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How to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process. Do you want to share helpful content, but don’t know where to find it?

How to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process

Are you looking for tools to speed up your content curation process? In this article I’ll show you how to find and share relevant content in a snap. Why Content Curation? If you want to be the go-to expert in your niche, you need to provide more value than the other guys. Content curation—sharing relevant articles from several sources—is an important way to provide that value to your clients, fans and readers. Modern marketing has changed significantly.

Good content curation pinpoints potential clients’ needs, wants, desires and problems, then offers answers and solutions. It can take a lot of time to find and evaluate content that’s good enough to share. . #1: Use Feedly to Find Articles Feedly is an awesome tool for finding timely articles on topics you want to share. Feedly is a terrific tool for categorizing content you may want to share with your audience. It’s pretty easy to get started with Feedly. Conclusion. Digital curation. The term curation in the past commonly referred to museum and library professionals.

Digital curation

It has since been applied to interaction with social media including compiling digital images, web links and movie files. Approaches to digital curation[edit] The Digital Curation Centre is a "world leading centre of expertise in digital information curation"[5] that assists higher education research institutions. The DCC is based in the UK and began operations in early 2004. The following is a general outline of their approach to digital curation: Conceptualize: Consider what digital material you will be creating and develop storage options.

Sheer curation[edit] Sheer curation is an approach to digital curation where curation activities are quietly integrated into the normal work flow of those creating and managing data and other digital assets. A similar idea is curation at source used in the context of Laboratory Information Management Systems LIMS. Channelisation[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide To Curating Content. From Songza to reddit, content curation is a huge part of the social web as we know it.

Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide To Curating Content

We’re all on the same mission to find the absolute best material to enjoy and to share with our followers. This is especially true for businesses, whose customers and broader online audience follow them based on an expectation of quality content in return. What is content curation? In simple terms, the process of content curation is the act of sorting through large amounts of content on the web and presenting the best posts in a meaningful and organized way. The process can include sifting, sorting, arranging, and placing found content into specific themes, and then publishing that information. Content Curation Guide for SEO - What, How, Why. When it comes to the Internet, I imagine it as the warehouse where the Ark is archived at the end of Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Content Curation Guide for SEO - What, How, Why

The Ark is that outstanding content someone has produced and that no other will be able to see again, because it is forgotten and hidden between gazillions of other contents. Apart from the gigantic volume of pages present in the Internet, for a long time, search spam has been making the discovery of reliable sources difficult; and – let's be honest – Social Media has enhanced this issue, because it added even more noise and dispersion.

Actually, as Mitchel Kapor said once, getting information off the Internet is like having a drink from a fire hydrant. To tell the truth, this problem is not new. What is Content Curation? Since the beginning of time, human beings have collected the best humanity has produced in art, literature, science; we invented the museums, the libraries, the Encyclopedia and have written essays and done research. Zite Flipboard. The Art Of Content Curation. Published Last week I was chatting with an acquaintance about content marketing – social media marketing in particular.

The Art Of Content Curation

He quipped facetiously, “Yeah, getting a bunch of RSS feeds into Hootsuite, or whatever, and pushing a button is so difficult.” I remained silent. Visibly put off, but silent. There’s so much more to it than that. Web Content Curation - Quora.