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Visiting The Annapurna Base Camp - Which Are The Best Months To Trek? Everest Base Camp Tours - Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd by Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Medications you need to take for Everest Base Camp Trekking. Everest Base Camp Trek is a lifetime experience for every trekker.

Medications you need to take for Everest Base Camp Trekking

It is an adventure of a lifetime and plunges into the wilderness of the might Himalayas and unconditional surrender to the beauty of nature and its infinity as you trudge along through the tricky passes, pristine meadows, dangerous crevices and streams of icy water up to the foot of the world’s tallest peak. It’s one of the nicest experiences, which can very well turn into the most dangerous one as well in time, thanks to the tricky Himalayan climate, which is all set to take an acid test of your perseverance, determination, mental strength and above all your physical abilities.

Indeed, you will have to push yourself to the very edge of your physical limit to stay healthy, strong, and stubborn to brave the inhospitality of the Himalayan climate. That is the reason, you need to carry enough medications with you, which will help you to recover from various medical conditions that you may develop en route to EBC. Kits & Gear Checklist for Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Trek – A Complete Overview. Are you an avid lover of the Mighty Himalayas?

Kits & Gear Checklist for Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Trek – A Complete Overview

Does Mt. Everest lures you with all her charisma, royalty, eminence, and splendour time and again? 6 Best Spots You Can Visit in Lo Manthang During Upper Mustang Trek – Nepal Trekking Agency. Lo Manthang, which is referred to as the “Last Forbidden Kingdom” is located in the upper part of Mustang district.

6 Best Spots You Can Visit in Lo Manthang During Upper Mustang Trek – Nepal Trekking Agency

Manthang connects hills with the Tibetan Plateau. Moreover, it is a combination of the aridest landscape in the world and one of the oldest civilisations. The place has magnificent landscapes, Himalayan vegetation, gompas and a mixture of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Hence, with so many attractions, Lo Manthang can be said to be the best Mustang tourist spots, especially for trekking. Here are six things that you can do when trekking in Upper Mustang or Lo Manthang… 1) Lomanthang Durbar: Things to Keep in Mind While Hiking Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest base camp trek comes with moderate difficulty, and any reasonably fit individual can attempt to trek EBC and return successfully.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiking Everest Base Camp Trek

A lot of people who have not ever exercised or haven’t done any physical preparation managed to reach till the base camp. However, it is also true that a lot of people couldn’t make it up to base camp. Well, vast views of Himalayan valleys, prayer flags, and rock-covered glaciers all can make this trek worth giving a try. The trail will lead you from 2,860m to 5,380m, which can be accessible with technical skills and fitness. How difficult is The Annapurna Base Camp? What’s The Best Time to Visit? Truth be told, trekking the base of the 10th highest peak in the world- The Annapurna Base Camp- is never easy!

How difficult is The Annapurna Base Camp? What’s The Best Time to Visit?

The trek involves lots of twists and turns and ups and downs. However, when you walk over the tedious stone-paved steps, it also adds adventure to your whole trek. Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd; offers a slew of outstanding and budget-friendly Annapurna Base camp package(s) tailored to meet the demands of every travel enthusiast. Our treks will be conducted with experienced trekkers who have visited this region several times. Although demanding, if you have a strong, fit body and a positive mindset- you can visit it and experience the regal beauty of this place. The Rara Lake Trek: - Explaining Its Chief Highlights! For all adrenaline junkies, explorers and nature-lovers wanting to embark on newer terrains to explore; the RARA LAKE offers some of the most breath-taking scenery.

The Rara Lake Trek: - Explaining Its Chief Highlights!

Situated in the far North West side right around Jumla, and Mugu district the Rara Lake offers stunning cultural and scenic views of dense coniferous forests, black juniper, blue pine, Himalayan spruce and more. The best part of this Rara Lake Trek; it is not a long or difficult trek. Instead, what you will find is that the region is safeguarded by the RARA National Park, the smallest in the country with an altitude of 1,800m-4,048m of pristine forests. Its serene wilderness proves to be an ideal habitat for numerous animals such as:- Himalayan black deer, leopard, goral, Wild boar, Himalayan Thar and snow trouts (a rare fish species).

