out myself on the Pirate shorties I made for my son (incorporating a little stranding for a bit of fun) and it worked out fabulously. Chain 56 loosely (64, 72, 80) Join in a loop with a slip stitch, being sure not to twist the chain Row 1 CH 2 (count as first DC) DC in each SC around , join with a SLST in the top of the CH 2 Bind off. Elfin Baby Booties « DIY Maven.

If you have an hour to spare, you can still whip up a pair of these booties before Christmas!

Elfin Baby Booties « DIY Maven

The pattern is easy and the optional jingle balls add just the right amount of ‘aawww’ factor. Enjoy! And happy holidays! PDF: Elfin Baby Booties. Size: 0 to 6 months Materials: size G hook, Vanna’s Choice in Shamrock Kelly Green, four 9mm jingle balls (optional). Gauge: 7 sc and 7 rows = 2 ins. Instructions: Chain 20 Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook; sc in remaining; chain 1, turn. (19 sc) Row 2 – 7: Sc across; ch 1, turn. Row 8: Sc across; ch 1, turn. Row 9: Dec 1 sc each side of row; ch 1, turn. (17 sc) Row 10 -13: Sc across; chain 1, turn. (17 sc) Row 14: Dec 1 sc each side of row (15 sc) Turn. Fold bootie wrong sides together. Pick up dropped yarn at toe. This is an original creation; the content of this pattern is copyrighted.