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Employee Background Check and Verification. We can help companies with diverse, flexible and customised employment screening solutions in more than 200 countries and territories.

Employee Background Check and Verification

Education Check Verification of educational qualifications helps establish the certification, training or educational claims of a job applicant. We connect with universities, colleges and other institutions to verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees, certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA, and honours received. The Advantages of Forensic Due Diligence. When it comes to an acquisition or making a significant investment, forensic due diligence allows organizations to analyze the financial condition of their target opportunity in multiple ways.

The Advantages of Forensic Due Diligence

It helps them to assess opportunities in terms of market intelligence while also carrying out a review at the transactional level. Apart from this, forensic due diligence also helps to evaluate the internal controls, thus providing company management teams with a comprehensive review of the financial transactions, compliance, operations, and accounting. Here, discover the advantages of forensic due diligence. The Benefits of Forensic Due Diligence In the absence of an adequate review of all risks related to corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering and regulatory actions etc., the investor or acquirer will get exposed to increased costs, reduced revenues, shareholder litigation, reputation damage and even regulatory sanctions such as criminal prosecution.

Back. Best Financial Due Diligence Company in India. Organizations rely on due diligence for evaluating and understanding a potential partner or buyer as well as acquisition.

Best Financial Due Diligence Company in India

Due diligences enable companies to conduct extensive investigation regarding their prospective investments and gather the maximum amount of information or details. This information is later used for determining whether investment is attractive enough or not. The due diligence process allows businesses to establish whether the transaction is worth their time and money or not. Read on to learn more about the varied due diligence procedures. Corporate Investigation for Business Continuity of your Company. Thorough investigation of a company or a business to uncover any malpractices done by management, employees or associated vendors is known as corporate investigation.

Corporate Investigation for Business Continuity of your Company

According to companies doing corporate investigation, there are many kinds of investigations and depending on your need investigation package can be tailor made for you. For example you can get the investigation done for uncovering the legitimacy of the business partner, financial frauds done by an employee, security breach by a vendor and so on. Fraud Investigations Services in India. We are living in a world where technology has knotted everything and everyone together.

Fraud Investigations Services in India

This has, in turn, opened doors of fraud and scams for many hackers and other such dubious people. No matter how robust protection steps are taken, hackers find some or the other way to do fraud and make people lose their money. When such frauds occur companies, corporates, various government, and non-government organization needs to get fraud investigation done.

What is a fraud investigation? Fraud investigation basically refers to the process of examining whether the scam or fraud has taken place and collecting evidence to save the interest of victims involved. Importance of Data Security for Privacy and Protection of an Enterprise. Data security can be best defined as the protection of data from any kind of unauthorized access and corruption of data during its entire lifecycle.

Importance of Data Security for Privacy and Protection of an Enterprise

It includes all the measures of digital privacy applied to prevent any unauthorised access to computers, databases and websites. Whether you are running a small, mid or large cap company, data security is one of the most important aspect of IT sector of every company. At many places data security is also referred as IT security. Important Steps to Be Taken For Efficient Third Party Screening! Forensic Investigations Services. Today, the world has turned digital with a vengeance.

Forensic Investigations Services

Each and every day, we are engrossed with our personal computers, laptops, PDA’s and of course mobile phones. The amount of information that the ordinary person goes through in a day is quite phenomenal. While digital independence is good for all practical purposes, there is also an inherent risk that you may become prey to white collar crime while you happen to be online. As a direct result of this, the need for computer forensic investigators is growing at a fast rate. However, common people are still in the dark about computer forensic investigators. Importance of Due Diligence in Risk Management of the Company. At various point of times every business needs to rely on third parties such as vendors, suppliers and contractors.

Importance of Due Diligence in Risk Management of the Company

These third parties not only help the business in outsourcing their work and build business but them also come quite handy in managing any kind of fluctuations in the operations of the business. Importance of Senior Management Due Diligence. Importance of Senior Management Due Diligence Importance of Senior Management Due Diligence At the Time of Acquisitions and Mergers of the Company!

Importance of Senior Management Due Diligence

Senior management due diligence can be defined as the process of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the senior management of the company. 10 reasons to hire Netrika in 2020! Security solutions markets have witnessed unprecedented growth in the last five years.

10 reasons to hire Netrika in 2020!

The security solutions industry which had a market size of 75 billion USD in 2015 is expected to grow to 170 billion USD in 2020. 2019 has come to an end and 2020 is a year of hope, ambition, and excitement for a plethora of security service agencies across the globe. Due to increased crime rates, fraud, corruption, money laundering, terrorism, and embezzlement, there is an upwards trend in the security solutions industry and it is expected to continue like this for many more years to come.

Netrika derives its name from Sanskrit word Netra which means eyes is a symbol of great vision and acute observation which others miss to notice. If you are looking for security solutions to protect and empower your business then we have come up with 10 amazing reasons why you should hire Netrika in 2020. 1. Back. Netrika Pre-Employment Screening. Each employee comes to a company with hope of exploring new opportunities and promise of increasing profitability as well as productivity of the company.

But at the same time he or she may possess a potential risk to the company. This is the reason background check is very important at the time of hiring an employee or at the time of pre-employment screening. Why Due Diligence is Need of the Hour for any Company? - Netrika. There is a very famous Latin term ‘Caveat Emptor’ used in business communities across the globe. This means let the buyer be beware. Buyer has to be beware for not only getting the full worth of money spent by him but for also prevent himself from falling in the trap of frauds.

We can understand it with the help of a very simple example. When we go to buy eggs, we make sure we pick all the good eggs. If few eggs from those are rotten, we can take it as bad luck. Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assessments. Netrika Security Audits Services. As the name clearly says- review of your device’s configuration for absolute secured network and IT infrastructure and its working. Improper security configuration is one of the most neglected risks to your technology initiatives. If you leave your devices unsecured, bad actors can find vulnerable points easily. Let’s understand this better, we buy a house, we get the best of high end electronics, the furniture, luxury fittings. Information Security Training Program. What is Vulnerability Assessment? Whistleblower Services in India. You might have witnessed a partner or a coworker being discriminated against because of their age, gender, race, sexual identity, physical attributes or even position in the company.

Would you feel comfortable reporting this occurrence to a supervisor or be interviewed about what you heard or saw? Would your answer differ if you were at the receiving end of such discriminatory treatment? The chances are that your two answers are exactly the same. You should consider yourself lucky because you are working in a whistleblowing conducive environment. However, if you quail at the thought of reporting such behavior to a person within the organization who will make this behavior stop, the very opposite might be true, your work environment is not the ideal place to report organizational wrongdoing. Penetration Testing in India. Corporate Fraud Investigations. At present, instances of fraud within the corporate sector are on the rise. It is an ever growing serious issue that causes a lot of concern and poses massive problems. In many cases, corporate fraud can go on for years, totally unnoticed. On a large scale where the numbers involved are quite greater it makes the task of fraudsters easier, being capable of covering up their tracks with tax evasion, money laundering and also cooked up financial reports.

In instances like this you will need to hire a fraud investigator to set the records straight. Information Security Audit. Audit – What do we relate it to at first!! Accounts aren’t it? That’s what we have been hearing all our lives…. Due Diligence Services in India. Mystery Shopping Services in India. Importance of Counter Party Due Diligence. Due Diligence Services in India. Due Diligence Services in India.