If you are planning for trek soon, then call us @977-9851111874/977-9745152385. Affordable Nepal Trekking Packages to Suit Your Tailored Needs by Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. - Are you a trekking nerd? Put your hiking boots on enjoy the scenic landscape and surreal beauty of Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Trek. With us, you can make the most of your adventure and cherish the memories for a lifetime. Everest Base Camp Trek - the Ultimate Trekking Paradise – Nepal Trekking Agency. When it comes to trekking, the first and foremost destination that crosses the psyche of an avid trekker is the Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek - the Ultimate Trekking Paradise – Nepal Trekking Agency

Indeed, in the world of the trekkers, the Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the ultimates that tests the trekking acumen, skills, stamina and above all, the guts to take up the challenges to experience the ultimate beauty. Interested In An Island Peak Trek? Reasons That Make It Worth Visiting – Nepal Trekking Agency. 5 Reasons to Embark on the Mera Peak Trek lying South of Mt Everest! – Nepal Trekking Agency. Mountains aid in a lot of ways.

5 Reasons to Embark on the Mera Peak Trek lying South of Mt Everest! – Nepal Trekking Agency

They are a good option to feed your soul with high spirits to a getaway from your umpteen fright and fears. You get to witness an umpteen variety of birds, animals, and the vast flora. Peak climbing comes in as a great challenge to your endurance and stamina. Why mountains? It is a place which offers you real-life lessons. Post and Pre Monsoon- The Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek. You can see all kinds of beauty in the Everest region, like dramatic, massive mountains, scenic beauty, and amazing people.

Post and Pre Monsoon- The Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek

Moreover, the trekking on Everest will be a lifetime experience for you. Also, you can experience breathtaking views of Mt. Everest from Kala Phattar during your trek. Hence, if you have already planned to experience all these soon, then you need to also know about the best times to trek on Everest. Not every month has a suitable weather condition for trekking on Everest. Trekking through the Cho La Pass - En route to Everest Base Camp. Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd by Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Pisang Peak Climbing to Make the Most of Your Trek - nepalbasecamp. Gears You Must Never Forget while Trekking in Nepal by Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Know the Difficulty and Adventure of Trekking Cho La Pass. Cho La pass is the second pass of Nepal amongst the three passes.

Know the Difficulty and Adventure of Trekking Cho La Pass

And, it is most frequently crossed among the trekkers while covering the Everest region. You must know that it is a connecting point between Gokyo and Everest Base Camp. And, when it comes to extending a trip to EBC- the path from Cho La to Gokyo could be the best bet. People mostly talk about Glacier Crossing across this region. How Difficult Is It to Cover Cho La? Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd – Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. What Makes Manaslu Circuit Trek A Must Experience? Manaslu Circuit is one of the most challenging treks in Nepal. It falls under the restricted area of trekking.

After registering your name with Nepal Base Camp Trek Pvt. Ltd., you will get to know what makes it a must experience. What Makes Manaslu Circuit an Enriched Space? Top 6 Myths About Everest Base Camp Trek. About 5000 reached the summit of Mount Everest since the time Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary reach the peak in 1953. Almost 306 people have died climbing the mountain and 11 by the mid of 2019. Everest’s peak keeps on shining 5.5 miles above the sea level. To reach the summit successfully, the climbers need to be brave enough to cross the dead zone that is more than 26,000 feet up.

In this region, the body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Exclusive Highlights of 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek. Gears You Must Never Forget While Trekking In Nepal - Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Trekking in Nepal is fun. It is an exotic experience and indeed, spending some days amidst the Himalayan heights, surrounded by the mighty snowy peaks would make you an altogether different person, full of satisfaction and complacency of having experienced the greatness and viewed the true heaven on Earth. Trekking in Nepal, however, can be hard as well, besides being fun. It will taste your tenacity of purpose, perseverance, and willpower, mental and of course your physical strength — at times to the fullest extreme.

