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Nexstair Technologies deliver web and brand promotion solution services.we deals Web designing and development , PSD to HTML, Internet marketing services, Logo and newsletter making, SEO services etc...

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your WordPress Site By Content. Your website’s bounce rate is a measure of people visiting your website without going to any additional pages.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your WordPress Site By Content

It is displayed as a percentage of single page sessions on your WordPress website and is a good indicator of how relevant and engaging your website’s content is. If you can get more site visitors to stick around for longer, reading more of your content, and engaging in calls to action your provide them, you will likely gain more subscribers and convert more sales for your responsive WordPress themes. To check your wordpress website’s bounce rate you will need to look in your Google Analytics Account for the bounce rate statistics. The average bounce rate for all websites hovers around 40.5% with content driven websites coming in slightly higher.

The goal is to aim for around 50% or lower. Why bounce rate of responsive wordpress theme should be lowered? Now, many of you might not know how to stumble upon this. How to become a professional web designer in 2017 – Nexstair. Professional Web design and development is an exciting and tremendous career option for anyone to go for.

How to become a professional web designer in 2017 – Nexstair

It is highly recommended for those people who like to solve problems creatively whether it is turning any simple texts and images into gorgeous looking websites which would be appreciated by the company and the customers would love to browse on it. But it is not that easy to hop into the web development and design services field without any prior planning and guidance. There are some major guidelines and points which you should know earlier to learn web design and development; it includes coding, designing, a different set of programming languages, client management, and handling, etc. It is not an easy field to choose but excitement is for sure. Tight deadline, work pressure, teamwork, presentations, etc is all about web designing company. So, today, we will be giving you exclusive pieces of advice over diving into this field of professional web design & development. Key benefits of a custom WordPress Theme for blogging in 2017– Nexstair. WordPress theme customization is not only confined to blogging but it’s best for content management system (CMS) as well.

Key benefits of a custom WordPress Theme for blogging in 2017– Nexstair

Due to its extensive features, many businesses have chosen its powerful characteristics for different promotion strategies such as on website, E-commerce platform, social media platforms, etc. It makes custom WordPress customization, the best choice for Blogging in 2017. Following are some of the key benefits of WordPress theme customization in the Blogging world. Easy user handling The handling of WordPress blogging website is really easy and friendly which makes it popular among various audiences. If someone is unfamiliar with CMS systems or haven’t use any of them even then No Problem! It is only an administration task, not much than that.

It eliminates the dependence factor on web designers and makes it really simple to modify by just logging in, editing and removing whatever you want with simple one or two clicks. Quick installation Search engine optimization (SEO) WordPress 4.7.3 Update has Addressed 6 Security problems. WordPress 4.7.3 security and maintenance update come with a new and incremental version on 6th March 2017.

WordPress 4.7.3 Update has Addressed 6 Security problems

It is the third updated version in terms of security issues and updates. These days it is the hottest topic in the tech industry because again it’s an advanced version eliminating several security issues present in WordPress version 4.7.2 and 4.7.1. Now, it has come up with 6 different security patches and has solved almost 39 bugs altogether. problems in earlier versions of WordPress In WordPress version 4.7.2, there were many flaws like; Handling post’s request of blogs,Passing of unsafe data,Access control issues,Cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs, etc identified in July 2016. Similarly, there was no automatic updates function enabled and the developers had to be really careful because hackers could get an advantage of such situations.

5 Key Security Concerns With Mobile Payments You Can Face. There is absolutely no denying the fact that mobile payments are incredibly easy and convenient.

5 Key Security Concerns With Mobile Payments You Can Face

Many shoppers go out with their cell phones available in their pockets and purses so there is no need to carry a wallet stuffed with cash, receipts, and cards. Several banks facilitate mobile shoppers with optimized websites and custom apps allowing users to do online shopping while on the go. Still, many shoppers are not really comfortable in doing mobile payments. Many are also worried about the platforms leaving them vulnerable to identity theft. There are many companies that offer services which make online platforms secure through mobile application framework.

Multiple Software And Hardware Dislike laptops and desktops, the mobile device background is far more different in terms of operating systems and hardware. But the users can’t afford the new advances technology and aren’t really well informed regarding the fundamentals of mobile security. The Most Useful Website Design Tips You Probably Never Knew About - CMSMART Magento - Virtuemart BlogsCMSMART Magento – Virtuemart Blogs.

Websites are now fulfilling the function of being an online store, without a shopkeeper.

The Most Useful Website Design Tips You Probably Never Knew About - CMSMART Magento - Virtuemart BlogsCMSMART Magento – Virtuemart Blogs

A website needs to be interactive and user-friendly for the visitors; only then the website will turn out to be beneficial and profitable. There are many website development companies in the market these days, who promise to deliver the most trustworthy and beneficial website. The design of the website plays a major role in bringing traffic to the website. Other than this, web development technologies also play a major role in convincing people to visit the website. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while planning on developing and designing a website. Choose The Technology Carefully There are several web development technologies that can be used at the backend of any website. Interactive Homepage The homepage is the first thing where the visitor will land.

Theme Planning Once the platform of the website is finalized, you can now think about the theme. Easy Navigation.

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