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For ASP.NET. Annat. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides. CMS Intranet Enterprise portal. Display PDF and Office Files in Your Own App. Multiple Document Format Support With GroupDocs.Viewer you get a truly universal HTML5 document viewer that enables you to display files of all common business formats, including: Portable Document Format: PDFMicrosoft Word: DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOT, DOTX, DOTMMicrosoft Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XMLMicrosoft PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSXMicrosoft Visio: VSD, VDX, VSS, VSX, VST, VTX, VSDX, VDWMicrosoft Project: MPP, MPTMicrosoft Outlook: MSG, EML, EMLX, MHTOpenDocument Formats: ODT, OTT, ODS, ODPRich Text Format: RTFPlain Text File: TXTComma-Separated Values: CSVHyperText Markup Language: HTML, MHT, MHTMLXML Paper Specification: XPSAutoCAD Drawing File Format: DXF, DWG (2004)Image files: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFFElectronic publication: EPUB Cross-Platform Compatibility End users can view documents from any web-enabled device that has an HTML5-ready web-browser: Supported Browsers IE8+ChromeChrome for AndroidFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOperaOpera MiniOpera for AndroidSafari 5+Mobile Safari.

Display PDF and Office Files in Your Own App

Locking and Unlocking Attachments - Arsenale Lockpoint. Locking and Unlocking Basics Arsenale Lockpoint supports a simple lock and unlock workflow.

Locking and Unlocking Attachments - Arsenale Lockpoint

After installing Lockpoint, when viewing a page containing the Attachments macro, Confluence will display Lock to Edit and Unlock buttons after clicking to expand a specific attachment. Additionally, Lockpoint will display the corresponding links next to attachments on the Tools » Attachments page. After clicking Lock to Edit to lock the document, a user can edit or modify the document properties and then upload a new version of the document back into to Confluence. Editing your Microsoft Office documents online. The Edit Online feature lets you edit your document without first saving it offline (checking it out).

Editing your Microsoft Office documents online

An invisible check-out action ensures your document remains protected, or locked, in the library during the editing session. When you finish editing the document is invisibly checked in with the updated version available to other users. This task assumes you are in the library of the desired site. Navigate the library’s folder structure to locate the Microsoft Office document you want to edit. Position the cursor over the item of interest in the item list to display the available actions.

Collaboration tool

Edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint In Google Drive Without Converting. One of the often-cited drawbacks to storing and sharing documents in Google Drive is having to convert the documents you’ve uploaded to the service to the Google Docs (or Sheets, or Slides) format if you wanted to edit the documents in the cloud.

Edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint In Google Drive Without Converting

With Google’s integration of the Quickoffice technology they acquired last year, Google has introduced the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents in their native format – without having to convert them. However, there are still some problems that we will discuss later in this article. On mobile devices, look for this new native editing capability built right into the updated Android apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides). Updated apps for iOS were not yet available as of this writing. The following formats are supported: .doc, .docx.xls, .xlsx.ppt, .pptx The native editing capability works best on Android apps – but it has its issues. Poom by redmoses. Open document files from your local file system in the free Microsoft Office Online version on your browser.

Poom by redmoses

What? The app is primarily a dropbox client. When a document file is opened using the app it uploads the file to your Dropbox and opens it from there using Microsoft Office Online. Technology Python 3 Python 2.7.8 (older version 0.0.2) The superb Dropbox API for python. How? The app doesn't have any permission over your existing Dropbox files. File Syncing Feature Once you've edited the file in Dropbox the changes are going to be temporarily saved there. Installation Latest version (Python 3) For system installation If Python 3 is not the default interpreter in your system then you must install the package using pip3 For installing from github source git clone cd poom # for python2 as the system's default python sudo python3 install # for python3 as the system's default python sudo python install Installing version 0.0.2 (Python 2) sudo pip install poom=0.0.2.

Open, edit, and save Office documents online. WebODF. Editing an Office Document from Confluence. When viewing a wiki page that displays an attached Office document, you can launch your Office editor directly from Confluence.

Editing an Office Document from Confluence

This allows you to edit a Word document from within Confluence and save it back to Confluence. This is just one of the ways Confluence can interact with Office documents. For an overview of all Office Connector features, please refer to Working with the Office Connector. Your System Administrator can enable or disable the Office Connector or parts of it. The Office Connector options can appear in different places on your Confluence page, depending on the themes and configuration of your Confluence site. The Office Connector allows you to edit Office files embedded in a wiki page or from the page's attachments view. To make use of these editing capabilities, you will need the setup described below.

Browsers If you are using Firefox, you will need to install a Firefox add-on. Office editors Configuration matrix.