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Nepean Motor Group

Nepean Motor Group is a multi-franchise dealership offering superior customer service with utmost value for money in Sydney

Misconceptions for Maintaining a Used Car. There are still common misconceptions floating around although most would admit that maintenance is an essential and imperative part of a used car ownership.

Misconceptions for Maintaining a Used Car

Let us look at six common misconceptions. 1. Maintenance schedules are recommended by the manufacturers so that dealers can make more money This statement is not true. Manufacturers are planning, designing and manufacturing cars that can last longer and need less overall maintenance than vehicles manufactured in the previous generations. New Nissan Qashqai for Sale Sydney. New, Demo and Used Suzuki Vitara for Sale Sydney. Buy Car Spare Parts Sydney: Genuine Car parts & Accessories. We know any time a car is off the road money is lost and time is wasted.

Buy Car Spare Parts Sydney: Genuine Car parts & Accessories

Sourcing and buying parts can be a nightmare. Can they ship my part to me in time? Can they source the genuine part so I don't lose value on my car? Do they still stock a clutch for my vintage vehicle? At the Nepean Motor Group Parts Centre, we house parts for all kinds of makes and models in one huge warehouse! The Nepean Motor Group warehouses over $1,000,000 of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Volkswagen or Nissan spare parts to name but a few, ensuring fast pick, pack and delivery to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Our expansive warehouse and excellent logistics team process orders and deliver an enormous range of quality, genuine parts right across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. The Nepean Motor Group Parts staff are extremely knowledgeable with exceptional customer service. Nepean provides parts for all makes and models of vehicles. New Volkswagen Car for Sale Sydney. Buy Mitsubishi Triton. Buy Mitsubishi Pajero. Mitsubishi Outlander Price & Specifications. New, Demo and Used Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale Sydney. New, Demo and Used Mitsubishi Asx for Sale Sydney. New, Demo and Used Mitsubishi Lancer for Sale Sydney. 5 Top Tips to Maintain Your New Car. Certainly, there is nothing like the striking appearance and aroma of a brand new car.

5 Top Tips to Maintain Your New Car

Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to maintain your new car and keep it looking new and shield its resale value over time. In order to help you to maintain your new car in good condition, here are our five top tips: 1. Regular Car Service & Maintenance In accordance with your vehicle’s periodic inspection and maintenance plan, you need to shield your investment with regular servicing and maintenance. 2. Your owner’s manual has a vast range of information, which is specific to your car and how to take care of it.To ensure a suitable maintenance of your car over time, it’s significant to read your manual inside out. 3. In case, your car is frequently parked in a sunny area, it would be worthwhile to invest in a sunshade, which will stop the Sun from harming your vehicle’s interiors.For example, Mitsubishi’s One Touch Shade renders respite from Sun’s heat and its harsh effects.

New, Demo & Used Auto Dealer in Sydney - Car Dealers in Sydney. 5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car - cardealersydney. Sometimes it makes sense to buy a used car over a brand new car.

5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car - cardealersydney

If you’ve just learnt car driving or you don’t have the need to drive the car often then buying a second-hand car is a good idea. Five advantages of buying a used car are explained below. 1. You’ll get advantage of depreciated value Brand new cars will depreciate approximately around 20% in its first year of ownership, and a majority of cars will lose another 10% in value. 2. A fee is charged by the state to register a car and the charges depend on the vehicle’s transaction cost. 3.

The insurance value is calculated on the car’s existing total value. 4. In case, you don’t have enough trust to buy a used car because of the hidden problems that the car might have, you have the alternative of buying a certified pre-owned car. Tips on Buying a Used Car from a Dealer. Generally, the safest method for buying a used car is to visit an established used car dealer.

Tips on Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Here are important tips for purchasing a used car from a dealership. Essential tips to buy used car from a dealer. Taxtime Gains - The Time to Buy a New Car. The best time to buy a car is before the financial year ends.

Taxtime Gains - The Time to Buy a New Car

With the year end in sight, you get hold of some of the best of the deals by car manufacturers. The time to get good deals on cars this year is now. With the Aussie dollar dropping to a two-and-a-half year low against the American Dollar, it is just the time to grab the perfect car bargain. Rob Rennie, Westpac’s Chief Currency Strategist believes that after watching the Australian Dollar fall 12 percent this week which is 92 cents now from $1.05 last year, it should settle near the 88 cents mark.

An exchange rate as this one is sure to make alarm bells ring. Chrysler The company has a huge 1000 percent sales increase in the last year due to the second-generation 300C. Dodge It offers just 1 model and people are wondering whether it will be able to survive or not. Ford With just 1.5 percent increase in sales in this brand, the new VF Commodore is steeply priced. Jeep Mitsubishi Mitsubishi sales have risen by 13.9 percent this year.

End of the Financial Year - What do Car Makers Look At? One of the best times to buy a car is when it’s the end of the financial year.

End of the Financial Year - What do Car Makers Look At?

The reason is simple – most car manufacturers are looking at increasing sales and meeting sales targets and cars can be bought at some great prices. This year, offers worth more than $15,000 on savings and competitive finance up for grabs.

What Is The Right Time To Buy A Car?

What Is The Right Time To Buy A Car? Well, buying a car is definitely not an easy task, and if you are thinking over to buy a car, you’ll need to plan for making a huge investment.

What Is The Right Time To Buy A Car?

Ideally, you’ll begin your search by looking through the various make and model so that you can determine which one will fit to your precise need and budget. All right, let’s assume, you have found out the ideal car for your needs, now the next crucial thing that comes to your mind is what time will be right to buy it.