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How Consumer Decision Trees can Foster Customer Loyalty with Planograms? Customers always demand that the retail stores are filled with the products they want and satisfy their needs.

How Consumer Decision Trees can Foster Customer Loyalty with Planograms?

Otherwise, they will shop somewhere else to satisfy their shopping needs. But how can retailers adapt to their shopper’s promptly changing buying behavior? The answer is simple: Consumer Decision Tree (CDT). CDT helps to understand customer buying habits and their decision-making process while shopping. What are Consumer Decision Trees? Consumer decision trees are also known as product hierarchies, which aid manufacturers and retailers in identifying how customers make their decisions while shopping a category. Before entering the store, shoppers already have an idea of what type of product should be purchased. How CDT can Improve Customer Loyalty to boost Retail Sales? A well-built consumer decision tree ensures that consumers can easily shop in the category and could bring a difference between loyal customers and occasional shoppers.

Overview of Nexgen POG Overview of Nexgen POG. Youtube. How to Analyze Product Range for In-Store Sales? Sometimes your sales are down, customers attention are falling, and everything goes wrong with your retail business.

How to Analyze Product Range for In-Store Sales?

To remain competitive, retailers need to assess product ranges in line with customers' needs. That is why product range review is an important tool to maximize your sales and improve profitability. What is Product Range Review? It is the logical understanding of products in a retailer’s range per cluster. This helps to evaluate the performance of each product against the performance of the total range.

Retail data: While reviewing the product range, a retailer should choose the relevant retail data. How to Influence Customers with Retail Merchandising Planograms? If a customer ever shopped at your store and found the product displayed on the shelves attractive, which was not on their mind a few moments ago, then the visual merchandising concept has done its job well.

How to Influence Customers with Retail Merchandising Planograms?

Every day, most customers find their attention is steered by visual merchandising strategies which influence them to visit the store, and they spend more on buying items. Research shows that 75% of people’s buying decision is based on the visual aesthetics of the store and how products are arranged on store shelves with enticing store layout design. Why Your Selling and Product Placement Don't Work Together? Reasons Behind It. Youtube. Youtube. How to Implement Best Category Management Practices to Improve Retail Business Profit. For store retailers, balancing the right products with strategic thinking makes the best solution to boost profit margins.

How to Implement Best Category Management Practices to Improve Retail Business Profit

The store layout, visibility and display, price and promotion, and persuasion - these are the pillars of good category management in the retail business. And sure, it can be challenging to determine which category-wise products will attract customers and improve sales. What is Category Management? Category management is an assortment of items, that help customers find appropriate substitutes for each other.

Products are categorized based on similarities in consumer preferences, target audience, seasonal or occasional and convenience categories. The first step is to understand the store by measuring and making layout drawings of the stores. How a Well-Thought-Out Category Hierarchy Can Benefit Retail Businesses? Your success as a retailer depends on how well you execute the products on the store shelves.

How a Well-Thought-Out Category Hierarchy Can Benefit Retail Businesses?

If it goes wrong, your retail business will not perform as it should. Take, for example, your category hierarchy. If you fail to manage the category hierarchy, you will undoubtedly suffer loss. One loss can result in a decrease in sales and losing customers. Best Planogram Practices to Increase Beverage Sales. Improving beverage sales is a great way to drive sales at your stores or restaurants.

Best Planogram Practices to Increase Beverage Sales

Most guests order at least one drink, therefore, placing beverages at an eye level could encourage repeat orders. In a study, it has been found that 35% of total restaurant sales are from beverage accounts. Today, most retailer’s place beverage items on their shelves because it has a better profit margin than food items. As the beverage industry grows, one of the best techniques that stores can use to get the upper hand is shelf placement. Getting a sizable purchase order from your customer is congratulatory, but if your beverage items are not moving from the shelves, it causes a loss. Planogram helps manufacturers and retailers optimize the performance of retail shelf space to improve the store performance and drive customer attention.

Planogram Tips for Beverage Sales and Merchandising. Must-Do-Updates for Renovating Your Retail Store to Boost Sales. Renovating your retail store can be both confusing and rewarding.

Must-Do-Updates for Renovating Your Retail Store to Boost Sales

Your store’s floor planning and store layout design are an important part of your overall brand experience. Remodeling your store can help you drive in-store sales and attract more customers. Despite the rapid growth of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores still have more control over their customer’s shopping experience that they cannot find online. Must-Do-Updates for Renovating Your Retail Store to Boost Sales. 6 Planogram Window Display Tips to Drive In-store Sales. Have you ever walked through a store and notice products being displayed in a store window that made you enter the store?

