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Net Solutions is a leading Web and Mobile app development company developing and delivering innovative, robust, scalable and cost-effective Web and Mobile App development solutions.

11 Things to Consider When Looking For A Video App Development Company. Video content generates maximum engagement.

11 Things to Consider When Looking For A Video App Development Company

No wonder it has become an essential part of digital strategy for any brand. So far we have covered two blogs on video technology, the importance of product videos, and how Shoppable videos are becoming a valuable tool, in e-commerce retail. How Personalized User Experience Helps Increase Conversions. I use ‘Netflix’ as my primary source of ‘Television.’

How Personalized User Experience Helps Increase Conversions

No doubt, Amazon Prime and Hulu have got some awesome content too, but whenever I am looking to watch something, I somehow just go to my home screen and tap the Netflix app. The Reason? The Personalized User Experience they serve to me and millions of other users through their powerful recommendation engine. Recently, Netflix took UX Personalization to the next level when they debuted a unique and interactive “choose your own adventure” film wherein they made us (viewers) active participants. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive movie that puts users in the driver’s seat and allows them to control the story. I had never heard of any video streaming platform taking Personalized User Experience to this level.

The magic of Personalized User Experience can be easily deciphered from the fact that 80% of views on Netflix come from personalized recommendations alone. This is not just true for video streaming apps. Here’s an example: 1. 2. iOS App Development Company. What We Do for You Our full-suite of strategy, engineering, optimization, testing, and support services allows us to align your B2B, B2C, or B2B2C business objectives with app performance for outcomes that elevate your business — and your bottom line.

iOS App Development Company

No matter which Apple device — iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch — we have the expertise necessary to develop the right app using the right tech stack for the right audience. 21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2019) 10 Best Fitness Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle. Are you looking for a solution to track your daily activities to live a healthier life? If yes, we present you an in-depth roundup of the best fitness apps for Android and iPhone. These apps have almost everything covered for you.

5 Best Investment Apps To Download In 2019. With mobile app development on the go, the stock market is no longer limited to Wall Street employees: smartphones today enable their users to invest in stocks with ease.

5 Best Investment Apps To Download In 2019

And, with several investment apps available in the market, choosing the right investment app can be a fix. Given that, we bring to you 5 best investment apps based on their ease of use and return on investment. 1) Robinhood: Individual Stock Trades Touted as the best stock trading app, the Robinhood app enables its users to trade stocks for free. It’s an easy-to-use stock trading platform that is completely mobile-based, and available on Android and iOS devices. Mobile App Localization — Making App Content Ready For Global Audience. Picture this.

Mobile App Localization — Making App Content Ready For Global Audience

You chanced upon an app in the apps store, but in a non-native (English) language. Would you decide to download the app? The above scenario occurs almost every day to non-English speaking users across the globe, be it in China, Spain, Arabia, Portugal, Indonesia, Japan, and or any other non-English speaking nation. Even if an app has a five-star rating, they will still not download it simply because it is in their non-native language.

Presently, English is no longer the dominant language. Getting Mobile App Performance Optimization Right – Why and How. Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives now, to the point that we begin and end our day with them.

Getting Mobile App Performance Optimization Right – Why and How

10 Things to Consider While Looking For a Mobile App Vendor. With the advancement in mobile technology, mobile applications have become an integral part of the day-to-day business.

10 Things to Consider While Looking For a Mobile App Vendor

According to Comscore, users spend 87% of their time on mobile applications. And, as the usage grows, the number of app downloads worldwide rises as well. Not every business has access to in-house talent to reach a wider audience. Therefore, the demand for mobile app development company rises. The number of mobile app downloads will exceed 250 billion in 2022.

The significance of mobile app development in businesses is evident. How Much Does an MVP Cost? Here’s the Answer. Top 10 Most Popular Apps 2018. Mobile apps have been the center of innovation for quite a few years now.

