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India legend donates to Bengal school. Sachin Tendulkar who is known as a Indian batting legend has donated more than Rs.70 lakh to a school which is non descript in West Midnapore district in West Bengal, as a response from that school.

India legend donates to Bengal school

Sachin Tendulkar, the former batting super star , being a Rajya Sabha MP, reported to Hindustan Times donated 76 lakh to the school under the member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) scheme. As monsoon approches, GHMC yet to make rain proof city - News Papad. FISH PRASADAM IN HYDERABAD. The distribution of live fish has been started on Wednesday at Nampally exhibition grounds.


People from different parts of the country visit to have the medicine of live fish to reduce asthma and respiratory problems. India legend donates to Bengal school. Warning by Pawan Kalyan fans to Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun’s open discourse at the Sarainodu blockbuster success meet in Vijaywada hasn’t settled down yet as couple of obscure individuals guaranteeing to be fans of Pawan Kalyan and Mega family have begun flowing a blurb internet issuing a genuine alert to Allu Arjun and his fans.

Warning by Pawan Kalyan fans to Allu Arjun

What’s more, now this is relied upon to trigger a noteworthy fight between the fan gatherings of Allu and Mega family. Shocking News on Bunny’s Next Film. Shocking News on Bunny’s Next Film There is news on bunny’s next movie in film nagar.

Shocking News on Bunny’s Next Film

Till now he acted as hero in all films but will act as villain in upcoming movie. Allu arjun will work with tamil director. After sarrainodu film he will make movie with linguswamy. New system to make students to be punctual - News Papad. As the government is spending a huge amount of money for fees reimbursement and scholarships, it is observed that many students are not studying seriously though the government is paying.

New system to make students to be punctual - News Papad

26 years old Army officer-Miss USA! The winner of Sunday’s 2016 Miss USA competition held at the T-Mobile Arena off the Los Vegas strip was Ms.

26 years old Army officer-Miss USA!

Deshauna Barber. She gave the strongest answer of the night when asked about women in combat. She responded to the answer like this- “as a woman in the US army , we are not easy as you think we give as tough as men. As a commander, I am dedicated, powerful”. Gender doesn’t matter in the Us. Next to her, Miss Hawaii was second and during her question and answer segment she was asked whom she would vote for among the likely presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or former pageant owner Donald Trump , a Republican.

Ms, Hardin responded that gender doesn’t matter in deciding the next commander in chief. The top five were asked about the income inequality, voting rights and the recent death of sports person Muhammad Ali.Steve Harvey made a cameo in a video to poke fun of the Miss Universe crowning that he botched in December at the beginning of the event. Microsoft’s HoloLens Has Apps For Email And Calendar - News Papad. Microsoft’s HoloLens has apps for email and calendar Elevated reality shows the normal living room changes in to video game by using technology to see the world.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Has Apps For Email And Calendar - News Papad

But initially, it has the basics and only one company can do these apps i.e.., Microsoft. So now the company has announcing the release the Microsoft’s Hololens apps for email and calendar. There are in fact some pretty neat applications here. It says we can pin your email inbox or daily calendar schedule to the wall, so we can catch it at the area worked in. Division Of Secretariat Between AP and Telangana states…. It was big question to all that is Andhra Pradesh Government planning to handover its secretariat blocks to Telangana for 10 years period.

Division Of Secretariat Between AP and Telangana states….

Under the Andhra Pradesh state Government act , Hyderabad will be the common capitaL for two states for 10 years. Restaurants, Airways and Phone bills are costly from June 1 - News Papad. Your restaurant and phone bills or airways will be increased from June 1, with imposition of Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC) of 0.5% on all taxable services.

Restaurants, Airways and Phone bills are costly from June 1 - News Papad

The government officially declared that the kkc will apply to all taxable services and central value added tax credit to the available service providers and cess paid to input services. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the government plan to impose KKC of 0.5% on all input services considered from June 1 this year to farmers. The government is aiming to give relief for agricultural, they cut from excise duty on irrigation departments and slitting import duty on cold storage The collected money through tax will be funded to improve agricultural and welfare of farmers. Villages to boycott pushkaram. Byredyy Rajasekhar Reddy, the President of Rayalaseema and the four villages of Patha Munchumarri, Kotha Muchumarri, Kotha Yellala and Kotha Vanamulapadu which are located along the banks of Krishna , said that they would boycott the Krishna pushkarams.

Villages to boycott pushkaram

This is because of non- sanction of funds for development of ghats and sprucing up temples in village. Reddy & Reddy Brothers Were Joining TRS. Harikrishna, First send NTR from your home.. The Former TDP Rajya Sabha MP Hari Krishna’s commented on the special status to the Andhra Pradesh after paying the honor on his father late NT Ramarao’s 93rd birth anniversary at NTR Ghat in hyderabad. Rana's Ghazi Movie Working On  Post Production. Visually challenged girl scores 9.5 GPA in SSC - News Papad. Most of the students in present generation are in very comfort zone where their parents sacrifices their desires and tries to full fill their own son and daughter’s by providing them what they needed. After all enjoying the needs they are not showing any interest in studies as they blame their parents or teachers for something else that they are not providing. But here in Guntur District a visually challenged girl who study very hard to pass in her SSC exam and stood as a challenging to each and every student in present generation.

Although she has a major eye defect, she didn’t blame her parents or god for her defect instead she overcome the defect and succeeded in her path by scoring 9.5 GPA in her SSC Exam. Shaik Sultana who is 17-year-old daughter to a common driver named Nanne Nazeer and her mother Nazeera who is a housewife. She was born with a very rare eye disease Nystagmus. This did not stop sultana parents by encouraging her to study. Prince Mahesh confident on  Brahmotsavam. Mahesh Babu is very confident about his upcoming movie “Brahmotsavam” will give success to him because recently the makers released posters and teasers of this movie and receiving good responses from the audiences.Mahesh Babu is not worried about the collection, already the movie’s pre-release business has been reached up to Rs 100 Crores.Makers kept full efforts to highlight the family relationships and bondings.According to Mahesh Babu,this movie content is good and it can collect money automatically.Movie lovers also kept lot of hopes on the record collections of this upcoming family entertainer movie and they are expecting that in opening weekend, its collection may break Baahubali movie record.

The major entertainment of this movie is its climax which is fully loaded with emotional scenes and sentiments.