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How to Preserve Cutting Boards? | Buy Cookwares. Hi there, we are going to show you how to preserve cutting boards effectively. As you know, many housewives wonder what chopping board material to choose to ensure the health of the entire family. Many studies indicate that cutting boards contain a lot of bacteria that many housewives inadvertently neglect. Cutting board surface contains a lot of harmful bacteria including E.coli. If the cutting board is dirty, bacteria will multiply and it will be difficult to remove, especially old cutting boards with deep cut. E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter (bacteria cause diarrhea and intestinal disease) can spread from the cutting board to food when it is not cleaned properly. According to experts, the risk of carrying the disease from the cutting board actually lies not only in cutting board material, but mainly because of the habit of using the same cutting board for raw food and cooked food.

Wooden chopping board Plastic cutting board Plastic cutting boards are perfect for cooked food. Top 10 Best Cheap Cutting Boards in 2016 | Buy Cookwares. Cutting boards have been an integral part for kitchen items as they are the first step in food preparation. There are such so many choices for cutting board of different manufacture that customers are hesitating, which is the best. You do need the longevity, strength of cutting boards that are not only functional but also long-lasting. Now our collection of Best cutting boards in 2016 will bring you the clearest review on highest rated cutting boards.

There are wood, bamboos, plastic boards with distinguished feature such as the juice groove, eco friendliness, durability, flexibility, anti-bacteria technology… Taking a glance at this collection will give you the desire to own one and worth your time. These boards are must-have and definitely will make a great addition to your kitchen. Bestseller All Amazon Instant Video Clothing & Accessories Appliances Arts, Crafts & Sewing Automotive Baby Beauty Books Collectible Coins Camera & Photo Cell Phones & Accessories Classical Music Computers Electronics 1.