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Iceland Is Crowdsourcing Its New Constitution - Politics. Vikings.

Iceland Is Crowdsourcing Its New Constitution - Politics

They're the vanguard of 21st-century democracy. In the wake of the devastating collapse of Iceland's commercial banks, the country is drawing up a new constitution, and it's doing things a little differently: It's crowdsourcing the process. For real. The country's 25-member constituional council is posting draft clauses on its website and inviting the public to comment on them there or on its Facebook page. And their comments are actually being incorporated into the document. Chaos Begets Chaos. A 5-Euro note serves as bait in a sociological experiment.

Chaos Begets Chaos

Credit: AAAS Last month social scientists in the Netherlands empirically demonstrated a phenomenon observed by policymakers and law-enforcement officials for years. When an envelope visibly containing a five-euro note was left hanging out of a mailbox on a sidewalk, 13 percent of the passersby snatched it up. When the same mailbox was covered in graffiti, however, more than double the number of the pedestrians (about 27 percent) stole the envelope. Graffiti was not the only misdemeanor that fostered a cavalier attitude toward theft. The 12 States of America. Partisan Trends. Drug Freedom Works in Portugal : Narco Polo. Posted: April 6th, 2009 | Filed under: drugs, legalization, marijuana | 33 Comments » On Friday I attended Glenn Greenwald‘s presentation of his report, “Drug Decriminalization in Portugal,” at the Cato Institute.

Drug Freedom Works in Portugal : Narco Polo

Greenwald studied how Portugal’s policy of decriminalizing the personal possession of all drugs in 2001 has fared. Portugal’s policy has been a “resounding success.”