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We are the pioneer in the IT support services by offering a single monitoring dashboard with live updates and alerts across the entire IT infrastructure.

Mining IT monitoring. Managed IT services. IT monitoring trial. Healthcare IT monitoring. IT Monitoring and Data Analytics Solution. CERTIFICATION TRAINING - DOCUMENT CENTER - NetGain Systems Unveils New Strategic Plan To Support Its Growth - Singapore, August 1, NetGain Systems today unveils a new strategic plan to support its growth and boost its presence in the region.

NetGain Systems Unveils New Strategic Plan To Support Its Growth -

In Singapore, NetGain Systems has started its operations at WeWork and is looking into attracting new talent to expand its sales operations and research and development (R&D) capabilities. Furthermore, it will enhance its product technology to include artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOps). The plan will be led by James Chia as its Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect and Toh Soon Seah as its founder and CTO. James has a long track record in the IT industry with more than 25 years of experience in sales and leadership positions with leading global MNCs including Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Arista. He possesses a wealth of regional experience having worked in China, Vietnam, Singapore, and has successfully managed high-performing businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. NetGain Systems Adds Security and Cloud Solutions to its Portfolio -

Providing maximum flexibility, the NetGain SIEM solution can easily add and redefine the events that constitute a security threat.

NetGain Systems Adds Security and Cloud Solutions to its Portfolio -

This allows the system to be customized to suit the security posture of any organization, and remain relevant in the ever-changing threat landscape. NetGain SIEM is a standalone Security Management solution, but is also integrated into the reporting dashboard of NetGain EM, to provide users a single pane of glass from which to manage both Infrastructure and Security events. Introducing the New NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS) See Ahead and Stay Ahead with New SIEM and Cloud Solutions - We are pleased to announce the launch of NetGain SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS), as well as a new, enhanced version of our flagship IT monitoring and data analytics solution NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM).

See Ahead and Stay Ahead with New SIEM and Cloud Solutions -

NetGain SIEM and NetGain CVS are the largest extensions of our product line in over a decade, and together with NetGain EM make up the solutions in our NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management family. Security continues to be one of the top concerns for many organizations and to address this, we have introduced NetGain SIEM which lets you actively monitor security threats to your IT infrastructure. By correlating security events across the entire infrastructure which individually may appear to be innocent, it is able to search and identify threats that otherwise would have been missed . Find out more about the launch in our press release and read about the new solutions in our products webpage. What contributes to an uninterrupted work culture in the new normal? - What Contributes to an Uninterrupted Work Culture in the New Normal The times have changed rapidly over the last few months, and the new normal for how we work has been somewhat a smooth transition for us thus far.

What contributes to an uninterrupted work culture in the new normal? -

It is becoming more apparent that how quickly we adapt is related to how ready companies are in introducing the use of online collaborative tools, remote management and virtual meetings as part of the work culture even when we were not working from home. When you have the infrastructure in place, there is certainly less disruption even when circumstances evolve. What enables this at its core are the people who bring it to life. Ingrained in the culture of where we work is the motivation coming from the management level to constantly seek to leverage digital tools and processes to strengthen our team’s communication and collaboration. As a technology company, we go about it to make work life for ourselves much easier.

The Value of Simplicity - The Value of Simplicity As more business gets conducted online and working from home becomes the norm, many organizations are rethinking how to keep their increasingly complex IT infrastructure secure and counter the surge of cybercrimes and innovative new threats that continue to plague their operations.

The Value of Simplicity -

While SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) appears to be an attractive answer, many organizations are put off by a solution that they believe is complex to deploy and operate. The Power of Performance - The Power of Performance As more business gets conducted online and working from home becomes the norm, many organizations are rethinking how to keep their increasingly complex IT infrastructure secure and counter the surge of cybercrimes and innovative new threats that continue to plague their operations.

The Power of Performance -

Cloud : IT’s New Normal - Cloud : IT’s New Normal Gartner recently forecasted the worldwide Public Cloud revenue to grow from US$242.7 billion in 2019 to US$257.9 billion in 2020 and to US$306.9 billion in 2021, with the effects of the global economic downturn intensifying the urgency for organizations to move away from legacy infrastructure operating models.

Cloud : IT’s New Normal -

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were a few initial hiccups but cloud ultimately delivered exactly what it was supposed to,” said Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner. See Ahead. And be Better Prepared. - September 10, 2020In News See Ahead.And be Better Prepared.

See Ahead. And be Better Prepared. -

Imagine if you could have seen ahead back in January or February that the world would be having a pandemic. Yes, there were some signs, but if you could have better understood the signs and seen ahead to the various lock-downs that many countries would be imposing, you could have been better prepared for it. Now imagine if you could see ahead to when your IT infrastructure would fail, or when there would be barbarians at the gate. You could then take proactive action to prevent such failures and keep the barbarians out. Secure the Health of your Network! - September 16, 2020In News Secure the Health of your Network!

