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How to repair cigarette burns on leather furniture? How to take care of leather furniture?! Lose the fear. Upholstery collection by Austin Furniture Repair. Stools by Austin Furniture Repair. Pleasure: Palette furniture by Austin Furniture Repair. Paletes. Furniture Restore. Extreme leather lovers. Austin Leather Repair. Antique Wooden Furniture. Austin Furniture Repair. How to remove scratches? Refinishing Old damaged Furniture. 5 Unexpected Ways to Use Paint at Home. Photo via Home Stratosphere There’s nothing quite like that instant ego boost after a good salon visit.

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Paint at Home

Somehow, getting your locks layered with color and your nails perfectly manicured just makes you feel so much more put together. So when it comes to the home, what’s the equivalent to this fresh feeling? A paint job, of course! From decking your walls in uncommon color combos to experimenting with stenciling, see how we’re mixing up more than just paint here! 1. Via Elle Decor / Little Green Notebook 2. Via House Of Jade Interiors Blog / Decorpad 3. Via Hearth and Made / Lonny 4. Via The Design Chaser / Mural: Gloria Zein. 5. Via Courtney Burnett for Dave Fox Design Build on MyDomaine / 47 Park Avenue on MyDomaine. Jetson Green - Make Your Furniture Mock an Antique With These 7 Pro Tips! Introduction: Distress Technique image source: InLiving In the earlier times, if furniture was distressed, it indicated that those were there for generations and majority of the paint had faded due to nicks by too many movements or rubbing by hands for years.

Jetson Green - Make Your Furniture Mock an Antique With These 7 Pro Tips!

Nowadays, the distressed look has emerged as a desired option as may believe that it adds to the style and character of various types of décor. Surprisingly, the techniques are quite simple. London's 'smallest house' uses flexible plywood furniture to maximize space. Danish design firm Studiomama is known for their talent of creating comfy living space out of virtually nothing.

London's 'smallest house' uses flexible plywood furniture to maximize space

However, designers Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama recently put their skills to the test by buying a vacant 140-square-foot structure in Northern London just to convert the tiny space into “London’s smallest house”. Taking a cue from space-efficient interiors of caravans and boats, the designers focused on making use out of every corner of the compact space by creating flexible furniture. “A tiny space like this has to be designed like one would design the interior of a caravan or boat,” Studiomama co-founder Nina Tolstrup explained, “Everything has to be custom designed as there is not room for any off the shelf furniture, which was a great challenge.” Related: Space-saving furniture transforms to make the most of a Hong Kong micro-apartment Using plywood as the main material, they equipped the home with custom-made, adjustable furniture to divide it into distinct functions. Amazing in Austin - High Fashion Home Blog. Tucked into the luscious greenery of Austin is this stunning home by Matt Fajkus Architecture.

Amazing in Austin - High Fashion Home Blog

The open floor plan and homey, industrial aesthetic combine to create an inviting and striking balance. From the wide-plank wood floors to the wood covered ceilings (and everything in between), this home exudes elegance and charm. Beautifully decorated with classic pieces and enough color to pop but not overpower, this home is brilliant. (all photos from Contemporist) Loving that the living room opens to the patio! A fantastic living room setup. LOVE the dining room setup with the large windows. Bathroom Furniture. Remodelling. Upholstery. Mies Barcelona Chair and Ottoman. How to refinish old damaged leather furniture? 10 surprising Ideas. When you don’t want your leather furniture to be damaged. How to Take Care of Antique Wooden Furniture. Antique furniture often have a place of pride in a home and stand testimony to the owner’s passion for such period pieces.

How to Take Care of Antique Wooden Furniture

Much more than the money you pay to acquire it, your true passion is revealed in the way you maintain and care for such pieces to make them a show stealer in your interiors or outdoors. Antique Furniture Care Tip Any vintage furniture would have its little flaws. Remember – to maintain and repair antique pieces, you require a completely different method than what you use for their modern counterparts. There are some initiatives you can personally take to ensure durability of your antique furniture. Environment Perhaps you already know how wood reacts to the weather outside as well as the UV rays. Humidity is one of the main enemies of wood, which can cause frequent expansion and contraction in the furniture. Insects and Pests This is a very common issue faced by people in Austin owning vintage furniture. Cleaning and Polishing Handling and Moving. How to refinish old damaged leather furniture? 10 Surprising ideas.