6 Planogram Window Display Tips to Drive In-store Sales

If you have, this is one of the simplest ways that retailers use to entice customer’s attention with window displays. Retailers use window displays as a sales strategy to attract customers to visit a store. That is why retailers use their store’s exterior parts, like window displays, to allow customers to come into the store and check out the products. If the exterior of the store is gloomy, no customers will come and visit your store.

Every brick-and-mortar store should have creative and aesthetic window displays to increase foot traffic. A retailer should choose engaging colors, décor and types of products that he wishes to display on a window display. LinkedIn. How Planograms Help Suppliers to Optimize Retail Shelf Space? It is true that planogram software improves retail businesses and maximizes their sales.

How Planograms Help Suppliers to Optimize Retail Shelf Space?

That is because planograms help retailers increase their profit and satisfy the needs of their customers. But planograms are not limited to helping retailers alone. In fact, these space planning tools also help suppliers who want to display their products to retailers for higher buy-ins. If you are a supplier, you will wish to optimize the shelf space given to you. Optimizing the retail shelf space accurately will make you the type of supplier that a retailer wants to work with regularly.

Why Does Retail Category Management Team Depend Too Much on Consumer Insights for Shelf Planning? In today’s competitive retail industry, customers expect a high-quality shopping experience through quality products and services.

Why Does Retail Category Management Team Depend Too Much on Consumer Insights for Shelf Planning?

Sales data and consumer insights are tools that provide valuable information regarding consumer behavior and marketing trends to help retail businesses. Youtube. Best Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Tips for Your Retail Store. To increase retail sales, there are various tried-and-true selling methods available today. Two of these methods are upselling and cross-selling, which are considered the easiest ones to implement in a retail store. Imagine a customer standing in line at the checkout counter unloading all the shopping items. During such times, the left and right sides of the shelves were stacked with cookies, chocolates, gifts and magazines for cross-selling and up-selling.

Youtube. Bundling for Retail: How to Place Products Together on Store Shelves for More Sales  Every retailer shares a common goal for their business: to earn more revenue and entice customers. The methods in which retailers go about achieving that goal vary, however. Some prefer to offer products that customers are interested in. While others turn into customer loyalty programs to increase sales. But, one of the common and easiest ways to help retailers achieve their goals is product bundling. Product bundling is a common sales strategy implemented by retailers across the world.

Pure bundles: It includes product/items sold exclusively for bundles. Five Selling Techniques to Make Your Retail Store Look Like a Total Steal. How to Fix Your Retail Store’s Excess Inventory with Automated Planograms?  One of the most challenging duties of retail stores is effectively managing inventory. The cost of carrying excess inventory can be huge, potentially costing retailers millions of dollars each year. As for retailers, he will need enough inventory to fulfill his orders, but everything he cannot sell easily.

Stock Replenishment: Tips for Retailers to Limit Out of Stock  What happens if a customer visits your store for a specific product and they could not find the product on shelves? Maybe they will ask the salesperson to check if there is one at the back of the store. It can cause people to have a bad impression and lose their interest in shopping from your store. This happens when you fail to replenish the stock correctly. Youtube. How Today's Duty-Free Shops are Fostering Retail Excellence with Custom Fixtures?  Nowadays, duty-free shops are not just crowded places with uninteresting architecture, filled with stores and restaurants. It is well-designed with custom fixtures that entice billions of travelers to make purchases before or after when they travel. There are almost two billion travelers per year who take the airplane to go on holidays, business, or for a lovely weekend.

Most of the time, passengers take advantage of the long waiting hours in the airport to stroll in duty-free shops for shopping. This has created a new source of profit for the airport. Airport Retailing- What Makes Customers Attract to Stores?  A considerable increase in air travel resulted in the growth of airport retailing at a fast pace. There is an evident increase in the number of airplane travelers in the world, who prefer purchasing items at the airports to avoid extra baggage charges. What Helps Retailers Capitalize on Impulse Buying?  5 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas to Try in a Retail Store  The checkout area is termed as a critical part of every retail store – it is the space where every retailer rings up customers. So, when was the last time your retail checkout counter encouraged customers, impulse buying that they cannot refuse?

In a recent survey, 77% of customers have made an impulse buy at the checkout counter areas. Why Do Retailers Rely on Data-Driven Planograms for Proper Inventory Management? How Visual Merchandising can help Increase Retail Profit with a Hot Spot Fixture?  When a customer enters a retail store, they consciously notice themselves being drawn into certain products. What about when a customer visits a retail store daily, do they take the same path through aisles? While part of this may be a habit, a lot of it happens due to consumer psychology and what visual merchandisers call ‘hot spots.’

