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Uppdateras mindre ofta. Uppdateras aldrig. Home. Latest Solar Power and Renewable Energy News. Solar Power News, Analysis and Renewable Energy Information. Global Solar Technology. PV-Tech. Solar Energy News & Information. What’s Powering the Future of Clean Tech?

Solar Energy News & Information

Population growth, pollution, and limited natural resources have created an urgent need for innovative clean tech solutions that are smarter, cleaner, and more efficient. However, energy storage’s high cost and technical limitations... - Global PhotoVoltaic Business Magazine.  Solar Server - phototovoltaics, solar heating, solar power  Solar - A PV Management Magazine. Photovoltaics. Sun & Wind Energy. Delivering today's global solar technology news, today. Solar Energy. Japanese solar feed-in tariffs too high When Japan rolled out its feed-in tariffs for PV, one of my first concerns was the high level.

Solar Energy

We had seen other markets collapse because of the price impact, so the question was whether Japan would be the next solar market to go. One market expert now says the profit margin on solar in Japan is quite high. read more » Solar News & Articles. World of Photovoltaics - Solar Energy Daily News, Events, Companies, Products, Jobs and more. PHOTON International The Photovoltaic Magazine - HOME - Energy & Green Tech News - Energy Sciences News, Green Tech, Energy, Energy Science. Solar Energy News. Ford May Be SYNCing With BlackBerry, Ditching Microsoft TheStreet (Feb. 24, 2014) — Shares of BlackBerry are rising on Monday on reports that Ford is turning to the beleagured tech company to power its Sync voice-activated system.

Solar Energy News

A partnership would be a significant achievement for BlackBerry, which has been struggling for years. In effect, Ford will be ditching Microsoft, whose voice-activated software has been the basis of Ford's Sync system since it was introduced in 2007. BlackBerry's QNX Software Systems is already featured in Audi and BMW vehicles, but would significantly expand its presence, as Ford has built more than 10 million vehicles worldwide that are equipped with Sync software. Photovoltaic Magazines. Solar Energy.