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MyQBhost official blog - MyQbHost. Dow Jones Industrial Average Breaks the 20000 Barrier by Olivia Lily. The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke through the critical 20,000 barriers for the first time ever.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Breaks the 20000 Barrier by Olivia Lily

The last time the Dow Jones came close to breaching this psychological barrier was on December 13. There has been a sharp market rally in the USA in the wake of Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential race. The Dow Jones has risen by 1,700 points or by 9 percent since the day of the election results on November 8, 2016, confounding all expectations by pessimists that Trump’s win would be a negative event for the market. Economist Paul Krugman famously made a gloomy forecast on the day of the election results when the markets had fallen in response to Trump’s unexpected win. When asked whether the markets would ever recover, the Nobel Prize winner said, “Never!” 4 Factors that Increase Your Chances of Getting Audited by the IRS - BlogCatalog.

Generally, the IRS does not audit a vast majority of taxpayers.

4 Factors that Increase Your Chances of Getting Audited by the IRS - BlogCatalog

But there are certain red flags the IRS looks for in your tax filing, which increases the chance that you could be audited. As a matter of fact, 14% of American taxpayers feared getting audited by the IRS. But in reality, only 1% were actually audited. That’s because their returns had certain factors that the IRS looks for when processing tax returns. Behance. The Quick and Easy Way to Start a New Business. Tips for Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions on Finance: olivialily01. Why Drake Tax Software Hosting - MyQbHost. Why Cloud Accounting is Transformative for Your Business - MyQbHost. 4 Factors that Increase Your Chances of Getting Audited by the IRS - MyQbHost. Quickbooks Hosting: 5 Major Trends in the Accounting in 2017.

The accounting profession has changed a lot over the last decade and a half, largely because of the widespread use of the internet and faster, more powerful processors.

Quickbooks Hosting: 5 Major Trends in the Accounting in 2017

However, a lot of accounting firms are still stuck in the 1990s, with many sticking to desktop versions of accounting software such as QuickBooks. Hopefully, this should change in 2017, which promises to be an exciting year for CPA firms across the United States. There are 5 major trends in accounting in 2017 that you should know about. Getting Ready for the New Tax Season 2017. Quickbooks Hosting: 4 Ways the Mobile is Transformational for Your Business. The smartphone penetration in the United States in over 80 percent – this means 4 out of five adult Americans have either an iPhone or an Android phone.

Quickbooks Hosting: 4 Ways the Mobile is Transformational for Your Business

The mobile is today an integral part of daily life, and it has helped people become more productive on the go. You can get more done in less time with the mobile, as it offers you an anytime, anywhere accessibility. We provide cloud-based accounting solutions and they are all platform and device independent. 4 Mistakes that Endanger Your Online Security – MYQBHOST. The internet has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for small and midsized businesses, but it has also made them more vulnerable than before.

4 Mistakes that Endanger Your Online Security – MYQBHOST

The internet puts businesses in contact with people whose sole intent is to steal your money or critical information. Security breaches have become more common than ever before. Let’s look at the 4 big mistakes that businesses make that puts their online security in danger. Mistake #1: Not looking closely at email invoices. Email phishing scams have become very common in the industry. Top 4 Social Media Tips For Accountants. By Expert Author: Olivia Wilson Social media is important to accounts.

Top 4 Social Media Tips For Accountants

It helps them grow their business, reach out to prospective new leads and get valuable referrals. But accountants are notoriously poor in their handling of the social media. We provide Lacerte Tax Software Hosting, QuickBooks Hosting, Drake Tax Hosting, Quicken Hosting, ProSeries Tax software Hosting and ATX Tax Software Hosting and other cloud accounting solutions to accountants. We deal with all social media platforms on a regular basis and these social media tips for accountants is based on our experience collected over a number of years.

Selecting the right accounting software for your CPA firm makes all the difference to its prospects.

Accounting software tracks the most important financial data such as sales, taxes collected and invoices. It also collects customers and vendors information, inventory and more. The best accounting solutions can be used to generate highly insightful reports and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. 9 Tax Breaks for High Net Worth Individuals in the USA in 2017 – MYQBHOST.

The new tax season begins on January 23rd, 2017.

9 Tax Breaks for High Net Worth Individuals in the USA in 2017 – MYQBHOST

Are you ready for it? Have you done any tax planning this year with the assistance of your accountant? Although Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States, there is a lot of uncertainty in the air, as nobody really knows what his policies are going to be. In this article, we list out the tax breaks that you can aspire to, based on the current tax rules. We don’t expect them to be changed this year, despite a change in the political leadership at the top.

Small Business Financing Tips – How Much Money Do You Really Need? As a small business owner, you will be under a lot of pressure to take a business loan.

Small Business Financing Tips – How Much Money Do You Really Need?

No small business can survive without an infusion of fresh capital, especially in the early stages. A business loan can take your business to the next level and help you grow faster. However, there is a risk of borrowing more money that you should. You should have a very good idea of the size of the business loan to take on. Borrowing too much can really hurt your business later, as most of your profits would go into servicing the debt. So, how do you know how much money you really need? Tips for Selecting the Right Tech Vendor for Your CPA Firm - MyQbHost. How to choose QuickBooks version.

What to Do If You Have Missed Your Tax Deadline? - MyQbHost. Quicken Hosting with - MyQbHost. What to Do If You Have Missed Your Tax Deadline? - MyQbHost. Starting A Home Business? Here's What You Should Know. By Expert Author: Olivia Wilson Are you starting a home business?

