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New View Concepts ignites lives lived by intentional creative design rather than default, transforming problems into solutions, barriers into breakthroughs, "I can't!" into "I CAN!" and defeats into victories!

Key To Success for Achieving Dreams. How Changing Thoughts Can Change Our Reality? In every situation, optimists seek the valuable lesson rather than getting upset and blaming someone else for what has happened.

How Changing Thoughts Can Change Our Reality?

They always control their emotions. Analyze today Have you ever been caught and paused over an article, video, a note, a comment or an image, that fundamentally changed the way you view yourself or the world? Yes, your mind builds your reality for sure. It is supposed that changing reality with your mind is perceived subjectively, based on our memory, what we have loaded during our lives. This also depends on earlier experiences growing up and all perceptions are loaded according to sensory experience and filed and used for the future experience.

How Can You Change Your Paradigm? Financial Success Through Creative Thought. ​Employee engagement is at or near the top of every executive’s list of challenges for their team. The trick is to get everyone on the team performing at peak capacity yet so many are distracted or unsure of their own commitment that it’s holding the team back. ​ The VisionLight(tm) Thought Training System is an innovative training regimen that helps anyone in your organization focus and train their own brain to be more engaged, more involved in team dynamics and to channel their thought processes into highly productive successes. This training evokes change that actually makes positive things happen – in all aspects of the attendee’s life. No more sitting back wondering why something didn’t go right, why someone else closed the big deal and you continue to struggle. As our Mission Statement reads: "We ignite lives lived by intentional design rather than default, transforming problems into solutions, barriers into breakthroughs, 'I can't' into 'I CAN!

' THE LAW OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You choose your destiny.


Whether consciously or subconsciously, the thoughts you choose today dictate your decisions, feelings, circumstances, attitudes, peace and outcomes in your life. By Jesse L. Dunn​ With the Law of Imagination, we create a Vision, a picture. With the Law of Personal Responsibility, we take ownership of that Vision.It’s about what you choose to think about, what you decide. Are you the Program or the Programmer? How Creative Thoughts Lead To Success. How Creative Thoughts Lead To Success?

How Creative Thoughts Lead To Success

Creative Thinking is the foundation for any successful career. In order to be successful, it’s important to be a creative thinker in everything you pursue. Creative people are considered curious, flexible, persistent, independent and adventurous. So, to succeed in the professional and personal life, a person needs to be creative. Creativity fuels big ideas, challenges employees’ way of thinking, and opens the door to new business opportunities. 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as... Include... Search Results. THE LAW OF INTENTION. The Mind can be trained to Conceive great and passionfilled Vision.


You can rationally choose to Believe in your compelling Vision and deliberately and intentionally direct your dominant thought to generate Behavior/Actions that bring that Vision into reality—to Achieve. By Jesse L. Dunn​ With ​the Law of Imagination, we picture what we want. With the Law of Personal Responsibility, we take ownership of the pictures our Imagination produces. How To Change Attitude & Behavior? THE LAW OF AGENCY. Next to life itself, your greatest gift is free will, the right to direct the life given to you, the right to choose your dominant thoughts.


By altering your thoughts, you alter your destiny. by Jesse L. Dunn. Improve Brain Health. Can Frequency of Thought Waves Affects Reality. Billions of brain cells called neurons combine to form our brain which uses electricity to communicate with each other.

Can Frequency of Thought Waves Affects Reality

This combination of several neurons sending signals at once produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in the brain. This electrical activity of the brain is commonly called a brain wave pattern, because of its cyclic, wave-like nature. The brain’s ability to become flexible and it’s a transition through various brain wave patterns plays a great role in how successful we are at managing stress, focusing on tasks, and getting good sleep. Every brain wave serves a purpose to help us cope with various situations, whether it is to help us process the frequency of thought waves and learn new information or aid to relax us after a long stressful day. Law of attractionThe Law of Attraction is the capability to draw attention into our lives whatever we are focusing on. If you focus on negative thoughts, you will remain under that cloud. You may not like your job. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS — CHANGE YOUR REALITY !

Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality? THE LAW OF MOTION. Innovative Sales Training Program To Increase Productivity. How great thoughts are beneficial for succeeding in life. For every task we do in our lives, we want to be successful.

How great thoughts are beneficial for succeeding in life

As we move in life, it’s easy to get caught up in the state of affairs regarding social and political issues. You start believing that average is acceptable and as others are settling, and then it’s ok to do the same. Achieve Your Goals and Dreams. CHOOSE TO HEAL TODAY! 7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude And Behaviour. To become truly successful in your life, your primary task should be to create and maintain a positive attitude.

7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude And Behaviour

Once you attain an attitude of optimism, expectancy and joyfulness, opportunities grow and problems shrink. It is true that all humans are born with certain tendencies, our personalities and attitudes are developed through our relationships with others and experiences. Our behaviour starts developing in childhood and constantly evolve and change over the years through day-to-day interactions. If you’re a leader in your team, a positive attitude attracts people to your side and motivates them to do their best work whereas if a leader carries a negative attitude, he can only compel others to take action through fear. There is no point of being successful if you are always feeling awful. Benefits of Customized Sales Training. Learn to How to Change Your Attitude and Behaviour! Is Tough Love Effective? Ways To Increase Self Confidence. Change Reality With Your Mind. CAN THOUGHTS REALLY REDUCE CRIME?

Benefits of Positive Thinking. VisionLight Essentials Thought Training System. WHAT AN 8-YEAR-OLD TAUGHT ME THIS PAST CHRISTMAS.