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4inkjets coupon code 20% - off promo codes online discounts. Jay Z posted bail for protesters, writer says. New York (AFP) - Rap mogul Jay Z has quietly used his wealth to post bail for people arrested in protests across the United States against police excesses, an author close to him said.

Jay Z posted bail for protesters, writer says

Dream Hampton, a writer and activist who worked with Jay Z on his 2010 memoir "Decoded," made the revelations in a series of messages on Twitter that she later deleted but were reproduced by the hip-hop magazine Complex. "When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I... hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson (and he) wired tens of thousands" of dollars within minutes, read one tweet. She also tweeted that Jay Z and his pop superstar wife Beyonce wrote a "huge check" to support the burgeoning "Black Lives Matter" movement aimed at improving police treatment of African Americans. Protests spread last year after a white police officer shot dead unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown in the St. 4inkjets coupon code to buy the cartridges in discount prices.

This Little 3-D Printed Robot Cracks Combination Locks in 30 Seconds. Careful what you leave in your lockers, high school students and gym-goers.

This Little 3-D Printed Robot Cracks Combination Locks in 30 Seconds

An invasion of 3-D printed robots may be coming, capable of popping one of the world’s most ubiquitous brands of combination locks in as little as half a minute. On Thursday, well-known hacker Samy Kamkar published on his website the blueprint and software code for a 3-D-printable Arduino-based lock-opening robot he calls the “Combo Breaker.” Attach it to any of millions of Master Lock combination locks, turn it on, and it can take advantage of a Master Lock security vulnerability Kamkar recently discovered to open the lock in a maximum of five minutes with no human interaction.

“The machine pretty much brute-forces the lock for you,” says Kamkar. “You attach it, leave it, and it does its thing.” READ: Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It Save on your Car Insurance In fact, the Combo Breaker is programmed to do far better than a mere brute-force attack. Buying a home? Why are for-profit colleges so big? More than 100 former students from the for-profit Corinthian Colleges (the parent company of branded colleges including Everest, Heald, and WyoTech as well as a large online system) are staging a debt strike.

Why are for-profit colleges so big?

Thousands more are asking the government to forgive their loans after the Education Department forced Corinthian out of business over deceptive practices. The case of Corinthian brings renewed attention to the for-profit higher education sector, which has long been a contentious corner of the post-secondary school world. In a 2012 paper for The Journal of Economic Perspectives, David J. Deming, Claudia Goldin, and Lawrence F. Katz explore the nature of these colleges. The first thing that stands out about for-profit colleges in the researchers’ findings is just how fast they’ve grown. On the financial side of things, the researchers found that most of the big chains get the vast majority of their revenues from federal student aid. 4inkjets coupon code - 4inkjets coupon code. Latest self-driving Google car heading to public streets. In this May 13, 2015 photo, a reporter walks toward Google's new self-driving prototype car during a demonstration at the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif.

Latest self-driving Google car heading to public streets

The car, which needs no gas pedal or steering wheel, will make its debut on public roads this summer. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar) Google will initially build and test 25 pods, mostly in neighborhoods surrounding its Mountain View headquarters. It will eventually build between 50 and 100, and will broaden testing to sites that are hillier and rainier. The ultimate goal, says Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is computer-controlled cars that can eliminate human error, which is a factor in an estimated 90 percent of the 1.2 million road deaths that occur worldwide each year. The Internet Could Run Out Of Space, And Other News. You weren't in the office over the weekend – we hope – which means you weren't hanging out on Digg to avoid working.

The Internet Could Run Out Of Space, And Other News

Here are some interesting stories that you might have missed while you were out (having fun). The Internet Could, Conceivably, Run Out Of Space Congestion could someday plague the information superhighway, thanks to all the Netflix we've been watching. There's only so much information that can pass through internet cables at any one time, and we're starting to edge towards that limit. While fixes are in the works — new and improved fiber optics and other workarounds — it is conceivable that we might end up with rationed internet at some point in the future. Taylor Swift Finally Dropped Her Video For 'Bad Blood' And It Really Is Something Swift has been teasing the video for 1989 cut "Bad Blood" for ages, and it finally dropped at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards.

4inkjets coupon code to acquire cartridges at cheaper prices. This Week In Crowdfunding. Who Did This To Peru's Jungle? : Goats and Soda. An aerial photo shows the environmental destruction in the wake of illegal gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon.

Who Did This To Peru's Jungle? : Goats and Soda

4inkjets coupon code. United Will Reward People Who Flag Security Flaws—Sort Of. United Airlines announced this week that it’s launching a bug bounty program inviting researchers to report bugs in its websites, apps and online portals.

United Will Reward People Who Flag Security Flaws—Sort Of

The announcement comes weeks after the airline kicked a security researcher off of one of its flights for tweeting about vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi and entertainment networks of certain models of United planes made by Boeing and Airbus. It’s believed to be the first bounty program offered by an airline. Jennifer Lopez Tries Out Reverse Cleavage at the Billboard Music Awards. 4inkjets coupon code - 4inkjets coupon code.