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Nerd Alert provides tech support in South Florida, right to your door. Need help with your computer, smartphone, wifi, or printer? Call us 561-300-6763.

Tech Support Services Lake Worth - Nerd Alert. Which iPhone is the best? Buying Guide For 2020. Although Androids have been pushing ferociously to outdo Apple in performance and features, the iPhone remains the standard for all smartphones.

Which iPhone is the best? Buying Guide For 2020

The latest iPhone consistently remain high on the best phones to buy. Which is why most Apple lovers never switch to Android and wait for the new and improved smartphone. As technology proliferates, Apple continues to enhance their iteration. The latest release is usually more expensive because they are using advanced technology. Sometime people prefer going for an older phone if they iPhone had not changed much, simply because the OS will provide the phone with the latest software features. First, there is the iPhone XS Max, the latest release with a beautiful 6.5-inch OLED screen, fast A12 Bionic processor, longer battery life, and smart HDR camera. Next, is the traditional XS, the Max’s predecessor. How much will the iPhone set you back? Every year, people still ask when the new iPhone will be released. Tech Support Services Wellington - Nerd Alert. 13 Coolest Gadgets to Buy This Year – At Home Tech Support. Who doesn’t love having the coolest gadgets?

13 Coolest Gadgets to Buy This Year – At Home Tech Support

Everyone seems to want some neat piece of technology that people are going to talk about, maybe even be jealous of. If this sounds like you, then you need to read this list. Here you will learn all about the 13 coolest gadgets to buy in 2020. 1. Heated RazorsDo you hate the feel of the cold razor blade against your skin when shaving? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Samsung S9 Could Do. Tech Support Services Jupiter - Nerd Alert. Tech Support Services Highland Beach - Nerd Alert.

Tech Support Services North Palm Beach - Nerd Alert. Tech Support Tequesta - Nerd Alert. Top 8 Tech Products For Your Smart Home - Nerd Alert. Top 8 Tech Products For Your Smart Home Comment Chloe Discover the best tech products for your smart home!

Top 8 Tech Products For Your Smart Home - Nerd Alert

5G Is Coming: 7 Things You Should Expect - Nerd Alert. 5G Is Coming: 7 Things You Should Expect Comment Chloe Revamped, wireless technology for your smartphone and devices is just around the corner.

5G Is Coming: 7 Things You Should Expect - Nerd Alert

It’s the fifth generation of your mobile network, and you can expect to see some improvements from the previous years. Here are 7 things you can expect after 5G makes an appearance. Higher Internet Speeds 4G surpassed 3G in terms of internet speed, and so we can expect that 5G will definitely exceed the 4th generation. 5G is predicted to offer internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Higher Quality Video Streaming And Downloading.

Tech Support Services West Palm Beach - Nerd Alert. Five Benefits of Amazon Prime. On the 2nd of February 2005, Amazon launched its paid subscription service Amazon Prime.

Five Benefits of Amazon Prime

Over the years millions of people subscribe to Amazon prime all in a bid to take advantage of the benefits the subscription service offers subscribers. Though the allure of a free two-day shipping and unlimited video streaming have been a major attraction for the service, Amazon Prime does offer numerous awesome other benefits to its subscribers. Awesome benefits Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy on the service include the following: Free and Flexible Shipping Options: The free and flexible shipping options are to most, the main attraction of the Amazon Prime service. Other shipping benefits also include the free 2hr delivery in the form of Prime Now and the free release date delivery where you get select pre-ordered items delivered to your front door on the exact same day of its release.

Tech Support Services Palm Beach Gardens - Nerd Alert. Tech Support Services Boynton Beach - Nerd Alert. Tech Support Services Boca Raton - Nerd Alert. 12 New Features of iOS That You’re Probably Not Using. You love your iPhone or iPad, but you may not realize that you are not fully utilizing your beloved products to their full potential.

