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Creating Prototypes to Test Product Market Fit [Video] This course focuses on the practice and benefits of rapidly creating prototypes that tell the story of your product’s value proposition.

Creating Prototypes to Test Product Market Fit [Video]

Doing so makes it possible to identify your product’s value innovation, a key tenet of UX expert Jaime Levy’s proven formula for creating an effective UX strategy. This is the third installment in Levy’s five-course series on how to develop a clear and coherent UX strategy. It is tailored to UX/UI practitioners of any level, product teams and managers, business executives, and startup founders who want to deeply explore the intersection of UX design and business strategy. Jaime Levy is a UX strategist and designer with 25+ years of professional experience making things profitably interactive for clients like Cisco Systems, Honda, and Sony. Researching UX: Analytics [Book]


Accessibility. Domain driven design. Sketch. Bots. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Computers are lazy: Fight back with the UI stack. Welcome back.

Computers are lazy: Fight back with the UI stack

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Design sprints for teams [Book]

This lesson teaches you what design sprints are, when to use them (and when not to), and how to get the most from each sprint with your team. Why is it important? To use design sprints effectively, you have to understand what they are (and what they're not!) And how they fit within the larger process of defining and developing a new product or service.

It's not enough to throw a small group of designers in a room and say "go! " How to design and prototype products that people love [Book] The secret of product design is that there is no secret—by following the right process at the right time, you can plan, research, and prototype your way to successful products that people love.

How to design and prototype products that people love [Book]

Why is it important? Successful product designers wear many hats—entrepreneur, prototyper, analyst, researcher, marketer. Their work integrates many different kinds of knowledge within an organization. All of these skillsets must be utilized effectively and at the right moments: to define new products that people actually want, to prototype those products, and to refine the designs into products that customers love. What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it Learn about the many roles of successful product designers and how to organize and rally your team to define new products informed by research. This lesson is for you because… You're a designer interested in expanding your skillset to include product definitions (not just mockups!) Prerequisites None Materials or downloads needed in advance. Reconsidering the user experience in the age of connected devices [Book]

The Internet of Things represents an enormous design challenge, as our expectations for physical-world objects are quite different than for digital-only devices.

Reconsidering the user experience in the age of connected devices [Book]

This lesson introduces how to approach UX for IoT, considerations for device interoperability, and opportunities and challenges for leveraging the data produced by those devices. Why is it important? IoT requires special design considerations, since the user experience is cross-platform and takes place across diverse physical contexts, with different devices. It’s no longer enough to think about screen-based interfaces; we have to consider the entire system of networked devices and data flows. What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it You'll learn how to reconsider the user experience (UX) in the context of IoT. This lesson is for you because… You're a designer starting to work with networked devicesYou're a product designer or engineer interested in improving the user experience of your products Prerequisites None. The Design and Business Video Collection 2016 [Video] Amazon.

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Wearables. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Responsive Experience Design. Not so long ago, web developers and designers could be fairly confident that their pages would be viewed on a desktop or laptop.

Responsive Experience Design

Then the iPhone came along and began the massive shift towards mobile devices capable of displaying web pages. These devices have smaller screens, they are often connected to slow networks, and they differ greatly in capabilities. Despite these facts, visitors still expect a great experience with your site. Amazon. Web Design - Web Development - Books & Videos - O'Reilly Media. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People (Voices That Matter) (9780321767530): Susan Weinschenk: Books.