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Breeze-Telecom—a California-based Managed Service Provider with nearly 200 telecom industry collaborations add ease to managing and implementing process of IT services.

Enterprise Level Networking Security Solutions and Services. Give Your Business a Hardware-free Colocation Advantage with Breeze Telecom. Services - Breeze Telecom. We are a holistic Technology Distributor Provider catering to nearly every industry and vertical.

Services - Breeze Telecom

Explore our services to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve workflow productivity, create better collaboration, discover new consumer demographics, and get more ROI from your IT investments. Internet Services Speed to market and consumer connectivity trends emphasize that you cannot be digitally slow. You need connectivity that can accelerate your business. “Get optimum connectivity” by availing services from leading regional and global ISPs for maximum coverage and flexibility with a distinct pricing advantage. Cloud and Colo Services How do you choose from over 1000 cloud service providers that say they are the best at Infrastructure, ERP, Collaboration, and Security?

Secure Network Communications. Breeze-Telecom: Resource File. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, challenging and engaging us.

Breeze-Telecom: Resource File

This category is an effort to create a single, comprehensive hub of such information. From cloud computing trends to what is new in enterprise collaboration or hosted voice adoption trends, you will find relevant resources, from Editorials to White Papers and Case Studies apart from videos and more shareable content to keep you updated. More than educating you about industry practices, this is an effort to create awareness and a trusted source of information in the niche of enterprise-grade IT solutions.

If you come across something you don’t like, please leave a feedback. Similarly, share your opinion about how to improve this Library…we await your response! Recent Videos. Breeze-Telecom Customize Services for Business. Breeze-Telecom Blog: Stay Updated. Breeze-Telecom Services Customize Solution for Business. Breeze-Telecom: WAN Solution Specialists. Breeze-Telecom: Team of Competent Managed Service Providers. Breeze-Telecom Blog: Stay Updated with Telecom and Technology Trends. The Cloud Computing Bible for Startups.

Services - Breeze Telecom. Join Resource Library of Breeze-Telecom to Stay Updated. Calculator - Breeze Telecom. Enterprise Level Networking Security Solutions and Services. Cloud Management Solution and Services for Businesses. High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Service for Businesses. Cost-effective Hosted VoIP Services. Cloud-based SD-WAN for Uninterrupted Enterprise Connectivity. Give Your Business a Hardware-free Colocation Advantage. Hoisted Enterprise Voice Deployment: Advantages. Breeze Telecom Cloud Services for Small & Medium Enterprises. Enterprise-level Network Security Solutions by Breeze-Telecom. Breeze-Telecom: Resource File. How to Choose a Data Center Consultant? The first and foremost step prior to finalizing a colocation provider is analyzing your company’s needs.

How to Choose a Data Center Consultant?

The consultant could help you in this direction, but think, who better than yourselves knows the company better. The better information you gather in advance, the less you have worry about choices. Another step, which is vital is to assess is the level of expertise that the colo provider has. According to Richard Einhorn, the director of data center facility HP, colocation affects a multitude of businesses – operational, technology or financial. Most firms invest their capital and time into data centers, due to which the risk and complexities associated with this is huge. Get Budgeted Hosted VoIP Solutions across North America. Budgeted Fiber Optic Internet Solutions. Give Your Business a Hardware-free Colocation Advantage. SD-WAN for Uninterrupted Enterprise Connectivity. Breeze-Telecom Blog: Stay Updated with Telecom and Technology Trends. Contact - Breeze Telecom. Breeze-Telecom Services Customize Solution for Business. Breeze-Telecom Calculator for IT investment. Join Resource Library of Breeze-Telecom to Stay Updated.

Cloud Security Evils for Enterprises and Institutions. The rapid migration to the cloud by enterprises/institutions is aimed at bringing in more efficiency and streamlining functioning.

Cloud Security Evils for Enterprises and Institutions

The current scenario is such that cloud is assisting big and small enterprises and institutions in enhancing their potential and revenue. Though the shift to the the cloud has helped these enterprises streamline management of data, the cloud security concerns still remain untouched and appear to be a big challenge for these enterprises to combat. Switch to cloud comes with its own set of challenges and security breaches. Read on to know about necessary evils that will come along with cloud solutions. Threat 1: Breaches Aimed at Accessing Data Unlike traditional networks, cloud networks too are susceptible to threats such as forced breach attempts, data breaches and more. Threat 2: Easy to Crack Authentication Levels All the attacks and breaches are the result of weak authentication processes, weak passwords, and poor management. Changing Trends in Data Center Procurement.

Software Defined WAN Delivers Business Relevant Advantages by Nicholas James. By Nicholas James SECURE NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is the improved, more evolved form of WAN that continues to provide roadblocks for businesses that desperately need business continuity without any interruptions.

Software Defined WAN Delivers Business Relevant Advantages by Nicholas James

SD-WAN is precisely software-defined networking (SDN) technology which is applied to WAN connections and uses virtualization platforms like the Cloud. With a smartly optimized SD-WAN setup, businesses get the advantage of well-performing, highly available enterprise networks across branch offices, data centers and remotely located teams using web-enabled devices. Conventional WAN is Extinct, Don't Invest in Dinosaur Technologies. Trends in Data Center Management, Procurement and Support. Gone are the days when data providers used to associate with a single deliberate vendor to provide endways data center services.

