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The Infernal Devices. The Mortal Instruments. Hp. Your Father's Tact Chapter 1: Your Father's Tact, an once upon a time fanfic. Your Father's Tact This can't possibly be real.

Your Father's Tact Chapter 1: Your Father's Tact, an once upon a time fanfic

There's no way in this land, or any other frankly, that this could possibly be happening. She still isn't entirely sure how it came about, but somehow – some way – August W. Booth, Neal Cassady, and Captain freaking Hook are on the receiving end of a massive time-out from Prince Charming himself. No, 'time-out' isn't really the word. She's still trying to piece together the last few minutes, even as she sprints down Main Street, chest tight and heart pounding. "So Pinocchio is back, as is some guy named Neal? Henry even used air quotes. "Oh, Captain Hook is there too. Crap was the first phrase that came to Emma's mind. It took her a good ten seconds to actually process Henry's words, and another five before she was out the door and down the stairs, having no desire whatsoever to read Prince Charming, of all people, his Miranda rights.

She sees the station just up ahead and mentally curses her deputy for taking Storybrooke's resident cop car. Lord Of The Rings. Don't Let Me Fall, a lord of the rings fanfic. Author/Banshee Queen: "After watching that scene in Rotk at Dunharro wwhere Eowyn sort of 'farewells' Aragorn, I felt suddenly exhilarated to write a fanfic on them.

Don't Let Me Fall, a lord of the rings fanfic

I tried imagining how Eowyn would feel or what she would be thinking at that precise moment after seeing him again after all those years & after hiding all those feelings brought back up again. So sad, yet so wonderful is unrequited love. " Disclaimer: "I do not own the wonderful characters Eowyn, Aragorn, Arwen, Faramir, Legolas, Eldarion or any others. They belong to the Master of all genius novels; John Ronald Reuel Tolkien to whom I would gladly bow down to. :) Don't Let Me Fall... The Citadel, in all its glory looked so large from where the Lady Eowyn stood. But there was only one thing Eowyn saw far more beautiful and astonishing which stood out to her far above the rest. 'That is how I remembered you to be dear Aragorn, and that is how always I shall remember you.' Twilight. Today, a twilight fanfic. Song fic.

Today, a twilight fanfic

Today by Gary Allan. Enjoy. "Phil, do you take Renee as your lawfully wedded wife? " The pastor asked. Phil smiled, "I do. " "And, Renee, do you take Phil to be your husband? " "I do. " Phil went down to his knee and pulled out the ring from his pocket, "I place this ring around your finger as a symbol that I will love you always. " I lone tear slipped out of my eye. Today he told her that he loved her Put a ring around her finger And promised her forever together. She placed his ring on his finger. The crowd roared out into applause, all except for me. Yellow Cabinets, a twilight fanfic. Summary: Charlie and Renée lean on one another more than they should in New Moon.

Yellow Cabinets, a twilight fanfic

Author's note: Hey! This is my first Charlie/Renée fic, so I hope you enjoy it. I couldn't really think of a great title, so I settled for Yellow Cabinets; if you have any suggestions, let me know. :) This takes place in New Moon when Renée comes to Forks to make Bella come back to Florida with her. It's a oneshot, although there is a chance that I might be adding more related Charlie/Renée fics to this story...maybe about this same instance or her time in Forks, I don't know yet.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this. Yellow Cabinets The early morning drizzle forced her to give in and turn her windshield wipers on. Her daughter was in pain. Renée had known something was wrong when she answered the phone on that sweltering day in September and heard Charlie's defeated voice. She had been here for a day so far, and she was beginning to remember why she had left this town so soon after she'd arrived. "No. " "No…" An Unfinished Affair Chapter 1: Meeting Esme, a twilight fanfic. Peter's POV I pull into the parking lot and rush to the biggest trailer on the left.

An Unfinished Affair Chapter 1: Meeting Esme, a twilight fanfic

I had never felt so nervous and my hands were slick with sweat. I wiped my palms on the sides of my jeans and opened the door. The only people inside were Catherine Hardwick and a woman with light brown hair. The mysterious woman rose to her feet and awkwardly hugged me. "Hi! I shook her hand and we sat to wait for the rest of the cast. Throughout the whole day all I noticed was Elizabeth. I met the rest of the cast and we all decided to go to suggested we carpool with the actor we would be partnered with, but I had a motorcycle so we'd have to use her car.