12 New Features of iOS That You’re Probably Not Using

If you want to learn some new features from any local tech support company, you should read this article first. This article will take a closer look at some of the coolest new features for iOS products to unlock the true potential of your device. 1. Measuring Objects in the Real World There is this really neat feature known as ARKit 2.0. 2. You are already familiar with the essential music app Shazam, but there is a built-in music app for iOS that can help you find a song based on the lyrics. 3. Before, you could just put a quick replay when someone messaged you. 4. Tech Support Services Delray Beach - Nerd Alert. Local Tech Support - Tech Troubleshooting Palm Beach. How To Protect Your Smartphone From Cyber Threats – At Home Tech Support. A smartphone is universal today, and like modern computers, cyberthreats loom large; hence, smartphone security needs to be reinforced.

How To Protect Your Smartphone From Cyber Threats – At Home Tech Support

Experts say the Android is the most targeted system because of the common operating system that features only basic security features. It doesn’t mean the iPhone is “unhackable” or immune, as there have been different types of malware found on the iOS platform. Overtime, the cyberthreats will evolve more and more in order to try to attack the iOS software. Being that cyber threats will not slow down anytime soon, it’s important for all users to know what to do in order to guard their smartphone when online or downloading apps.

The most basic precaution is also the most important, which is having a pin or password, something not easily guessed, to prevent others from getting in. We can’t predict when or how malicious software can come in, but it is our responsibility as a user to look at what sites and stores we use for apps. 7 Benefits of iCloud — TechPatio. iCloud Drive is where you store your files of your iPad or iPhone.

7 Benefits of iCloud — TechPatio

This is cloud-based storage provided exclusively by Apple to its users. It makes possible the syncing of files, photos, documents, and videos to all of the user’s Mac OS or iOS devices. The program is generally called the iCloud drive and if you are wondering what this is about, then you are on the right page.Access Your Files Anywhere. Ipad Setup, Iphone Repair South Florida. Printer Support South Florida.

Printer Support We take the headache out of syncing your Mac, Pc and Mobile devices to your printer, scanner & fax machine.

Printer Support South Florida

After our Nerds get you set up, we will teach you how to operate your printer like an expert. Before you know it, you’ll be scanning, copying, and printing off pictures, documents, receipts or anything you want without leaving your home! Home WiFi Setup, Troubleshooting. Home WiFi Support & Troubleshooting Do you want to free yourself from the wired internet connection that locks you down to one place?

Home WiFi Setup, Troubleshooting

Nerd Alert has the keys to do so! With our Home Wi-Fi setup service, take advantage of all the conveniences that wireless has to offer. Ten Skills For Alexa That You May Not Know About! Comment admin Enabling Skills for Alexa is incredibly simple and opens up a whole new range of capabilities. That being said, there are currently over one thousand and five hundred skills available for activation. And with so many to choose from, how do you decide which ones to enable?

In this article, we’re going to give you a brief list of ten Skills that you can enable for Alexa that you might not have heard of yet. Some are more serious while others are more fun, but we hope that you find the list as a whole informative and entertaining. Computer Tech Support - South Florida Computer Specialists. South Florida Computer Tech Support Nerd Alert provides quality computer help right to your door.

Our Nerds skilled at helping with your Apple Mac or Windows PC computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a laptop or a desktop, need to set up a brand new computer or just need tech support with an existing one, our techs are waiting to come help. Helpful Tips for Computer Troubleshooting If your computer isn’t powering on, check the power source.Unable to connect to the Internet? Popular Requests. Local Tech Support South Florida. How local tech Support Will Keep the Printer Run Longer? – At Home Tech Support. For a printer owner, it is too important to think about keeping his printer flawless.

However, to make him risky, a few specialized issues do manifest with his appliance from time to time. In such cases, the ideal option that the printer user has is to approach a Local tech support organization. What makes the Local tech support alluring is the time that the experts take to repair a printer – they do it in the least turnaround time. Moment Connectivity is the Word For expert technicians, repairing all connectivity– related issues on a printer is only a piece of cake. Well-suited Driver for the Printer.