How to Visually Merchandise Kid’s Apparel with Planogram Software?  Merchandising and marketing to kids have become a growing trend over the past few years. Today’s savvy business is spending billions of dollars on children’s apparel merchandising to visually attract customers. According to research, it has been found that most parents are willing to spend more on their children for higher-end products. That is why kid’s wear retail marketplace is increasing by 30% every year due to the changing consumer behavior and shopping habits. Nowadays, children demand a lot from the products they use and love.

How Today’s Changing Product Packaging Impacts In-store Shelf Space Availability?  In today’s retail industry, brands emphasize change in product packaging to target the audience by adding more colors to the packaging. Top Planogram Strategies for Pet Store Merchandising   When it comes to merchandising a pet store, it can be complicated if the merchandiser does not put in extra care for the in-store pet category. Research shows that one-third of U.S. households visit pet stores for buying pet necessities on daily basis. People with a genuine love for their animals always include pet necessities like pet food, toys, leashes and carriers in their monthly budget.

How to Make Your Seasonal Merchandising Decisions Right with Planogram Software? How Retail Dead Stock can be Minimized with the Help of Planogram? Top Five In-Store Display Ideas Retailer Should Try in Their Retail Stor. When it comes to visual merchandising, retail displays are, and will always be an important thing to drive customers into the store. Retail display is labeled as the first point of contact between the product and customer. According to researchers, 83.0% of human buying behavior is based on eyesight, which emphasizes the importance of right in-store displays.

Six Planogram Principles for Grocery Stores to Run Business Better. Five Innovative Planogram Retail Store Ideas of 2021  How Apparel Merchandising Surefire Branding to Lure Customers? Why Cloud-based Planograms have an Edge over Paper Planograms? How Planogram Templates can Help Leverage Retail Profit? How Does Planogram Improve Efficiency of Store Staff? How does a planogram help in overall cost reduction? How to Improve Shopper's Insight with an Efficient Planogram?

Youtube. Why Use Planograms for Merchandise Automation? How Product Placement in a Planogram Impacts the Purchasing Behavior? Fix Common Store Problems with Clever Space Planning. How Cloud-Based Planograms Eliminate Monotonous Tasks so that Category Managers Can Work on Strategic Business Planning? How Nexgen POG can Ease the Planogram Approval Flow? Why Product Visibility Matters so Much in Retail?

Leveraging Benefits of Shelf Data for Optimized Category Management. How to Improve Your Retail Store with Creative Labels? Nexgen POG - Cloud-based Planogram Software. Youtube. LinkedIn Login, Sign in. Planograms in E-commerce sector. Why Store Layout Matters so Much in Retail? Upgrade Your Planogramming Experience with New-Age Planograms. Impact of COVID-19 on Grocery Merchandising. How Retailers Benefit from AI Powered Planograms?

How has Covid-19 Changed Retail Merchandising? Why Planogram Research is Critical for Planogram Success? How do planograms help in days of supply? What Happens When Merchandising Meets Analytics in Retail? Why Planogram Automation is Critical in Retail? Nexgen POG - helping manufacturers gain profit with planograms. How does a planogram help in overall cost reduction? Space Planning must haves for Retail Success. How Does Planogram Improve Efficiency of Store Staff?

Planogram Tutorial. Must have Features of a Planogram. How to Boost Festive Sales Using Planograms? Planograms to enusre days of supply. Space Planning Software. Planogram Compliance Management. How Planograms Influence Consumer Behavior? - Blog - Nexgen. Three Space Planning Errors to Watch Out for. Planograms to Ensure Optimum Levels of Days Of Supply - Blog - Nexgen. Planogramming just got easier with Nexgen POG. How Planograms Ensure an Amazing Shopping Experience for Customers? - Blog - Nexgen. Are you ready for an all new Nexgen POG? Launched New Nexgen POG. Why is it important to update your planograms regularly? Category Management & Cross Merchandising to Ensure Customer Loyalty. Why Do You Need Accurate Assortment Planning? What are the major barriers to successful planogram implementation? Visual Merchandising and inspiration. Reasons for Increasing Popularity of Online Cloud-based Planograms - Blog - Nexgen. Planogram Compliance Automation (A case study)

Dynamic Merchandising Practices Require Store Planogram Tools with Flexible Features - Blog - Nexgen. Assortment Planning - A Complete Guide. Category Management and Cross-merchandising to Ensure Customer Loyalty. Convenience Store Planograms. Convenience Store Planograms. Cross-merchandising - Try it to improve your sales volume. How shopping would be expected to look like after COVID-19? - Blog - Nexgen. How Will COVID-19 Impact The Retailers and The Shopping Habits of Consumers?  - Blog - Nexgen. Plan every inch of your store to convert every step the customer takes in the store into a purchase. Category Management and Cross-Merchandising to Ensure Customer Loyalty - Blog - Nexgen.