No matter how hard someone tries to prevent their furniture, scratches do start to appear on them because of regular and daily use.

How to refinish old damaged leather furniture? 10 Surprising ideas

People may think that their furniture is ruined once it gets scratched, they must know that there are several ways to restore it back again. Leather couches are expensive to purchase and it takes all our heart to discard them away. However, it is worth mentioning here that leather is a versatile material that has the ability to bond itself over a period of time. This, in turn, removes the scratches that appear on furniture. 8 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FURNITURE REFINISHING.

Refinishing furniture is an art which in effect means total restoration.


By refinishing, one can salvage many old pieces of period furniture and even the antiques. Furniture refinishing involves several processes, starting at making a decision whether a piece is worth salvaging to taking stock of what needs to be done and refinishing it on one’s own or hiring an Austin furniture restoration company in case you live in or around Austin. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about furniture refinishing to get started. 1 . Which Wood Furniture Is Worth Refinishing: When considering refinishing wood furniture, decide on whether it is worth the effort. 2.

Furniture refinishing could involve a number of processes all of which add to the cost. 3. According to Austin furniture restoration experts, wood refinishing starts with stripping the original surface, typically done with a chemical remover and possibly finished with sandpaper. 4. 5. 6. 7. How to Repair Wooden Furniture that Has Been Chewed by a Pet. While it’s common for your furniture to get damaged due to changing weather conditions and exposure to extreme heat or cold, pets too can do considerable damage to your cherished antique or that sofa which you simply adore.

How to Repair Wooden Furniture that Has Been Chewed by a Pet

If you live in Austin and have been at a loss about how to repair that table’s corner or your couch hand rest, which your dog has happily chewed away, it’s time to quit worrying. You don’t need to replace your damaged furniture or spend a fortune repairing them. All you need to do is identify a reliable furniture restoration company in Austin, Texas to get the furniture restored to their lost glory. If that’s too tough a task, you may even follow some simple DIY techniques to complete small furniture repair tasks on your own. Here’s how you can do it. Step 1. 10 DIY Ways to Remove Scratches from Wooden Furniture. Sometimes, that obnoxious scratch in your wooden furniture can disappoint you.

10 DIY Ways to Remove Scratches from Wooden Furniture

However, there is no reason to feel sad because you can now use some simple ways to remove those unwanted scratches from your wooden furniture. In fact, if you live in Austin and are at a loss every time you look at that irritating scratch, it is time to stop worrying. All you need to do is identify a quality furniture restoration company in Austin, Texas and get the professional repairmen to give your damaged furniture its lost glory back. Thus, you no longer need to get a new piece of furniture or spend a huge sum on their repair. In case you want to take the DIY route for furniture repair to remove scratches from your wooden pieces, here are some ways to do it: Before After Way 1 If you have a small scratch, mix equal amounts of lemon juice, vegetable oil or olive oil.

When you don’t want your leather furniture to be damaged. Investing your money in leather furniture is quite a classy as well as an expensive choice.

When you don’t want your leather furniture to be damaged

Despite the extreme durability of leather, your investment can turn into a piece of furniture with a drab look over time. This is why your leather furniture needs proper conditioning in terms of maintenance and cleaning. Here’re the things that you need to understand and perform to protect these valuables from getting damaged. Types of leathers Leather is available in five main categories as described below: Aniline: This type provides the most genuine look of leather. Semi-Aniline: It’s tougher than aniline leather as a light coat of protection treatments are applied on the surface.

Full-grain: Full grain leather is heavily used in top-class leather beds. Split-grain: Unlike the full-grain type, split-type leather is treated with light chemicals, which make it slightly softer but less durable.