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To have a comfortable and tranquil nest waiting for you when you decide to step out of the work life is everyone’s dream. Retirement does not mean the end of an exciting life but the beginning of a new chapter that one should look with anticipation rather than apprehension. A proper retirement plan can be worked out while still being a part of the professional life. Calculating the likely yearly expenses that includes medical emergencies, health care costs and travel plans early along with the amount one would want to save into the retirement plan allows one’s retirement pot grow well. Choosing a retirement plan that considers the dividend, interest rates and compensation for inflation is the need of the hour and Dubai has some of the best retirement plans and meeting insurance experts who can provide and guide great long term retirement plan options would be the wisest investment you would have made.

Retirement Planning - New Age Insurance Brokers. Life Insurance in UAE. In UAE, only health insurance is mandatory, whereas Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover are not.

Life Insurance in UAE

Getting life insurance is not only a sentimental decision but also a smart financial one. With the right policy, you can secure your family’s future.