Top 10 Most Popular Apps 2018

With the ever-growing market and upcoming modern technologies, it’s very hard to stay relevant and competitive. As per Comscore’s yearly U.S. portable applications report, 57 percent of Americans spend more than half of their digital media consumption time on mobile apps. If businesses want to acquire good engagement from mobile, they need to develop their own apps and offer a unique user experience. Given the present state of the digital world, there are several apps being released every day on the play store and app store.

Unfortunately, most of these apps fail, some of them fare mediocrely, and only a few of them stand out from the crowd by being unique and useful to the users. To help you ensure your mobile app initiative is among the ones that are a success, we have gathered the most brilliant mobile apps that deserve awards. Uber The app helps the riders get a ride without having to wait much. Instagram Airbnb. Top 10 Successful Online Food Delivery Apps in the World – Net Solutions Blogs. 2018 Healthcare App Development Trends. FindItMore | The year 2017 was considered as a remarkable year for application development.

2018 Healthcare App Development Trends

There has been an endless developing requirement for app development obliging the over reliance of people over smartphones. It has upraised its bar from being just an optional savings to end up an extreme need. Now, in 2018, mobile apps will hold direct cloud interaction to modernize the smartphone industry fully. This viewpoint will lead to less necessity of internal memory and will witness a sharp shoot up in cloud-based mobile application traffic.

Technology has even enabled healthcare apps to give a safe environment while enhancing their health or wellness. What is the main objective of healthcare apps? The main objective of Healthcare apps is to deliver the best to customers, and even customers are leveraging intelligent technologies to improve overall things related to patients such as consultation and monitoring. Moving to Drupal 8: Five Key Factors to Consider for a Hassle-Free Migration - Net Solutions Blogs. Food App Development. The Undeniable Importance of Mobile Apps in Business. Mobile devices today are undeniably important in the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

The Undeniable Importance of Mobile Apps in Business

In fact, mobile devices now change the way businesses work. There are plenty of businesses out there that is now catering to mobile devices. The fact that the percentage of web traffic from mobile devices now accounts for roughly 25% of all the internet traffic makes mobile devices an important factor to any businesses out there. The mobile app market has reached close to $30 billion in revenue from a study made by ABI research. Despite the great number, the app market is still young and as such, has plenty of untapped resources. Planning to Hire A Magento Developer? Mobile App Development Agency London. MVP App Development Services. Why Mobile First Strategy has become Critical for your Business Today - netsolutionsuk. Drupal Web Development Services.

Website Development Make your content soar with a custom-designed or upgraded website, portal, or web application developed by our world-class Drupal web development team. We offer full-stack Drupal development that personalizes your B2B, B2C, or B2B2C customer experience, whether they come for entertainment, news, education, general information, or online shopping. Migration Your brand has precious data to protect (not to mention a seamless customer experience), so you can’t just hire a Drupal developer for migration services and hope it works out. iOS Developer London.

Hire Python Developer. Drupal + Magento Headless Integration: The Perfect Union of Content + Commerce. October 2, 2018 Drupal + Magento Headless Integration: The Perfect Union of Content + Commerce By Karan Garg in Business Ecommerce Technology Writing/Content With digital moving at a rapid pace, online consumers are now looking towards personalization or better experiences while making a purchase. And, with their attention span decreasing by the day, if they do not get the information that they are looking for, be it at the click of a mouse or a swipe of a mobile or a tab, then they quickly move on to another site.

Given that, businesses have begun to work towards enhancing the customers buying journey such as improving product descriptions and product videos, customer testimonials, user-friendly GUI, etc. Then there is Magento – The Undisputed Leader in eCommerce One of the best e-commerce solutions available is Magento, a name to reckon with. Magento is highly scalable. Its highly flexible platform enables you to add customized workflows to meet specific business requirements.

Conclusion. A Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): net_solutions. As an entrepreneur, you should take the risk to validate your idea. First, you must decide whether your concept is feasible or not; is it really going to help customers? Your solution lies in an MVP. It will not only help you in validating your idea, but also allow you to understand your customers’ needs. Video Streaming Mobile App Development. Hire Web App Developer. Magento Website Development.