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Focusing on intelligence-led investigations, Netrika consulting is a professional risk and integrity management company, fully complIant with local laws.

Employment Background Check. Vendor Due Diligence. Organizations rely on due diligence for evaluating and understanding a potential partner or buyer as well as acquisition.

Vendor Due Diligence

Due diligences enable companies to conduct extensive investigation regarding their prospective investments and gather the maximum amount of information or details. This information is later used for determining whether investment is attractive enough or not. The due diligence process allows businesses to establish whether the transaction is worth their time and money or not. Read on to learn more about the varied due diligence procedures. Employment Background Check By Netrika @ EBC. An employee background check is quite important for several reasons.

Employment Background Check By Netrika @ EBC

Firstly, you want to know if the prospective employee actually possesses the skills that he or she is being hired for. Checks need to be made on the past work history of the candidate as well, and the reasons why they left their previous jobs. There might be a possibility that the person sitting across the table in the interview is a criminal or a sex offender, someone whom you definitely do not want in the company. What is done during employee background check? Some of the most common things that will be routinely looked into during an employee background check are; Past and present criminal records if any Credits reports Driving records Verification of all personal credentials Usage of social media and what kind of posts are in use Previous work history Reference checks with all the companies with whom the worker was associated in the past. Information Security Training in India. Nowadays, businesses large and small put much faith and effort in retention of valuable customer-related data.

In an ambiance like this, information security services assume a big role because they are the doorkeeper, keeping malicious cyber- attacks and viruses at bay so that company information is not compromised. Here are some information security suggestions that will help small businesses in particular. Policy and Guideline implementation: a business owner should be implementing policies and procedures that are right for the business. This essentially means that the approach to information security will be a top-down process. Additionally it shows that your business is a trustworthy one and above board. Cyber Security Services in India. One of the biggest challenges that all organizations face is the act of fraud. This fraud can come from both inside and outside the company, and the only way to mitigate them is to employ Information Security. Fraud Investigations Services. Many reputable businesses, old and new have at some point in time been exposed to corporate fraud. The trouble with this is that fraud can persist for years and years before it is found out.

The greater the number of people involved in the fraud the lesser are the chances of being ferreted out. Money laundering, tax evasion, and incorrect financial reporting can damage the reputation and existence of the company. This is why a fraud investigation exercise needs to be carried out at random intervals. Once the investigation starts, the company soon gets to know what kind of fraud is happening, the people involved and the scale of the operation which has a direct effect on the company health. Forensic Accounting India. Any business which has in its employ accountants and other professionals who have access to the business funds runs the risk of being a fraud victim. All businesses are actually vulnerable to fraud, in some degree or the other. Forensic accounting is one of the ways in which embezzlement and skimming can be found out. Forensic Accounting and Forensic AuditForensic Accounting is essentially a financial service which specializes in identification and prevention of fraud in a business.

Forensic Audits are done by forensic accountants who can identify the ways in which a particular business is susceptible to fraud. Fraud which has already been committed can also be discovered by forensic accounting. Penetration Testing Company in India. Data penetration testing offers many advantages to businesses that rely heavily on the internet for conducting their operations, here are some of the advantages on offer; Revealing vulnerabilities: weaknesses that exist in application configurations, the system and also the network are exposed with data penetration testing.

Penetration Testing Company in India

Also, habits and actions of employees could lead to serious data breeches. The penetration testing report brings out these vulnerabilities and makes you sit up and take notice. Real risks: The penetration testing team attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities. This lets you, as a business owner see the process by which it could actually happen in a real life scenario. Forensic Investigation in India. Thorough investigation of a company or a business to uncover any malpractices done by management, employees or associated vendors is known as corporate investigation.

Forensic Investigation in India

According to companies doing corporate investigation, there are many kinds of investigations and depending on your need investigation package can be tailor made for you. For example you can get the investigation done for uncovering the legitimacy of the business partner, financial frauds done by an employee, security breach by a vendor and so on. Different types of corporate investigations! Depending on what kind of information you are looking for, a corporate investigator can do multiple investigations for you.

Forensics Services in India. When we mention a crime, images of robberies, grisly murders and detectives swarming the scene of the crime come to mind. However there is a different kind of crime that leaves no bodies and that is cybercrime. When a cybercrime takes place, traditional detecting methods fall flat on their faces. Things like hacking, data theft, phishing, cyber fraud, and identity theft are all sophisticated means of cybercrime. If it is to be defined, cybercrime is an illegal electronic operation that targets a particular network of computers and exploits its vulnerabilities. Even though cybercrime does not take a life, it has the immense potential of disrupting the normal flow of life.