Secure the Health of your Network! -

Cyber criminals are essentially modern day robbers who are relentless in stealing using technological methods. One of these is the ransomware attack, and companies who have the unfortunate experience of encountering one find themselves locked out of their computer systems and at the mercy of the criminals’ extortion demands. If you think that ransomware attacks are a thing of the past or do not happen in our part of the world, think again. Just recently, a ransomware attack was reported at the saraburi hospital in Thailand. How Healthcare Equipment Monitoring Is a Significant Part of the Health Care System. Healthcare equipment monitoring is a significant part of the health care system; as healthcare providers constantly have to be sure that they are using the correct tools for providing quality medical services.

How Healthcare Equipment Monitoring Is a Significant Part of the Health Care System

The monitoring system will usually work by sending out an alert when a provider doesn’t have the appropriate patient equipment to do a certain job. This can be anything from using the wrong instrument to not checking a patient’s vital sign. Healthcare equipment monitoring is usually provided to various health care facilities across the country and the world. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. A multi-tenant tracking application is a real time, online tracking system that enables managers to track the activities of all tenants and landlords in an organization. It also allows them to view statistics on their performance such as income levels and demographics.

Tenants are now taking advantage of multi-tenant software to avoid identity theft and monitor the performance of landlords. Multi-tenant applications not only monitor how well their tenants are performing, but it can also provide real time reports on the tenants' activities. This is especially important for landlords, who often deal with multiple tenants at one time. In today's world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for landlords to manage multiple tenants at one time. There are various types of management software. Benefits of Hiring The IT Monitoring Services for Your Business. IT monitoring services are a great option for businesses that do not want to spend money on IT professionals for their own maintenance.

When companies invest in IT, the last thing they need is to end up spending thousands of dollars a year hiring IT professionals just to keep their computer systems running smoothly. Most business people find it cheaper and more effective to use IT monitoring services than to hire a full-time IT professional. One of the most important things to do is to regularly perform regular scans on your system. You should monitor the performance of your server and all of your computers, especially those that are used by your staff. Understanding The Idea Behind the Customized IT Solutions - There are many people who work in a variety of different fields and one way that they can do so is by offering their services through customized IT solutions. In order to understand the idea behind this type of service, it is best to explain what a customized service is. There are many different types of services offered with the idea of customized solutions, so this is a great option for anyone who wants to offer some sort of unique service to a business.

These unique services can come from any part of the world and there are many benefits that you will be able to take advantage of. In the past, some businesses were able to do business in other countries without the assistance of a specialized professional. However, because the internet became a common part of life, the need for IT monitoring services by professionals has become more important. Info Hub. A free IT monitoring trial is not a full time paid service but it is an easy way to check if the product is suitable for your business. A free trial should include a few basic features, but you shouldn't be restricted by it. If it doesn't then you are wasting your money. A free trial should give you enough freedom to determine if the software is right for your company or not. An IT free trial is usually just a demo and not a full-blown service.

A free trial should allow you to monitor how well the program works with the different software programs and hardware used in your company. Importance of Mining Equipment Monitoring for Mining Safety - Buzz Sharing. 5 Misconceptions About Managed IT Services. Many companies and organizations face challenges every day. 4 Myths About SaaS Debunked. SaaS or Software as a Service is slowly gaining reputation amongst companies looking to deploy enterprise-suited software quickly and cost-effectively. 7 Fascinating Facts About Mining You Didn’t Know. Advantages of Security Information Event Information. Cybersecurity doesn’t only solve digital security concerns for mining equipment monitoring but also helps in creating more efficient business solutions.

It also manages job functions and roles with the enterprise network and delivers clarity as well as visibility. IT Monitoring: Benefits of Network Monitoring. Imagine yourself in a situation, you are in the middle of something important, and you get a call that the network is down. Just imagining the situation is making you mad, think how you would feel if it actually happens?

4 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring. Remote Patient Monitoring is a part of healthcare equipment monitoring where patient-generated data are remotely collected through wearable devices or online portals. These are then stored and later analyzed by qualified healthcare professionals. Multi tenant solution. It systems monitoring. It network support services. Customized IT solutions. IT Monitoring and Security Management Solution. Customized IT Solutions. Security Information & Event Management. IT Monitoring and Security Management Solution. IT Monitoring and Security Management Solution. Unicredit Global Services UniCredit Global Business Services is the IT support arm of UniCredit, a leading European commercial bank with an international network spanning 17 European countries and 50 markets, with about 9,000 branches and more than 149,000 employees. Results Uptime of 99.999% ensured. NetGain’s monitoring solution alerts Unicredit Global Business Service IT monitoring team to symptoms before they reach critical levels.Peace of Mind.

With local support from NetGain Systems, the Unicredit Global Business Service IT monitoring team have put behind their worries behind them about adding new devices in the network.Prompt and proactive IT planning. IT Monitoring and Security Management Solution. Server and Network Management Software. IT Monitoring and Security Management Solution. Monitoring Environmental Sensors In Mining Industry - NetGain Systems. Fully Managed IT Monitoring. Customized IT Solutions. Local IT Network Support.