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Headspace. MoodKit. Dream:ON - The App to Influence Your Dreams. MindShift. Stress Management. Panic Attacks: 10 Steps to Conquer. The Sleep School - Insomnia Therapy App and Workshops. NHS approved Apps. Happiness? There’s an app for that. Today we launch the Happy for Life app, offering you a chance to increase your happiness with some simple daily actions.

Happiness? There’s an app for that

Download it for free on iOS or Android. Don’t worry – you won’t be asked to buy anything later. Happy for Life. Agoraphobia Free — Virtually Free. Agoraphobia, with or without panic disorder, affects an estimated 3-6% of the population.

Agoraphobia Free — Virtually Free

In the UK this represents around 3 million individuals. Agoraphobia Free is a new way to tackle it using virtual therapeutic tools. Agoraphobia is a hugely limiting condition that renders people unable to function. The condition itself prevents sufferers from tackling it, stopping them from leaving the home to seek support or attend psychotherapeutic treatment provided in clinics. Depending on severity the treatment may require ongoing one to one therapy based in the person's home and escorting the person around the surrounding area. Agoraphobia Free breaks this vicious cycle, by replicating the two parts that make up traditional treatment and putting these in the hands of sufferers, via their phones or tablets – meaning there is very little or no intervention from support staff or therapists.

Nominet Trust funding will deliver the prototype. Phobia Free — Virtually Free. You can see the other spiders we use following the links, which we have put in the order you will encounter them in the app.

Phobia Free — Virtually Free

The first two spiders won't look scary as a picture but they do move like a spider and that is enough to trigger a mild fear reaction for you to practice with. The other spiders might be too much for someone with a severe phobia to look at. Use your discretion. Systematic desensitisation deals with your fear of spiders by teaching you to be relaxed and then getting you to progressively closer to the spider until you are able to touch it without fear.

It sounds impossible but this technique has been successfully used in therapy for many, many years now. Optimism Mental Health Apps for Self-Tracking. PTSD Coach. HappyPlace Mood Manager App. We think it’s vital that research into what really helps people improve their mental health doesn’t sit on shelves gathering dust.

HappyPlace Mood Manager App

That’s why we're working with the University of Bristol on a mood management tool that harnesses a new training method developed by the university’s researchers. They’ve found that training ourselves to recognise positive emotions in faces instead of negative emotions can improve our mood over time. During a session the app shows you a number of faces, some of which are obviously happy or sad, while others are more ambiguous. By encouraging you to interpret these ambiguous faces as positive, rather than negative, HappyPlace can alter your cognitive processes and help you learn to manage your mood in a positive way.

This, in turn, can help lift your mood and have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. MoodPanda - Rate and Track Your Mood Online - Create a graphical Mood Diary. iCouch CBT. CBT Pad. Thought Diary Pro. Thought Diary Pro is an iPhone app developed by happtic to help people record and change the thoughts that cause emotional and psychological distress.

Thought Diary Pro

The Thought Diary Pro is the advanced version of the Thought Diary, and allows the identification of thinking errors (also known as 'cognitive distortions'), and the the modification of our unhelpful thoughts into more productive ways of thinking. By challenging the thoughts and beliefs that cause discontentment, dissatisfaction and other emotional and behavioural distress, we can improve our mental health and can change the destructive or adverse behaviours we may engage in as a result of our negative thoughts. The Thought Diary Pro is designed to be the second step in changing our thinking patterns by helping individuals identify the thinking errors that they engage in, and thereby helping change these thoughts.

NovoPsych Psychometrics iPad App. Optimism Mental Health Apps for Self-Tracking. T2 Mood Tracker. T2 Mood Tracker is a mobile application that allows users to monitor and track emotional health.

T2 Mood Tracker

Originally developed as a tool for service members to easily record and review their behavior changes, particularly after combat deployments, it has now become very popular with many civilian users around the world. The app records a range of emotions for anxiety, depression, head injury, stress, posttraumatic stress and a user’s general well-being. Users can also create items to track their progress in unique areas. The saved results are displayed in an easy-understand graph. The data is saved in a graphical or spreadsheet file which can be transferred by e-mail or other wireless connection. T2 Mood Tracker received first place in the "General Wellness" category during the Apps4Army (A4A) competition. CBT App - Psychology Tools for iPhone - MoodKit. Relaxation Downloads. We hope you find these audio files helpful in your relaxation efforts.Take some time to explore the different approaches to relaxation and discover what works for you.

Relaxation Downloads

Guided Imagery Exercises: Anchoring. McMaster University > Student Wellness Centre > Guided Relaxation CD - McMaster University - Student Wellness Centre. Breathe2Relax. Stress Free: Learn to Relax for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.