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CSS polyfills from the future. Free Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) Prototyping and UI Mockup Tool. Themes Kingdom - Premium WordPress Themes. SoHo, New York CityBritish American Household Staffing Agency. British American Household Staffing Graphic Design + Branding. HikeCon 2014. TriplAgent. Proud Mary. The Pretend Store. Grand St. Creative Technology Marketplace : Shop, Pre-Order and Beta Products. DuckDuckGo. Einar Turkowski. Schmetterling, Falter, Insekt - Kostenloses Bild auf Pixabay - 346826.

THE WOMEN'S BRAND. Individuelle Visitenkarten, MiniCards, Postkarten uvm... Photographer Paris & New York. Quechua 2 seconds. Spintank - Communication corporate, créative et digitale. Immersive Garden. Music and Management Group. Econocom - Digital for all now! - Experience. Best Website Designs from France: The Citadel of Fashion and Art. France is considered to be the citadel of fashion and a cradle of numerous art directions and movements.

Best Website Designs from France: The Citadel of Fashion and Art

Web artists, who live in such a fertile and inspirational environment, are destined to come up with original ideas, exquisite designs and matchless projects; and the burden of proof lies on the best French website designs that are presented in the list below. French culture plays a significant role in forming creative minds. Whether you are studying fine arts from ancient, almost pristine Celtic and Roman periods, or medieval period with its Merovingian art, Carolingian art, Romanesque art or Gothic or just seek some inspiration in Modern period with its Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism or even Pop art, it certainly has awesome, impactful, bizarre, thought-provoking and uplifting things.

Dior The team managed to give the website an elegant and refined appearance, using a gorgeous fashion photo, magnificent video, wonderful coloring, sleek typography and artistic touches. Incredible Web, Web Development, Web Design, Websites. Top 11 Marketing Taglines of 2008 - Resource Nation Small Business Articles & Advice. Posted by Betsy Brottlund on November 20, 2008 in Marketing [ 4 Comments ] This year’s marketing tag lines have been incredibly catchy.

Top 11 Marketing Taglines of 2008 - Resource Nation Small Business Articles & Advice

From political campaigns to electrical devices, marketing campaigns and hot shot advertising agencies seem to be wittier than year’s past. Here are the Top 11 Marketing Taglines: Change we need – Barack Obama 2008 political campaign. These three simple words were embedded into the mind’s of voters via bumper stickers, commercials, marketing tools and instilled in his public speeches.Can you hear me now? If you’re a small business owner and looking to get more from your current online marketing plan, or if you’re ready to start marketing online, visit our online marketing business service center.

As a small business owner looking to increase the number of consumers who recognize your brand and products through your online marketing business, you have probably thought about working with an advertising agency to create your own campaign. Effective Website Taglines: Getting the Message Across. Toolkits.

Effective Website Taglines: Getting the Message Across

Clever and Conspicuous Tagline is a First Step to a Good Acquaintance. Landing page is considered to be the most viewed page of any website.

Clever and Conspicuous Tagline is a First Step to a Good Acquaintance

It usually serves as an intro section that consists of brief information about your business, including such essential stuff as logo, menu, welcoming photo-based or illustration-driven mascotes and, last but not least, tagline. The latter is mainly associated with opening headline which duty is to: Clarify what your agency does;emphasize difference between you and your competitors;encourage users to explore your website further;give a glimpse of your brand;promote your potential;show benefits;build emotions;establish proper atmosphere;add creativity.

It’s also imperative to take into account psychological side of the issue while choosing emotional background of your headline, since funny and serious statements can reflect on users differently. Portfolio - Naturkleidung und Heimtextilien zu fairen Preisen - hessnatur Deutschland. Hessnatur ist Mode fürLebensstil und Lebensfreude mit Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur.

Naturkleidung und Heimtextilien zu fairen Preisen - hessnatur Deutschland

Kross - Rower górski, rowery trekkingowe, rowery miejskie. Przełajówka - sportowy rower do treningu i turystystyki - Dla maratończyka - Trening - Porady - Porady - bikeBoard - Magazyn rowerowy. Webdesign, WordPress & Social Media in Berlin. Meine Top 10 Google-Webfonts für Webdesigns in 2013. Laboratorium Artystyczne - Agencja Reklamowa. ByTUTKA - portfolio. Original Unverpackt. Berlin’s online billboard for creatives. Interactive Things – Work. Ξ fernfriedel dotcom — Hea®ty welcome to the Home of FernFriedel. — Graphic Artist, Designer, Sculptor, Illustrator, Rock Climber, Snowboarder, Slave and Believer. ©heck out his work here at the fffacto®y Ξ.

Iconmobile - start. Christian Groß — interaction design & data visualization. Visuelle Kommunkation - Verena Kiesel. Sebastian Sadowski. APPLAUS · Die besten Abschlussarbeiten im Fachbereich Design der FH Potsdam im Jahr 2014. Água Mineral Serra Maior. Veritas. BWB. Agebras. Eat! Drink! Fine Wines, Cheeses, and Gourmet Cuisine of The Vail Valley. Restauracja ◊ Kuchnia śródziemnomorska. Tacoricovail. Sweez - Sweet and Freezing. Mah Ze Dahr Bakery. Minon. Pastini Pastaria - Italian Restaurants with a Passion for Pasta located in Portland, Bend and Corvallis. Barbecue Restaurant & Catering. Barefoot College on Behance. ADCI annual 2011 on Behance. Azucena Corporate Identity on Behance. 99U Quarterly Magazine. Contemporary Dance in Egypt on Behance. The Selfhood on Behance. The following is a digital compositing project reflecting the selfhood of an individual through searching within the stages of his/ her life such… Read More The following is a digital compositing project reflecting the selfhood of an individual through searching within the stages of his/ her life such as interpersonal relationships, managing emotions and the search of identity.