With the majority of corporate houses, the police are not trusted. The ideal entrant to this scene is a professional cyber forensics team that has discretion and the needed skills to get to the bottom of the matter without creating much of a fuss. Due Diligence in Risk Management. At various point of times every business needs to rely on third parties such as vendors, suppliers and contractors.

Due Diligence in Risk Management

These third parties not only help the business in outsourcing their work and build business but them also come quite handy in managing any kind of fluctuations in the operations of the business. But of course, you and your business can reap all the benefits of associating with a third party when you have performed proper due diligence and found out that the third party is compliant to various rules and regulations and is worth the association. Security and Risk Management. Security solutions markets have witnessed unprecedented growth in the last five years.

Security and Risk Management

The security solutions industry which had a market size of 75 billion USD in 2015 is expected to grow to 170 billion USD in 2020. 2019 has come to an end and 2020 is a year of hope, ambition, and excitement for a plethora of security service agencies across the globe. Due to increased crime rates, fraud, corruption, money laundering, terrorism, and embezzlement, there is an upwards trend in the security solutions industry and it is expected to continue like this for many more years to come. Netrika derives its name from Sanskrit word Netra which means eyes is a symbol of great vision and acute observation which others miss to notice. Netrika Forensic Services. Today, the world has turned digital with a vengeance.

Netrika Forensic Services

Each and every day, we are engrossed with our personal computers, laptops, PDA’s and of course mobile phones. The amount of information that the ordinary person goes through in a day is quite phenomenal. While digital independence is good for all practical purposes, there is also an inherent risk that you may become prey to white collar crime while you happen to be online. As a direct result of this, the need for computer forensic investigators is growing at a fast rate. However, common people are still in the dark about computer forensic investigators.

Despite all of this, people still harbor misconceptions when it comes to forensic investigators and their line of work. Myth 1: It is only the police who carry out the forensic investigations This is not true at all. Corporate Fraud Investigations India. We are living in a world where technology has knotted everything and everyone together.

Corporate Fraud Investigations India

This has, in turn, opened doors of fraud and scams for many hackers and other such dubious people. No matter how robust protection steps are taken, hackers find some or the other way to do fraud and make people lose their money. When such frauds occur companies, corporates, various government, and non-government organization needs to get fraud investigation done. Netrika Due Diligence. In today’s world of global networking, companies are facing tough competition and are having hard time in survival.

Netrika Due Diligence

They need to be agile and efficient to build a business and survive it. And for this they need to co-operate and collaborate with several other business vendors, suppliers and contractors and build a comprehensive business network. With alarming increase in number of corporate fraud cases across the globe, various regulatory bodies are taking strict steps to regulate the company proceedings and recommends counter party due diligence before collaborating with any vendor, supplier or other third party.

Data Security Services. Data security can be best defined as the protection of data from any kind of unauthorized access and corruption of data during its entire lifecycle.

Data Security Services

It includes all the measures of digital privacy applied to prevent any unauthorised access to computers, databases and websites. Whether you are running a small, mid or large cap company, data security is one of the most important aspect of IT sector of every company. At many places data security is also referred as IT security. Cyber Security Services in India. Employees Background Checks.

Background checks in India for employment purpose is getting more important by the day. All the companies and employers are demanding this, but in-house resources are often not adequate to facilitate this effectively. Cyber Security Training India. The employees of an organization are its greatest strength an also sometimes its greatest vulnerability. Netrika Due Diligence. Background Checks Services. The employers and their HR department want only the best people on the job to take their company forward but what happens when a candidates lies to get the way inside.

You do not want a fraudster getting access to your vital company information or stop you from employing a deserving person. Cybersecurity Company. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Background Checks Company. Integrity Due Diligence. Due Diligence Services in India. Netrika Background Checks. Background verification company in India will do everything they can to make sure that only the most authentic individual goes through the screening process of organizational recruitments. The fraudsters are apt at lying and use all types of means to gain wrongful employment. The agencies doing the verification know very well the mistakes to avoid and remain a step ahead of the fraudulent individuals. Taking things at face value When it comes to verification of identity and other aspects, going through the social media profile of the individual is an established method. Netrika Due Diligence. Netrika Employee Background Checks. Senior Management Due Diligence. Employee Background Screening.

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