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eBay. Author: Mickael FROGER 4avr Lengow has been proposing for a few months to index quickly and easily your products on eBay. In order to sell more and better, eBay advises etailers to personalize their shop to offer Internet users the closest brand’s environment. Because you don’t necessarily have time or means to realize your eBay shop’s own design, Lengow makes available a gallery of templates, totally free, within its solution. Lengow puts forward a list of several templates (including a choice of colors) to create the closest design to your shop. Then, you just have to implement this design to all your adverts. Each template includes each advert’ element in order to integrate in the design important information such as the title, the description, the price and postage. Lengow also offers, with these templates, a HTML kit to put in your eBay BackOffice in order to design your entire eBay shop.

Now available within the solution, lengow will very soon offer several dozens of free templates! New.

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A New Era for eBay Sellers: CrossPitch Releases Its Innovative Cross- Promotional... -- re> AUSTIN, Texas, March 16. AUSTIN, Texas, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- CrossPitch, the maker of eBay seller solutions, has recently unveiled its cross-promotional gallery ( for eBay sellers. The gallery is designed to help sellers dramatically increase sell-through and hits to their eBay listings and Store items through sophisticated methods of cross- promotion. The CrossPitch Gallery offers sellers a more advanced alternative to the galleries of Auctiva, Andale, and Vendio.

CrossPitch provides an advertisement-free service that does not import marketing taglines onto sellers' listings. Their new gallery system can be set to automatically install on all of a seller's listings and will display a comprehensive listing of a specific seller's items and cross-promote all of them into each individual listing, making every listing viewable no matter which item a potential bidder may be visiting.

Cross Promotion Tool , eBay, Overstock, Ecommerce Cross Promotion Tool. FAS Cross-Promotion Tool for eBay and Overstock Stores. Last week, Mark O'Neill wrote about a tool to promote your eBay auction listings called NavPics. In this issue, I want to tell you about a similar tool I found that allows you to promote your eBay Store listings in your auctions. It also works for Overstock Auctions, and the best thing is, it's free. (FAS) Cross Promotion Gallery script help drives traffic to your Store items. This can be useful, since eBay Store listings cost less to list than auction listings but receive less traffic, since Store items don't generally show up on search results pages.

I talked to Matt Kirtok (eBay Id: TurkishCorner), the creator of Free Auction Scripts, a site for online sellers. He wanted to create a cross-promotional tool that was both free and customizable for eBay users. Since its inception, the cross-promotion tool has been updated twice on the advice and feedback of its users. Here is how the FAS Cross Promotion Tool works. Some Other Cross-Promotion Tools. Free cross-promotion galleries for eBay items - Froo! Cross Sell - Productivity apps for eBay users. Productivity apps for eBay users. The FREE AllAuctions Cross-Selling Gallery for eBay - The fastest and easiest way to display yout other eBay Items. Scrolleo - scrolling eBay galleries.