There are moderate to tougher treks all over Nepal and the choice is yours, depending upon your preferences and of course, physical strength. However, the thing is that no matter which trekking route and package in Nepal you pick up, you must have the proper and complete gears before you set off. Here on this page, we discuss a few MUST-HAVE gears that you should never forget before you start the trek. An Overview on Our 29-Day Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. -Traversing through the picturesque farmland, rugged valleys to the south base camp. An adventurous trip to the massive and mesmerizing Kanchenjunga (28,169 ft./8,586m) situated right on the India/Nepal border is unique in its way. Not just for Mother Nature’s breath-taking beauty and grace, but also as this is the only trek in-around the Great Himalayas (and perhaps in the world) where one can reach both Kanchenjunga base camps in one trip.

Did You Know…?  Geographically as the 3rd tallest mountain in the world, this peak situates in the larger part of the Himalayas; also known as ‘The Kanchenjunga Himal’ including 18 peaks stretching 23,000ft./7,000m.  This mountain has 5 separate peaks, and in Tibetan lingual- Kanchenjunga translates to ‘Five Treasures’. Make the Most of Your Adventure with Manaslu Circuit Trek. Explore The Majestic Himalayas with Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. 8 Best Things of Mera Peak That Will Compel You to Trek at Least Once. 5 Reasons To Explore The Everest Base Camp Once In Your Lifetime. There are some experiences which leave a lasting impression both in your mind and crux. Know Why Shouldn’t Miss Gokyo Lake Trek in Nepal. Gokyo Lakes are the series of 6 awesome glacial lakes that comes within the altitude range of 4,700 to 5,000m that contains freshwater. Everest Base Camp Trekking Deals To Make The Most Of In 2019!

Tips to Budget Your Nepal Base Camp Trek. Nepal is a famous and highly attractive destination for trekking enthusiasts. With well laid and marked trails, the place has become a suitable place for trekking. Everest Base Camp Tours and Trekking by Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Know How Challenging It is to Climb Mera Peak – Nepal Trekking Agency. People often ask how hard the Mera Peak climb is. Well, if you have already been to Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp or done with first trekking across the Himalayan region, then climbing Mera trek can give you a higher objective.

Mera Peak, at 6,476m, is the highest permitted trek in Nepal. Upon summiting the peak, you can cover some amazing views of the over-8000-meter mountains that can offer a magnificent view of other mountains including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhoste, Mt. Well, if you’re planning to cover this peak, the probable question that is coming up in your mind is- How challenging the climb could be?

1.The Altitude:- Well, climbing 6,476 is huge, and it puts your body on the real test to know whether your body can cope with such elevation or not. Explore Nepal-3 “TIMELESS TREKKING HOTSPOTS” You Can’t Afford to Miss – Nepal Trekking Agency. Are you a big-time trekking nerd? Your Knowledge-Base On Popular Everest Base Camp Tours & Its Prices -

With a regal surrounding, nonpareil beauty and majestic culmination of the Sherpa community’s culture and tradition- an Everest Base Camp Trek will always leave a lasting memory at the core of your crux! A Chance To Behold Some Unfathomable Peaks:- Budget-friendly Everest Trip Cost by Reliable Tourism Service Provider. Make the Most Out of Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Trek.

Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. 5 Effortless & Quick Tips to Help You Survive the Nepal Base Camp Trek. Planning a Nepal base camp trek anytime soon? Here are a few essentials that you should be aware of before hitting the road. Tilicho Lake Trek- a Trip Combining Adventure and Buddhist Culture. Exploring The Mardi Himal Summit:- A First-Time Traveller’s Guide! – Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. With the summit elevation only 4450m, the Mardi Himal is labelled as one of the shortest (and arguably the easiest) expedition. But take nothing away from the fact that it is a travel lover’s delight. The region encapsulates an overwhelming presentation of picturesque adventure, snowcapped peaks, rolling green hills and pristine Rhododendron-Pine-Magnolia forests along with oak tree lines. Why Should You Say ‘Yes’ to Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek in 2020? – Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. Take a Perfect Short Break this September to MANASLU TREK CIRCUIT.

Points to Consider While Choosing Your Shoes for Everest Base Camp Trek. Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd. — What to Expect in Your next 15-day Everest Base... Going for an Everest Base Camp Trek? Consider These Points - 3 Untold Facts About Hiking To The Everest Base Camp. LANGTANG TREK - is it THAT Difficult? Is It Impossible for a Beginner to Go for Everest Base Camp Trek? - Annapurna Base Camp - What makes it a ‘Must-go” Trekking Route?