Trends in Data Center Management, Procurement and Support

Today, IT decision makers are expected to be accountable for the quality and cost of technology in the business. To achieve these goals, the modern data centers are embracing an extensive collection of options in procurement and support that you never knew about a few years ago. Data center management is the perfect example of one, such evolving need. This includes everyday data center procurement and management – most enterprises fail to understand the complexity of these tasks. Managed Service Provider for Remote Management Monitoring. With the rapidly increasing demand for cloud-based services, Managed Service Providers are making prudent use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services to fulfill the demands of their diverse client base.

Managed Service Provider for Remote Management Monitoring

Focus on managing endpoints has also increased over the past few years. As per Autotask 2015 Managed Services Market Study conducted by Decision Tree Labs, almost 62% of the Managed Service Providers are managing around 100 to 2,500 endpoints and these numbers are likely to rise in the near future. So, almost 54% of MSPs will be shifting their focus to the management of endpoints. As the security and reliability requirements of clients continue to become more complex with proliferation of devices and endpoints, MSPs need to dedicate a considerable amount of time in managing these more effectively. The competition in the managed-service market is ultimately proving to be extremely beneficial for the end-users as they are getting excellent services at competitive prices. CORESITE Data Center Solutions. CoreSite provides safe, reliable, high-performance data center solutions across eight key North American business markets.

CORESITE Data Center Solutions

CoreSite is used by more than 800 of the world’s prominent enterprises, cloud providers, network operators, and ancillary service providers. Built with the motto of simplicity, honesty, reliability, and strength, the company connects, safeguards, and improves sensitive data performance and applications. CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE:COR) offers accessible, flexible solutions and a big team of dedicated employees, who unswervingly deliver unparalleled data center options. The CoreSite Data Center solutions are counted amongst the best in the colocation industry. Database Management Trends for Enterprises. In our previous blog, we discussed some of the dramatic shifts that have come in the field of data management and are driving business decisions.

Database Management Trends for Enterprises

We will continue to track a few more of these trends in this discussion too: Storage becomes an area of focus for enterprises Until a few years back, storage was probably the most overlooked areas of enterprise management, with disk drives running in the back of data centers. But today, as more & more enterprises shape their infrastructures’ capabilities, they are dealing with ever expanding data stores. Business Applications are the Best Pitch for Selling Cloud Services to SMBs. Most traditional telecom agents with Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) as their primary clients find it hard to streamline their cloud offerings in a manner that appears lucrative to the patrons.

Business Applications are the Best Pitch for Selling Cloud Services to SMBs

Many of the service provider start with a service that lies within their comfort zone, for instance, hosted voice, when they sell cloud services to SMBs. But when it comes to expanding their cloud services portfolio, most of them struggle with finding the right service to begin with. A majority of them consider infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) as the right choice but fail to realize that the complexities in this case are greater. Since, virtual server technology has a language of its own, you might find it hard to cope up with the immediate challenges of IaaS.

Now, most of the SMBs along with other companies are running business applications in the cloud based on either a per-user subscription fee or per-seat model. SD WAN vs MPLS- Which One is the Better Option to Choose? Most IT managers are faced with the dilemma of choosing from MPLS or SD-WAN as both the technologies come with their own set of pros and cons. While many people were claiming that internet is the future of WAN networks like all other things, there are some inherent strengths of MPLS network that cannot be ignored. Our analysis of MPLS leads to four key areas that include- network security offered through isolation, carrier managed site-to-site connectivity, availability and delivery of reliable packet, and the quality of service offered. Apart from these key areas, IT managers need to take into account the price, performance and practical impact of the network too before making a final decision. Let us compare both networks by evaluating these crucial aspects: Guide to Preparing Your Network for Hosted PBX Solutions.

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) has proven its worth, presenting the perfect brew of cost effectiveness and business-driven solutions. Making this transition to the cloud communication platform is somewhat of a paradox. Despite business owners realizing that Hosted PBX provides a unified communication system, they often struggle to fully integrate it as a part of their existing IT and communications infrastructure. Ensuring easy adoption and interoperability of Hosted PBX is critical to realizing actual ROI on your cloud communications investment. This means some degree of preparedness. We term is as “cloud readiness” but don’t be apprehensive about it since it does not present any significant costing.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Truth, You Need PBX Hosting Guidance. Enterprise VoIP Trends Forecast : A Look Ahead - Breeze Telecom. In the past decade, the technological as well as economic factors driving the business implementation of VoIP have changed in great flare. The Voice over Internet Protocol surrounding enterprise market is estimated to experience continual growth and will aid in generating big revenues for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). With the growth in VoIP implementations flexibility, integration and customization, its relevance in the marketplace is also evolving at a rapid pace. The year of action—2016 and coming years will highlight the significant VoIP trends. 5 Benefits of Fiber Optic Communication by Nicholas James. By Nicholas James SECURE NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS Wherever you go, the network is heading with fiber connectivity.

Breeze-Telecom Cloud Management Solution for Businesses. Let our consulting engineers help you source the right private, public, or hybrid cloud solution from a portfolio of 40 service providers including Gartners leaders. Click to view them. The emerging, global marketplace is about Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics (SMAC). We help businesses connect with a cloud partner that will help them transform their business. Private, Public or Hybrid—whatever cloud solutions you choose, we brew them to perfection, acting as a dedicated resource. Breeze-Telecom Leaders of Telecom and Technology Services. Breeze-Telecom: Team of Competent Managed Service Providers.

Benefits of Moving To the Cloud for Your Business. Blog - Breeze Telecom. Calculator - Breeze Telecom. Resource Library - Breeze Telecom. Breeze-Telecom Services Customize Solution for Business. Breeze Telecom - Internet Services.