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Zoella280390 Monthly YouTube Statistics - Zoella YouTube Channel Stats, Subscriber Statistics, Ranking. Social media sensations: top UK Beauty YouTubers - Telegraph. Zoella, Tanya Burr and the UK's YouTube superstars. Covering beauty, fashion, relationship advice, skits and general musings on life as a twentysomething, they cater to millions of viewers who await each new upload with the same eagerness you would expect from a devoted One Direction fan queueing for concert tickets. This audience is growing fast. ‘We have just done a convention in America called Vidcon [an annual meeting of people interested in online video].

It has been going for four years,’ Smales says. ‘This year there were 20,000 tickets, last year there were 10,000 and the year before there were 4,000. The talent can’t move around that convention without three security guards protecting them from what is essentially a mob. It’s unreal.’ From left Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg (aka ThatcherJoe) Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr. But for some of Gleam’s stars those seeds have already borne fruit.

From left Marcus Butler, Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) and Alfie Deyes (aka PointlessBlog) (BEN MCMAHON) Which brings us to the tricky subject of money. Age: 24. YouTube Creator Stories: How Rosanna Pansino Created the Perfect Recipe for YouTube Success – Think Insights – Google. Experimenting with different formats to find a successful niche Rosanna’s channel didn’t start off as a cooking show when she first joined YouTube. In her first few months on the platform, Rosanna experimented with different styles of video that all showcased her nerdy, bubbly personality. She uploaded 3–4 videos per month, which allowed her to test which concepts resonated with her audience. Her eighth upload, which she branded NERDY NUMMIES, was a creative mash-up of gaming and baking.

Monthly Views & Subscribers August 2010 - Feb 2014 Starting in February 2012, after experimenting with 35 uploads, Rosanna started to post several NERDY NUMMIES episodes per month. NERDY NUMMIES Series Stats 109 episodes 225 million total series views 1.6 million average views in 2013 per episode 50% more subscriptions per view2 25% more comments per view2 Focusing on the most popular series Drive discovery with annotations and evergreen content Building up a strong brand and rewarding fan loyalty.

YouTube Creator Stories: How Bethany Mota Made Confidence the Must-Have Accessory – Think Insights – Google. Make content that resonates with your audience During her first few months of uploading, Bethany adopted many of the Beauty & Fashion formats that were becoming popular on YouTube at the time. She uploaded “haul” videos (showing off her recent shopping purchases), makeup tutorials and vlogs with youthful fashion tips. Her videos did well, but her first video to surpass 1,000 views was a makeup tutorial based on popstar Selena Gomez. Bethany realised that tying her video to a trending topic—one that resonates with her target audience—increased her exposure.

That video’s modest success enabled the videos that followed to reach thousands of viewers too. Bethany’s videos resonate with her audience because her personality, style and themes are perfectly suited to teen interests—and they mirror her own interests. Following familiar beauty formats helped Bethany develop a content strategy and ultimately enabled her channel to reach 200K views per month in the first six months. YouTube Creator Stories: How Michelle Phan Became Everyone's Beauty Bestie – Think Insights – Google. Committing to the platform with consistent uploads Michelle started uploading tutorial videos in May 2007.

“Seductive Smokey Eyes Tutorial,” her first video to surpass 100K views, was only her tenth upload. This video proved to be a turning point, and by the fall of 2008, the channel was averaging 600K views per month and she was focusing on uploading more consistently. The December 2008 holidays offered a perfect time to commit to regular uploads, and her viewership grew quickly. Michelle received a great response to the increase in uploads, so she released eight new videos in January 2009. The channel reached 1.5 million views that month. Finding success with holiday-themed videos and trending topics In 2009, Michelle saw her meteoric rise begin with a Valentine’s Day–themed video titled “Romantic Valentine Look.” One holiday in particular has helped Michelle’s success more than any other: Halloween. Michelle Phan Monthly Views: May 2009-February 2014 Evolving creatively.

YouTube Creator Stories: How Zoella Brought the Best Out of Her Channel – Think Insights – Google. Zoe Sugg – better known on YouTube as Zoella – has been on the platform since 2009, emerging as one of the leading YouTubers in the beauty and fashion vertical. About to embark on her own Zoella Beauty line and publish her first novels, she has become well known off the platform, but remains hugely engaged with her core audience on her YouTube channel. Here we outline four key strategies that drove Zoella to her current level of success. #1: Be authentic, accessible and approachable Although Zoella's breakthrough success is more recent (going from one million subscribers to over five million in the past 12 months), she has spent several years honing her craft, building her audience and finding her voice on YouTube.

From her first video showcasing the things in her bedroom, Zoella has not been afraid to invest time with regular uploads to find formats that work for her. The majority of her YouTube videos fall into the traditional beauty, fashion and lifestyle formats. Conclusion.