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NHS Negligence Claims

Specialists in Medical Negligence Claims. No Win No Fee Claims. Get A Free Claim Assessment Today. All Claims Are Dealt with By Expert Solicitors. Read more:

Misdiagnosis Claims. Medical Negligence Claims Against Care Homes. When a loved one goes into a care home, you rightly expect that they are safe, comfortable and receive a certain level of care.

Medical Negligence Claims Against Care Homes

Unfortunately, this is not always the case; while most care homes uphold their duty of care to residents and treat them with respect, there are times when residents receive unacceptably poor treatment and suffer harm as a result. The Ultimate Guide to Know About Suing the NHS for Negligence. Pressure Sore Negligence Compensation Payouts. Pressure sores are an extremely painful, energy-sapping illness that develop within a short period of time but take long to heal.

Pressure Sore Negligence Compensation Payouts

Where care falls below the expected standard, pressure sores can have devastating and even fatal consequences. If you have suffered pressure sore as a result of negligence on the part of your caregiver at the NHS, you may be entitled to pressure sore claims. What is a Pressure Sore? A pressure sore or bed sore is a localised injury to the skin and underlying tissue due to prolonged pressure. Pressure sores can affect anyone, but are more likely to affect those who spend a lengthy period of time in one position without being moved, such as a bed or a chair. Healthcare professionals must ensure that risk assessment is done for patients confined to a particular position to monitor their skin and apply preventive measures to minimize the risk of pressure sore formation. Surgical Negligence Compensation Claims. Surgical mistakes can cause you avoidable pain and suffering.

Surgical Negligence Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an injury or illness due to surgical negligence, our surgical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim against the NHS. What is Surgical Negligence? Surgical negligence occurs when a surgeon or other medical staff makes mistakes during an operation, causing you harm. As a patient, you are entitled to a high standard of care during surgery, but mistakes happen occasionally. Retained foreign items or instruments inside the body Performed the wrong operation or operated on the wrong site Failed to inform you about the risks associated with the operation Exposed you to infections due to poor hygiene Failed to notice injuries such as damage to the bowel, spleen or other organs. NHS Compensation Payouts Guide. Each year, over 10,000 new compensation claims are made against the NHS; this translates to billions of pounds in settlement fees.

NHS Compensation Payouts Guide

Medical Negligence Claim Process. Medical negligence is the breach of the legal duty of care a health professional owes a patient, resulting in damage to such a patient.

Medical Negligence Claim Process

In most cases, the consequences of medical negligence can be devastating, and even fatal; a medical negligence claim aims to put the victim in the position they would have been in had the negligent treatment not occurred. GP Negligence Claims Compensation. GP Negligence Claims Compensation | GP Negligence Claims GPs are required to possess a broad understanding of nhscine, even if they do not have specialist knowledge in particular medical conditions.

GP Negligence Claims Compensation

This literally means that they can provide patient care for most ailments and conditions, and make referrals to specialists when the need arises. For most part, GPs work really hard to provide appropriate level of care. However, they may fail on occasion to meet the basic standard of care, with devastating consequences for the affected patients. Medical Negligence Claim Process. NHS Negligence Claims Solicitors in Liverpool. How Much Compensation Will I Get for Misdiagnosis? We put our complete trust in the diagnosis and treatment recommendations of our doctors, as they possess the qualification and experience to help us feel better.

How Much Compensation Will I Get for Misdiagnosis?

We do not expect to suffer any further injury or illness or for our condition to worsen. However, in just one year, over 1,300 patients made NHS compensation claims, costing the NHS over £190 million. This huge payout amount in just one year is proof that things can go wrong.Have you Been a Misdiagnosis Victim? If you suspect your medical professional has misdiagnosed your condition, leading to further illness and avoidable treatment, you can sue the NHS for misdiagnosis. As a result of this misdiagnosis, you will likely require further treatment that would have been unnecessary if the condition was correctly diagnosed during the initial examination. Surgical Negligence Compensation Claims. How Much Compensation for Birth Injury Claims? Despite how straightforward the childbirth process may seem, things can go wrong if medical professionals fail to perform their duty of care, sometimes with life-changing results.

How Much Compensation for Birth Injury Claims?

It is the duty of medical professionals caring for an expectant mother to promptly identify and effectively manage risks, from the early stages of pregnancy to childbirth. How Do I File a Lawsuit Against a Hospital? Orthopaedic Injury Solicitors. How Do I Make a Claim Against the NHS? In medical care centres across the UK, the National Health Service takes charge of the diagnosis and treatment of thousands of patients on a daily basis.

How Do I Make a Claim Against the NHS?

In the vast majority of cases, they do a wonderful job and the patients are well again. However, there are times when mistakes happen and, if this due to negligent treatment, it is understandable that you might want to pursue an NHS claim. Making a Claim Against the NHS Not all substandard treatments are grounds for NHS compensation claim. Even when a medical professional has breached his/her duty of care, you, as the patient, must prove that the treatment was below the acceptable standards as determined by other medical professionals in the same specialty at the time. NHS Negligence Claims Solicitors in Liverpool.

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Get the Best NHS Negligence Solicitors. NHS Compensation and Suing the NHS: A Complete Guide. Successful Claims Against the NHS. Can You Sue the NHS for Negligence. Suing for Medical Negligence.