The Selfhood on Behance

Read Less Published: June 23, 2013 Views268Appreciations19Comments7 The following is a digital compositing project reflecting the selfhood of an individual through searching within the stages of his/ her life such… Read More The following is a digital compositing project reflecting the selfhood of an individual through searching within the stages of his/ her life such as interpersonal relationships, managing emotions and the search of identity. Rana Elgohary's Portfolio. Rana Elgohary's Portfolio. Rana Elgohary's Portfolio. First Wednesday of Every Month in Downtown Jacksonville. TEDxGUC - Team2014. Ahmed Mokhtar Amr Elselouky.

TEDxGUC - Team2014

TEDxGUC. A Tiny Little Giant Agency. David Beahm Design - New York Event Design. 127 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11201. The Beast by Laura Marling. Teapot - Toast, thé & 3d. Pracownia Olszańska – malarstwo, rzeźba, lalkarstwo, batik, rysunek, biżuteria. Where the light will fall. 1LIVE. Mercedes-Benz Werbung 2013. ARTCONNECT BERLIN - Page 3 of 102 - Join the creative community in Berlin! How To Design Interfaces from a User Experience Perspective. Both web design and mobile app design share many similar features.

How To Design Interfaces from a User Experience Perspective

One of the most important features is that they’re both created for an audience, whether young kids or teens or adults or some kind of mix. The end user should be your most important priority when it comes to brainstorming new ideas. For this reason I’d like to share a few tips related to interface design for creating a beneficial user experience. Patent Diagrams Converted into Decorative Posters. If you’ve never looked at some fascinating avant garde work then here’s a way to get your feet wet.

Patent Diagrams Converted into Decorative Posters

Artists have been known for creating great ideas that seem to balance right on the fringe of mainstream concepts. 30 Yummy Food & Drinks Website Designs You’ll Love. Just ask any restaurant owner, the food industry is quite competitive and difficult to maintain.

30 Yummy Food & Drinks Website Designs You’ll Love

It’s not easy to create a spot that serves food loved by a local community. These days the web is the most effective way to find new clients and that is why the food industry should be properly presented online. If you compare how people search for restaurants in almost all cases people are on their mobile device browsing Google, Urbanspoon, Yelp, and many others. Historically it has been easier for big brands to get the word out. For the local cafes and small stores word of mouth is critical. 40 Premium Bootstrap Themes & Templates. Over the last few years, the ability to rapidly create responsive web pages using Bootstrap has taken the development community by storm. Although other front-end frameworks like Foundation exist, Bootstrap has no doubt become the most popular. With such a large following, it’s no surprise that many web designers and developers are using the framework to create beautiful themes and templates. 25 Awe-Inspiring Websites Using Ghost Buttons.

Although the first half of 2014 has gone by, today we can see new design trends that appeared in web design this year. “Ghost buttons” are those transparent, empty buttons that have basic button shape, but are bordered by a thin line. Some of these ghost buttons could be interactive, – while click over it, the button may become non-transparent, but white or some other color highlighting with the background. As a rule, designers use sans-serif light fonts for wording. Clean UI Trends for Large Recognizable Website Headers. Once a visitor lands on your website the first thing they notice is your header. Whether it’s only a small navigation bar or a large fullscreen photo slideshow, the header section is an important part to any layout. Larger headers tend to be more memorable and help to promote a website’s branding. When built correctly a large header can leave an impactful lasting impression on every visitor.

In this post I want to cover a few helpful tips for web designers looking to implement large trendy header sections. The best technique is to focus on a website’s content and highlight the important stuff. Hero Images The use of large fullscreen images has become a lot more commonplace in recent years. The hero image is typically compared to a banner which is placed front-and-center above the fold. 20 Website Examples with Hamburger Icon Design You'll Love.

The hamburger icon is one of those UI features that are so old you could not even find an author. But after browsing the web for a while, it turned out that the hamburger icon comes from the Xerox Star personal worksection. It’s one of the earliest graphical user interfaces. Its designer, Norm Cox, designed system’s interface including the icon itself. 10 Essential Elements of a Landing Page. Have you ever come across a landing page that wouldn’t let you leave? Not because of engaging content, but because it physically stopped you from closing the window. That’s one way to capture attention, but definitely not the best way. And that’s not the type of landing page we’re discussing here. Instead of relying on scammy pop-up windows and cheap gimmicks, you can create beautiful landing pages that convert visitors into followers or customers. Applying the Rule of Thirds to Web Design. Your Website is an Ugly Baby, You Just Don’t Know it Yet. Play Innovation.

Web Designer and Front-End Developer. Aquest Web Factory. Home. 20 Examples of Creative Using Color Filters in Web Design. Large background image has established as web design trend this year. 25 Creative Flat Logo Designs You'd Love. 5 Quick Design Tips to Get More Website Visitors. 30 Fantastic Examples of Parallax Scrolling Websites. How To Balance Composition for Website Layouts. Balance seems like a word directed at print designers and tightrope walkers. 20 Website Examples with Outstanding Sidebars for Inspiration. ALLYOU - Online portfolio website builder. Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson » Story Pixel. Home - Nine Lion Design - The Design Portfolio of Chikezie Ejiasi.