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25 Stunning Skylines Around the World. Mar 8, 2011 New York City – Photograph by DIGITALFREAKART Following up from the Sifter’s first skyline post, here are 25 more stunning skylines around the world.

25 Stunning Skylines Around the World

These are by no means the ‘best’ skylines, just a collection of incredible photographs taken by some amazing photographers around the world. Almost all photographs are from the wonderful community over at deviantART. If you haven’t been, I recommend you check out their site, many of the artists sell their artwork and prints as well. I tried not to duplicate too many of the cities covered in the first skyline post, so places like Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai were omitted. 2.

Photograph by XREBELXDIAMONDSX 3. Photograph by LAURENTIS 4. Photograph by PRESPECT 5. Photograph by AL MILLER 6. Photograph by JONATHAN THOMAS 7. Photograph by SHUPOV EVGENIY 8. Photograph by BRENT SMITH 9. Photograph by RAUN 10. Photograph by CAZZARITCH 11. News. The Sisters of the Valley is a highly unusual ‘order’ of cannabis-growing nuns, made up of only two members – Sister Kate and Sister Darcy.


Their ‘abbey’ is a three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Merced, California, where they actually cultivate weed in a garage. Although they aren’t members of any religious order, Sister Kate and Sister Darcy call themselves nuns. They dress modestly – in long denim skirts, white collared shirts, and nun’s habits – and for the past one year, their self-determined spiritual quest has been to heal illnesses with the help of marijuana. Using cannabinoids (CBD, the medicinal component of weed that is not psychoactive), they have been making tinctures and salves in their kitchen and selling the products through their Etsy store. “We make CBD oil which takes away seizures, and a million other things,” said Sister Kate, who originally set up the business and later took on Sister Darcy as an apprentice. Observing the Earth. 10 real flying saucer designs that were made here on Earth. Best photos ever??? Ancient People Are Still Awesome: Centuries-Old Japanese Tsunami Warning Markers Saved Lives - Culture.

"High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants," reads the centuries-old stone tablet above.

Ancient People Are Still Awesome: Centuries-Old Japanese Tsunami Warning Markers Saved Lives - Culture

"Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point. " This marker, and several more like it, some more than 600 years old, "dot the coastline" of Japan, according to a report in The Canadian Press. Not all of them were quite as specific: Some acted more as general warnings, lasting reminders of a risk that might only recur every fourth or fifth generation. One, in the coastal town of Kesennuma, gave instructions: "Always be prepared for unexpected tsunamis. But in the tight-knit community of Aneyoshi, where marker pictured above still stands, the wisdom of their ancestors saved the homes and the lives of the tiny village's inhabitants. Everybody here knows about the markers.

Image via the Star-Telegram; story via @stevesilberman.