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Have you been in an accident, fallen sick, or have an injury and need immediate care? Neumed Urgent Care + IV Therapy in Houston has got you covered. Our urgent care center offers general services, physicals, flu/Strep testing, and many more.

Cardiovascular disease: Symptoms, Types, Risk Factors, and Treatment. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a term that refers to conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels.

Cardiovascular disease: Symptoms, Types, Risk Factors, and Treatment

It is related to fat deposits within arteries, increasing the risk of blood clumps. It can also be characterized as harm to arteries in major organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes. These can be life-threatening that calls for urgent care in Houston to alleviate the symptoms. Signs and Symptoms Some indications of cardiovascular diseases are: Chest painHeart attacksHeart failureDrooping face and slurred speechNumb arms and legsUlcers Types of Cardiovascular Diseases There are various illnesses with four main types. Coronary heart disease- takes place when the oxygenated blood is blocked from the heart tissuesStrokes - are described by a lapse in blood supply to the brain, which can result in death, paralysis, or brain damagePeripheral arterial disease- obstruction of arteries leading to the legsAortic disease- a fragile aorta that could burst Causes When to Seek Help.

Anxiety Definition, Symptoms, and Types. Diabetes: An Overview of the Diagnosis and Treatment. Diabetes is a common condition characterized by high blood sugar.

Diabetes: An Overview of the Diagnosis and Treatment

It is a metabolic disease whereby your body doesn’t make enough insulin or effectively utilizes the insulin produced. Diabetes is divided into the following types: Type 1 diabetes is a disease that presents as the immune system attacking the pancreas cells that produce insulin.Type 2 diabetes: occurs when your body becomes insulin resistant.Gestational diabetes: this type occurs during pregnancy when the placenta hormones block insulin. What Are The Symptoms? The signs are triggered by high blood sugar. Blurry visionTirednessPersistent soresHeightened hungerIncreased thirstFrequent urinationSudden weight lossIrritationUrinary tract infections in women and decreased sex drive in men. What are the causes? There are no known causes of diabetes type 1. Obesity or being overweightAdults over 45 years oldGenetic predispositionSedentary lifestyleHigh blood pressure or cholesterol High blood sugar can result in complications such as:

Flu-Everything You Need to Know. Neumed Modern Urgent Care. Strep Throat Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. Strep throat, also known as streptococcal pharyngitis, results in pain and inflammation in the throat.

Strep Throat Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Transmission occurs when you came into contact with an infected person by touching their mucus, sores, or inhaling droplets released to the atmosphere by coughs or sneezing. If not treated at its early stages, it can cause kidney inflammation and rheumatic fever, leading to painful swollen joints or heart valve damage. Seek urgent care near you the moment you suspect you have strep throat. Symptoms of Strep Throat The following are common symptoms of strep throat experienced by infected adults and children · Sudden fever of 38C or higher · Red and swollen lymph nodes at the back of the throat with pale patches or strips of pus · Headaches, stomach or body aches · Throat pain and painful swallowing · Sore throat. Effects and Actions against Hypertension. Sometimes the force at which the blood hits the walls of the artery can be too high.

Effects and Actions against Hypertension

If this goes on for long, it can cause health problems. Examples of such health issues are heart disease and hypertension. Hypertension does not have clearly stipulated symptoms. However, you might experience difficulty breathing, nose bleeding, swelling in the legs, nausea, chest pains, and headaches. These signs, however, may not occur until the condition is at a severe stage, and they are not entirely specific. If your blood pressure rises suddenly and in a severe manner, visit the nearest clinic offering urgent care for hypertension. The establishment of hypertension treatment in urgent care 77008 has made it easier for the people in that area to get fast and quality healthcare. Our Houston urgent care clinic was established to address emergencies regarding hypertension. If untreated, hypertension can lead to;

Different Types of X-Rays and Their Uses. An x-ray is an electromagnetic radiation that can pass through the human body under examination and produce an image on film.

Different Types of X-Rays and Their Uses

There are various types of x-rays. This article takes a look at them and the purpose they serve. 1. Neck X-Ray This type of x-ray enables a qualified doctor at Houston Walk-in Clinic to view the spinal bones in your neck. 2. Doctors may request a chest x-ray when you have persistent chest pain, fever, and shortness of breath. 3. This type of X-ray is used to assess the urinary tract (which comprises the kidney, ureter, and bladder) and other gastrointestinal problems. 4.

If you have a head injury or suspected of a skull associated condition, doctors might ask for a skull x-ray. 5. The doctor requests a hand x-ray from x-ray tests near you if you have had a hand injury or pain in your hand. 6. It helps assess the abdominal organs like the stomach, liver, and intestines.