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Nextcredit is a UK direct lender that offers online instalment loans. The company aims to offer competitive instalment loan and credit products throughout the UK.

10 Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost The Earth. What you need to know about the government's new Lifetime ISA. Student Life: Making Your Money Go Further. Editor October 23rd Have you recently started at university?

Student Life: Making Your Money Go Further

Settling in and getting used to a new routine brings plenty of new challenges, not least how to make your student loan stretch as far as possible. New experiences mean new expenses and it can sometimes take a while to work out the cheapest and most cost effective way of managing it all. 5 Cheap And Easy Recipes To Celebrate Apple Day. Buying Clothes: Tips On How To Be A Better Shopper. Editor October 16th “[Some] brands are notorious for knocking off high-end designers, allowing the customer to get something at least superficially similar to the pricey original at a small fraction of the cost, and they’re priced lower than the rest of the market, making their products feel like a bargain.The low costs mean people can buy things they don’t need without much thought.

Buying Clothes: Tips On How To Be A Better Shopper

If a $30 dress or shirt drops to $20 or $15 on sale, it’s practically irresistible. That hedonic pleasure center in your brain lights up, with the price causing little competing pain.”Quartz This extract suggests that all of us need to approach buying clothes with caution. Sales, bargains and discounts can result in a spending frenzy that can leave us on a high, but can also cause a great headache afterwards. Top Tips For Travelling On A Budget. Editor October 13th “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

Top Tips For Travelling On A Budget

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Mark Twain’s words make travelling sound carefree and easy, and often it can be. Book in advance. Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers: 5 Top Tips. Editor October 9th These days, young drivers are as eager as ever to get their driving license and hit the road.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers: 5 Top Tips

However, if you are a parent or young driver, you may have been surprised at just how pricey car insurance is for young drivers. Insurance firms either charge sky-high prices or simply reject them altogether. So, is there anyway young drivers can get insured at a reasonable price? The good news is yes! Here are our five tops picks: Debt And Relationships: Treating Them Both Realistically. Editor September 28th Would your partner’s debt cause you to consider ending the relationship?

Debt And Relationships: Treating Them Both Realistically

According to a survey carried out by credit score providers, Noddle, one in three of us would. What’s more, one in twenty of us would definitely end the relationship if their partner was in a lot of debt. Difficulties Repaying My Loan. Editor September 23rd Sometimes short term loan borrowers can find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulties paying back their loans.

Difficulties Repaying My Loan

We know that sometimes things happen which you simply hadn’t budgeted for. We also know how worrying this can be and how difficult it can be to know the best thing to do. A lot of people make the mistake of burying their heads in the sand by ignoring the situation or hoping it will somehow resolve itself, but invariably this only leads to more money worries and worse debt. “If you’re struggling to pay back a short term loan, the worst thing you can do is ignore the problem. How To Pick The Best Broadband Deal. Editor September 21st Most households in the UK are continually on the hunt for the best broadband deal.

How To Pick The Best Broadband Deal

In an age where the internet dominates most of our lives – be it for business, social networking purposes or simply as the go-to source of information, many of us would now consider the internet as an everyday necessity. Should You Borrow Money From Friends Or Family? Editor September 18th Do you borrow money from friends or family?

Should You Borrow Money From Friends Or Family?

A recent survey from Mirror Money has found that social housing tenants are more likely to borrow money from friends or family, rather than another financial institution such as a bank, or a short term lender. The survey found that 38% of social housing tenants ask to borrow from friends or family, 33% never borrow, 13% borrow from a bank or building society and only 2% from a short term lender. There may be many reasons why social housing tenants do not choose to borrow money from financial institutions, including concerns that they will be unable to pay back the money in time, particularly if they don’t have a regular source of income.

The new interest rate cap imposed in January on short term lenders, and subsequent closure of many unscrupulous lenders, could mean that many are being refused loans, leaving those who are in need of extra cash with no other option but to go to friends and family. Short term loan. Editor September 15th Sometimes when you need some extra cash to cover a month of unforeseen expenses, it can be difficult to decide what the best option is.

short term loan

The most common options that most people consider are some form of personal loan or overdraft. Heritage Open Days: Explore England’s Heritage For Free This Weekend. Editor September 9th.

