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Free Download: Photoshop Corner Brush&PNG swirling snow A Free hi-res Photoshop corner .abr Brush and a high resolution PNG file for you to add to your projects.

Free Download: Photoshop Corner Brush&PNG swirling snow

Download free photoshop brushes at and look for other free vintage photoshop brushes download for CS4 CS5 CS6 and earlier here: Use this one as a photoshop .abr corner brush or for stamping on your Blog, Website, Visual, Scrapbooking or Collage Project. Printable and pretty, with a Snowy Christmas feel and look. Happy Holidays! Note: change the color of your snow by choosing your foreground color before you stamp and try changing the blend modes for different effects. If you download, please “like” the site and share the links!

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Textures. Fonts and elements. Generators. Swinton / Artwork by Graeme Swinton. Free Vector Design - Download Free Vector Art Graphics ! Google-Ergebnis für. 25 Websites That Use Huge Typography. Home. Simple as Milk Design Studio. — Marco Rosella, Interactive Designer. An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend. Seeing things in black and white usually involves being narrow-minded.

An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend

But one of the most bold of design trends delivers the very opposite. Using black and white in web design provides the ultimate in readability and impact, ensuring all communication between the brand (or site owner) and the online audience is clear and memorable. But doesn’t a lack of colour automatically equate to a lack of personality and a dearth of vitality? Not necessarily – as these fabulous examples demonstrate beautifully: Rankin As peddlers of photography and film, Rankin is all about appearance and letting the work speak for itself. Sleek, chic and simple – this site exudes an understated dignity, which is moody enough to take on the tone of a photography darkroom.

The Invoice Machine While a lot of the examples explored in this article cover sites that are creative rather than technical, The Invoice Machine website uses monochrome to ensure its service is taken seriously. Jeremy Cowart. 45 Inspiring Travel & Tourism Website Designs. Travel and tourism websites are typically very vibrant and quite high in color.

45 Inspiring Travel & Tourism Website Designs

The sites showcased in this post are no different. Expect to see a lot of textures, great photography, imagery and real-life elements as well as the use of skeuomorphism. Huge background images are also very common on travel websites — just to inject a good dose of realism of course. Go Hawaii Everywhereist Australia Utah Travel Know About Cuba Tennessee Vacation – Spring Lake Lona Really Wild Challenges. 25 Fresh Designer Portfolio Websites. Posted by Chris Thurman on Feb 22nd Check out some of the freshest, most interesting designer portfolios from around the web.

25 Fresh Designer Portfolio Websites

Many of these are new for 2011 and all of them are worth a look or two. Enjoy! A designer’s portfolio website is absolutely essential in attracting new clients. There’s no better place to showcase your skills, past work, and technique for potential customers to peruse prior to making a commitment. 23 Brighter-Than-Sunshine Yellow Websites. Posted by Chris Thurman on Jan 11th 23 fantastic yellow websites to inspire your next design.

23 Brighter-Than-Sunshine Yellow Websites

The fifth in a series of posts showcasing color in web design. Over the next few weeks we‚Äôll be taking a trip through the color wheel as we look at showcases of various color-based websites.¬† This week we look at yellow. Yellow is a tricky color in the design world. It is undeniably bright which makes it excellent for grabbing attention but the brightness can also make a reader’s eye sore.¬† You sometimes walk a fine line when selecting yellow for your design but if used correctly, it can be a very effective and refreshing alternative to more common shades.

If you enjoy this post you may also want to see our other color-inspired posts: Here are 23 brilliant yellow websites to inspire your next design. Journey to Zero The Font Feed. 24 Eco-Friendly (and not) Green Websites to Inspire. 23 Eye-Catching Red Websites. Personal Portfolio Website.


Pictogramms. Tutorials. Webpages inspiral. Our Team - neveandhawk. Our company is small, but we are mighty, and we wear lots of different (really cool, handmade) hats.

Our Team - neveandhawk

Get to know us! Kris Galmarini Founder, Visionary, Pop-Culture Aficionado If it looks cool and feels cool, chances are she knows about it, covets it, or created it. Thrilled to be able to finally use her classical guitar degree, Kris can be found most days in the studio, at the sewing machine or lying on the sofa dreaming up the color palette and textile combinations of the next neve / hawk collection.

When she is not in the studio she loves meeting inspired creatives and spreading the mission of loving the life you lead (especially over a fancy caffeinated coffee drink). She can also be found most mornings and afternoons wrangling Neve and Shep around Charleston. Bob Galmarini Founder, Artiste-in-Residence, Adrenaline Junkie Bob keeps it real…real simple, real straightforward, real genuine. We are a Digital, PR, Design, Mobile, Web, Graphic and Social Agency.

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