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Established in the year 1989, Neptune India with over 30,000 plus installations across the country and having a pan-India sales and Support Network.

Get interlocked sockets at a very cost-effective price. Control the Current Flow by Electrical Control Panel. Distribution Board for Industrial and Commercial Use. IP 65 Enclosures. Neptune India — Duca Power XD Capacitors. Neptune India — How to reduce energy costs by Harmonics... How can Power Factor Compensation Ensure the Efficient working of a device? The power quality of any equipment is its ability to function properly in its environment.

How can Power Factor Compensation Ensure the Efficient working of a device?

It deals with the continuity of supply and quality of the voltage. Power quality management can be done by an improvement of power factor, harmonics mitigation, load compensation etc. Neptune India — Power Plug and Sockets. Neptune India — Junction Boxes. Power Factor Compensation. Manage Energy and Poor Power Efficiency with APFC panel - Neptune India Limited. Neptune India — LT Panels. Neptune India — Junction Boxes. Neptune India — Power Capacitors. Neptune India — Plug and Sockets. Electrical Control Panel. Passive Harmonic Filter. Most of the mentioned filtering techniques have common drawback of higher cost compared to Passive Filtering techniques.

Passive Harmonic Filter

Consequently, the harmonic filtering techniques to a large extent are still the most commonly used techniques for current harmonics mitigation of 6-pulse front-end diode rectifier application. We have developed an efficient Passive Filter, which can suit many such similar loads. Since all filter components are passive they are rugged, maintenance free, reliable and low cost. Moreover, the filter implementation procedure is relatively easy. With simple structure, our Passive Filters have been extensively used for VFD harmonic mitigation. IP 65 Enclosures. Male Female Sockets. Male Female Sockets. A Notable Report on the Energy Management Systems becoming Popular - Neptune India Limited.

Features and Utility of Industrial Plug and Socket - Neptune India Limited. Automatic Metering System. Federal & Electrical Control Panel, LT Panels - Neptune India. LV Capacitors – Neptune India Limited. Plug and Socket. Neptune India — Industrial Plug and Socket. The Major Deviations that exist across Power Quality Management - Neptune India Limited. What are Federal Panels and What Should be done about them? - Neptune India Limited. Power Factor Compensation. Switch Board. Neptune India Limited. Hybrid Power Conditioning System. Harmonic Mitigation. Male Female Sockets. Power Factor Controller. Capacitor Panel. Power Quality Management. IP 65 Enclosures. Possible Expectations from an Electrical Control Panel - Neptune India Limited.

Electrical Control Panel. Power Capacitors. Distribution Board. Power Capacitors. Power Factor Compensation. Ultimate solution for compensation of unbalanced loads.

Power Factor Compensation

The compensation is released by measuring the reactive power of the system, through 3 CTs from all 3 phases. This makes it best suited even for most unbalanced loads apart from balanced loads. Features: Incomer TP MCCB / ACB as per rating.Micro processor based Neptune 3 phase P.F. Controller with inbuilt Load Analyzer.Inbuilt 3 Phase Energy Analyzer with Data LoggerModular floor mounting systemSide/front louvers with Axial Flow/ Centrifugal Fan & Thermostat.Heavy Duty specially designed Neptune Capacitor Duty Contactors with high thermal current withstand capacity.MCBs for control protectionAuto/Manual selection through Sel.

Smart Energy Management. Power Quality Management. APFC Panel Manufacturer in India. Electrical networks create high loads which varies the power demand on its supply.

APFC Panel Manufacturer in India

Power factor relay known as APFC relay are then, designed to optimize extra power of an application. The Real time display of the relay shows minor effects of electrical disturbance. APFC are used for the improving Power Factor which is helpful in measuring electric consumption & distribution for maximum efficiency. This in turn reduces the harmonic current & expenditure also. Best APFC relay in India is designed using advanced technology which is easy to install, where there will not be any problem for over voltages. The Capacitors are connected/ disconnected automatically with the help of these APFC relay in panels.

A number of Best APFC Panel manufacturer in India installed it in big electrical factories & industries. The highly sensitive panel by Neptune India meets the modern technical requirements according to national as well as international standards. Best Solution Provider for Power Quality Problems. Best Power Factor Correction Panel Manufacturer. Power, the renewable source of energy, where India is third largest producer & consumer of electricity.

Best Power Factor Correction Panel Manufacturer

Being on this ratio, power cuts & other related problems are quite common in the country. After the surplus generation of energy, there are still many underprivileged places. Apart from that, the places where numerous amount of energy is supplied, faces some general issues regarding the flow of voltage. Power factor is defined as the current absorbed during the load to the current flowing in the circuit. Best Power Factor Correction Panel Manufacturer. Best Solution Provider for Power Quality Problems. Harmonics are caused by non-linear loads such as Power Electronics Devices (drive, computers, rectifiers, etc.), Arcing devices, Rotating machines, Variable Frequency drives etc.

Best Solution Provider for Power Quality Problems

A harmonic is defined as one of the components obtained from the breakdown of a periodic wave in the Fourier series. The order of a harmonic is further defined as the ratio between the frequency of the harmonic and the fundamental frequency of the periodic wave considered. Harmonics when added together result in a distorted wave form. Voltage or current waveforms assume non-sinusoidal shape. The waveform corresponds to the sum of different sine-waves with different magnitude and phase, having frequencies that are multiples of power-system frequency result in a distorted wave form.

Harmonic filters are connected in parallel with the load to be compensated.