Heritage Open Days: Explore England’s Heritage For Free This Weekend

World CarFree Day: 22 September 2015. Editor September 3rd Is there some other way you could get to work besides your car? If the answer is yes, why not plan ahead and take advantage of some other means of transport on World CarFree Day, which this year, takes place on 22 September. This special awareness day, which has been running since the 1970’s was first created to draw attention to the amount of pollution that our cars produce. The organisers thought it would be great to have one day in the year, where nobody used their car and got around by other means of transport instead! Taking part in World CarFree Day means you can take advantage of a whole host of other rewards too – the benefits extend well beyond the environment! One of the biggest added advantages of taking part in World CarFree Day is that it will save you money! Are Landlines Still Worth The Expense?

Editor September 1st The world of gadgets is quickly becoming dominated by the ever-expanding market of wireless devices and mobile technology. It is estimated that within the next 20 years, landlines will become a thing of the past. Money Saving Advice For Students. Editor August 26th As the summer draws to a close, and a new academic year beckons on the horizon, students up and down the country will be preparing to pack up their bags and head off to university. Whether you are heading off for the first time or returning for a new year, few students wouldn’t be glad of a few extra money saving tips to help get their year off to a cheaper start. Did you know that 25% of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK owe an average of £342 to short term loan companies?

Additionally, 92.4% incur late charges, with 54.5% admitting to paying back the loan late and receiving charges for late payment. How Social Media Can Help With Your Money Saving. Editor August 20th How much time do you spend on social media? What do use it for? Familiar answers will include, finding out what people are up to, keeping up with friends and sharing your news and photos. Increasingly, many more of us are also using it to find information, make complaints and ask questions. How Payday Loans Work. New Regulations Cause Irresponsible Loan Lenders To Close. Editor August 17th The new Financial Conduct Authority regulations that took effect in January are now being felt across the financial sector, as thousands of financial institutions have ceased providing short-term loans to consumers.

Since January, more than 5000 companies, including payday loans companies, log book lenders, debt management firms, credit information and repair services have closed their doors and decided not to apply for full FCA authorisation. How to Avail Payday Loans. 5 Tips For A Cheaper Holiday. Payday Loans Being Used To Fund Date Nights. 5 Cheap Meals On a Budget. Editor August 6th We are slowly making our way out of the recession, but many of us, especially families, are continuing to feel the squeeze on our purse strings! The cost of food, particularly meat and fish, can sometimes mean it’s harder to make family meals go as far as we need them to. 7 Cheap Ways To Entertain The Kids Over The Summer Holidays. Editor July 28th School is now out for the summer, and for the next six weeks, mums, dads and carers across the country will be looking for fun and cheap ways to entertain the kids over the summer holidays.

CFA Express Concern Over Number Of Borrowers Turning To Illegal Loans. 6 Tips For Getting The Best Phone Deal. Editor July 20th Phones, tablets, laptops – mobile technology is all around us and is now more readily available than ever before. Say Hello To Apple Pay. Introducing Continuous Payment Authority. 5 Things that will Make your Loan Repayment Easy.

Convenient and easily available loans such as payday loans are great at helping people meet their immediate monetary needs. However, after the money is spent to pay bills or cover emergencies, people still owe the lender the amount of the loan as well as any interest that is due. More Students Turning To Short Term Loans To Meet Living Costs. Why Payday Loans are better than Traditional Loans in Many Ways. Money Saving Tips For Your Garden. New Online Short Term Loan Videos Now Available. 4 Tips On Making Large Purchases. #NationalPicnicWeek: 3 Ways To Picnic For Less. Cheaper Fathers Day Alternatives Inspired By Different Countries. How Payday Loan Lenders Work. New Advertising Guidelines For Short Term Loan Companies Released. Debt Management Tips. Kid’s Pocket Money: Is It A Good Idea? 4 Ways to Cut the Cost of Motoring.

How To Have A Night Out For Less. 4 Ways To Save For Your Children's Future. National Vegetarian Week: Is A Veggie Diet Cheaper? Get Active With Free Outdoor Activities. Payday Loans – Your Short-Term Financial Resource. 4 Ways To Hire A Car As Cheaply As Possible. Do You Have Financial Regrets? How To Cope With Money Worries. Understanding APR. 9 Top Tips on Saving Money At Home.