Starting A Home Business? Here's What You Should Know

There is nothing more exciting than working from home for some people. It’s so much fun to be your own boss and not have to answer to anyone. How to Create a Paperless Environment at Your Office. If you are the owner of a CPA firm or a small business, you will have no doubt heard of the benefits of creating a paperless work environment. Enforcing the change is easier said than done, and it requires a lot of attention to detail. But it is something that needs to be done, as most offices are turning paperless these days, and if you don’t, you stand the risk of being a relic of the past. Switching to cloud accounting can help speed up the change. We provide Quicken Hosting, ATX Tax Software Hosting, ProSeries Tax software Hosting, Lacerte Tax Software Hosting, Drake Tax Hosting and QuickBooks Hosting services to clients across North America and Europe.

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how you too can make the switch to a paperless environment. Step 1: Change the Workflow If your workflow depends on a lot of paperwork going through, then it’s time for a change. As an accountant, one of your main responsibilities is to guide your clients through retirement. Most people are unaware of the complexities of 401ks, IRAs, etc., which is why a good accountant’s input can prove to be so important. But your clients are probably wary about any talk related to retirement.

Characteristics of a Great Client – MYQBHOST. All accountants have dealt with nightmare clients throughout their professional career. Clients who show up at the accountant’s office with bags full of receipts; who argue over the fees to be paid to the accountant, and question every step taken by the accountant. As a CPA firm owner, you will want to work with great clients, those who respect you and value your work, and are willing to pay good money for the privilege of hiring you. How do you evade bad clients? That’s not possible – you will always have bad clients. Why Being a Cloud Accountant is Fun! Most people consider accounting to be one of the most boring professions in the world. Accountants are supposed to sit in a small cubicle in a dimly lit office, plug numbers into an old desktop computer, from 9 to 5, day in and day out.

Not any longer, with cloud accounting services such as QuickBooks Hosting, ProSeries Tax software Hosting, Quicken Hosting, Lacerte Tax Software Hosting, ATX Tax Software Hosting, Drake Tax Hosting, etc. Being a cloud accountant is fun, believe it or not. Quickbooks Hosting: 6 Tips for Data Security on the Cloud. The whole world is moving on to the cloud. Even accounting firms are moving to the cloud, especially with the popularity of services such as QuickBooks hosting, Quicken hosting, ATX hosting, Sage 50 hosting, Peachtree hosting, Lacerte hosting, ProSeries hosting and Drake hosting.

However, not much enough attention is given to data security on the cloud. If the right procedures are followed, your data is guaranteed to be safe and well protected in the cloud and the potential for data loss is minimal. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as many accounting firms are very lax about their data security and don’t take adequate precautions. Quickbooks Hosting: 6 Tips for Data Security on the Cloud. ATX Tax Software Hosting - MyQbHost. Quicken Hosting with - MyQbHost.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. QuickBooks Premier Hosting - MyQbHost. QuickBooks Pro Hosting - MyQbHost. How easy to set up QuickBooks by Oliviawilson. QuickBooks is accounting software used by many business people for among other functions payroll. It is cheaper than any other accounting software. QuickBooks Online common complains – Olivia WILSON – Medium. If you’ve heard of accounting you’ve heard of intuit QuickBooks. Intuit has been one of the biggest names in accounting and personal finance. It was founded in 1983 with the idea that there should be a better and simpler way to do accounting. QuickBooks Online compatible APPS – MYQBHOST. There are any applications that have been developed, which integrate well with QuickBooks Online software, partially or wholly. They include: 1.Epensity APP. 3 Definitive Reasons to Switch to the Cloud - MyQbHost. Quickbooks Hosting by Olivia Lily. QuickBooks hosting is a program that allow end users to have their own licensed copies of QuickBooks desktop software that are installed on services in an authorized facility that can be accessed over the internet on a desktop through a secure connection. By hiring a company that has been authorized to provide application hosting services to QuickBooks end user, it is considered the cheapest method because of the benefits that the hosting program participants have including, volume license discount, having no operational cost, having no setup cost, being able to provide subscription services plan and virtual workspace.

With a hosted desktop, it easy because you can be able to get access from anywhere, anytime to the files you need hence, saving time and also being efficient because the client does not have to wait long for files to be sent to him or her if he or she needs them. QuickBooks versions – MYQBHOST. Things you didn’t know about QuickBooks – Olivia WILSON – Medium. Tips for using QuickBooks. There is an added fun and simplicity that can be incorporated while using QuickBooks for accounting services, below are some of the tips that will aid in maximizing enjoyment while using QuickBooks: QuickBooks has plenty of keyboard shortcuts that aid in simplifying the process of using QuickBooks; some of these shortcuts are: ctrl-N (make new bills, list, invoice or check an item), ctrl-T (opening of memorized transaction list), ctrl-I (creating invoices), ctrl-J (opens the customers center), ctrl-F (finds the transactions) and ctrl-Q (quick transaction report). QuickBooks remote access by Oliviawilson.

QuickBooks remote access is basically used when there is reliable Internet connection. With this, one is able to access work on everything on your pc from any other computer and it is a secure service. Most of us would love to easily access our QuickBooks, email, and any other programs and documents from anywhere anytime: Hence the QuickBooks remote access is there to enable all these are possible.

It backs up all of your files on a daily basis. Quickbooks hosting - MyQbHost.