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HTML5 prototyping tools

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Edge Tools & Services. Maqetta. BlueGriffon, The next-generation Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox. Aloha Editor - HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor. Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes - Build Online Wireframes : Mockuptiger. HTML5 prototyping with Node and Knockout - Red Badger. Over the past couple of months, a small team at Red Badger has been working on a number of HTML5 prototypes for an interesting client. Speed of development and easy iteration have been essential so we’ve taken the opportunity to try out a new technology stack which has given what we were looking for and is exciting the whole business.

Maybe a demanding prototype schedule isn’t the ideal place to chuck away everything you’re used to and start afresh, but actually a lot of the front-end development has built on tools and themes we’ve worked with throughout 2011 and we’ve found that the speed and ease of using Node has more than compensated for the learning curve. So, what have we been using? Server Node – Underpinning everything we’ve been doing in our prototyping project; Node is fast, event-driven and built on Javascript. Express – A development framework for Node, giving RESTful routing and content negotiation. Client The whole picture.