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Robert Verspuy » IPTV router. On my IPTV Recording page, I have put some information about connecting a linux htpc directly to the fiber modem to watch and record IPTV.

Robert Verspuy » IPTV router

Another solution that I already had in my mind for the last months is to use a small linux router, which can share the iptv link to the original Amino STB *and* a linux htpc. When I was thinking about this in the last months, I figures that in this setup it would even be possible to use a windows based htpc, because you don’t need to spoof the dhcp request on the windows host anymore. So on this page I’ve put some information together how to setup such a linux router. See also my blog article about the maximum amount of streams. Software and Hardware I’m using the the dd-wrt distribution for this. I assume any other router that’s fully supported by dd-wrt will also work, as long as the CPU is strong enough to handle all the iptv streams you’re going to use. Installing dd-wrt For the Alix, installing dd-wrt is quite simple. Europe/Amsterdam. Robert Verspuy » IPTV recording. Since a few months I have a fiber optic connection to my home, the so called Zeewolde op Glasvezel project.

Robert Verspuy » IPTV recording

I bought one Amino Aminet130m settopbox (STB) from the service provider XMS. This are the steps I took to get the iptv running on my mythtv media pc. See also my IPTV Router page, where I describe the steps to take to setup a dd-wrt based router, so you can use your STB together with your windows or linux htpc. Getting an ip-address on my linux machine When connecting my mythtv media pc directly to the digital tv ethernet port of the Genexis modem, I would not get a ip-addres through DHCP.

When running wireshark on the mythtv media pc, listening on eth1, I could see the dhcp request from the STB to the fiber network. . # nVidia Corporation MCP55 Ethernet DEVICE=eth1 BOOTPROTO=dhcp HWADDR=00:1f:c6:xx:xx:xx MACADDR=00:02:02:xx:xx:xx ONBOOT=yes NM_CONTROLLED=no TYPE=Ethernet IPV6INIT=no If I look at the DHCP request from the STB, I see the following dhcp options in the request: Synology NAS as the ultimate XBMC media backend « Rob van As you can read in my previous posts I'm a big fan of the Synology NAS products and the XBMC media center.

Synology NAS as the ultimate XBMC media backend « Rob van

In this post I'll show you how to transform the Synology NAS into the ultimate XBMC media backend. This post is based on the following hard- and software; Synology DS 410 with DSM 4.1SABnzbd 0.7.5Sickbeard alpha master (source: be000adf16454bb67c1968662ef20f31aba8193d)CouchPotato Server (date october 26 2012)phpMyAdmin 3.5.3-002XBMC (pre-)frodo 12.0 RC1 UPDATE (Jan, 9 2013): I just tested this complete guide against Synology DSM 4.2 Beta and everything works almost the same. The only difference is the new layout of the Package Center. Let's take a look on how all these applications can make your life (a little bit) easier... SABnzbd SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python. Sickbeard Sick Beard is a PVR for newsgroup users (with limited torrent support). CouchPotato CouchPotato is an automatic NZB and torrent downloader for movies.

Usenet server account. Remplacer sa box – Tvheadend : la télévision sur le réseau. Toujours pour mon projet de remplacement de box, je vais vous présenter ici comment partager la TNT sur le réseau local.Pour cela, nous allons utiliser Tvheadend.

Remplacer sa box – Tvheadend : la télévision sur le réseau

Il permet, en terme un peu plus technique, de capter le signal TNT, de le diffuser sur le réseau local via le protocole HTSP (Home TV Streaming Protocol), de consulter la grille des programme via l’EPG (Electronic Program Guide) et d’enregistrer les émissions. Couplé ensuite à XBMC, vous aurez donc un mediacenter complet ! Installation de votre tuner TNT Avant d’installer tvheadend, commencez par installer votre tuner TNT. Je vous recommande de jeter un oeil sur le site LinuxTV pour savoir comment configurer votre tuner TNT. Vous trouverez sur le lien suivant comment installer la clé TNT USB Avermedia Volar. Installation de Tvheadend Sous Debian L’installation est assez simple : Installer les librairies nécessaires : Pour information : Sous Ubuntu, j’ai eu aussi besoin du paquet : « debhelper ». git clone cd tvheadend .

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