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Washing machines Wi-Fi and other household inventions that are signed by women

02 december 2021

Washing machines Wi-Fi and other household inventions that are signed by women

Throughout history, many of the women who have contributed to progress in different areas have fallen by the wayside. So, and to mark International Women’s Day, we decided to recover the inventions of some pioneers. InventHelp Patent We are talking about truly innovative InventHelp Innovation creations that are part of everyday life in our homes.


The first house with solar energy InventHelp Technology


Mária Telkes was a scientist of Hungarian origin who worked at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the mid-20th century. Telkes investigated the properties of materials that change their state according to temperature, InventHelp Inventors which led her to look for processes capable of capturing energy through different materials.


Thanks to this, InventHelp  this researcher equipped a house, dubbed the Dover Sun House, with solar panels. It would be, at that time, the only existing house heated solely by solar energy, according to MIT. Built in 1948, InventHelp Inventions it had a series of glass and metal panels that heated the air using sunlight. This InventHelp Idea air was then led to insulated storage vessels containing sodium sulphate. This stored heat on sunny days and released it on cold days.


A cousin of Mária Telkes even lived in the house for a few years, InventHelp Invention Ideas  until the system failed.


Washing Machines and Dishwashers


The truth is that women have thought of countless and ingenious solutions to innovate in domestic tasks throughout history. In 1859, Elizabeth Merrel, a worker in the British metalworking sector, created the first electric washing machine, according to the International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). However, it was Alva John Fisher who went down in history as the father of this invention.