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Joomla CMS Development, Custom Joomla CMS Web Development. Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows managing contents for web based applications in a simpler way. Joomla is free to download, simple to install and easy to set up content management system. Many web hosting services provider offer a single-click install for Joomla, WordPress CMS, Magento eCommerce and many more open sources, which allows users to have their website running in a matter of minutes.

The flexibility added from add-on modules provided which can be easily installed & integrated on demand. Joomla features are available as Plug-in modules and extensions. Joomla has powerful add-ons including document Management services, Photo and streaming video gallery, ECommerce facility and Shopping cart, calendars and Event Management extensions, blogs Management & Many more.

Joomla CMS Features includes: Why Redchilli Network for Joomla CMS Web Development? Get More Traffic To Your Website With Effective SEO Techniques. Better clientele means more business and more profit and rest is just crowd at your showroom. Instead of high volume, only relevant traffic helps you get rank on search engine result page.

Do not expect witchcraft sort of things by search engine optimisation company you have hired for your web designing. Ask for the solution that can help in driving only relevant users towards the company websites. Here are some tips for you. Keywords – There was once a time when single word keyword would do fine but with so many SEO wizards in market, it won’t help any more. SEO – SEO team plays an important role in designing the website. Pay Per Click toward the website. PHP Developers London - PHP Development Company London UK. PHP is a language which is widely used for web development activities in order to develop powerful and dynamic web pages.

It is a general purpose programming language. There are various benefits of the PHP environment as it supports several types of web development that include a graphical application. As a PHP Web Development Company Redchilli Network has deployed many robust web applications by fulfilling the client’s most complex requirements on a consistent basis. Our team of professional PHP developers and experts analyze your business requirements and work with large volumes of database storage and processing in order to deliver overall software solutions.

Why Choose Redchilli Network For PHP Web Development Services? Our small, medium and big business clients who come to us often ask for the state of the art and efficient web application development solutions that suit their distinct business needs perfectly, at the most affordable prices. Some Useful Tweaks To Improve Your Website Speed. People these days are not patient enough to stay on a slow loading website. Users would rather start browsing some other site to get the information or services. And that causes the biggest blow on the sales. Delay in loading directly influences the viewership on website which as a result causes communication gap and customer dissatisfaction. Faster websites indeed is the biggest advantage that your business can get as good speed improves the overall quality of website. Here are some easy and simple tips to improve the speed of your websites: Image Files – For faster speed you need to work on size, format and the SRC attribute of the image.

Busting 5 Myths About App Store Optimisaition And Their Visibility. The market of App Store Optimisation is growing very fast. It is a big industry today. Every business wants its own app to market the services it provides and App Store Optimisation helps the company to reach its prospective users. We can also say that App Store Optimisation is a little bit like SEO. Search engine optimization helps the users to reach the websites while App Store Optimisation let the users find the app they want. The work does not end till the user gets the app installed in its device. App Store Optimisation is the reason why mobile marketing is such a success today. It helps the businesses get discovered but for the same your app also needs to be discovered by the prospective users. Myth 1- Just Being At App Store Is Enough Fact- No!

Apps are just like books. Myth 2- Frequent Changes Of Titles Means Higher Ranking Fact- Absolutely not! Changing title won’t help in selling but sticking to it will do. Fact – Use keywords logically -Neither too much, nor too less. Busting 5 Myths About App Store Optimisaition And Their Visibility. Intro To Custom Website Development For The Administrator.