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Tommo. Atlas Designs. Themes by hearttopieces. Theme 1: blurred lines.

themes by hearttopieces

Saola Themes. Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, No Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Font Size Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, Different Margin For Links, Fixed Font Size One Column, Option Of Captions, Pagination Numbers At Top and Bottom, No Infinite Scrolling, Simplistic/Minimalistic Two/Three Columns, Captions On Photos, Hover For Reblog, Previous Theme on Main Two/Three/Four Columns, Multi-Sized Posts, Underlined Colored Links, Image Opacity Option.

Saola Themes

Castration party. To slay a dragon. Star Themes by Peonify. Atlas Designs. Untitled. テーマ. Anonymous asked: how do you get a gif background for lelf? Lol it’s le1f and are you gorebdsmfun?? Lol if you’re not just upload a gif for the background image lol Anonymous asked: hey i have the le1f theme and i really want the captions to show on my audio post but the html code is so complicated, anyway you could help? Tag a Post #themesbyjames. Free Tumblr Themes by bajuz. 木漏れ日. 하.투.뿐. Let out the beast. Saola Themes. Softcastle. Themes by Sam (ry-ot)

Shufflr Theme By Sam Strikingly different, the Shufflr theme throws aside the conventions of columns and rows in favor of posts scattered over the page.

Themes by Sam (ry-ot)

Shufflr continues the web’s love affair with flat design, bringing minimalism and customization together to create a theme that’s easy to make your own. A floating menu collapses into the url of your blog and follows down the page as you scroll. Included features:Infinite Scrolling (on by default)PaginationColor customization (Background, post background, text, highlights)Description Alignment (Center, left, right)Custom Footer MessageCheck it out here. Retouched Spaced Fluidity today! I bug-fixed and redesigned some portions of the Spaced Fluidity theme, as well as adding a few scripts. Themes. Themes by Vacant-Veins. □ mermaidthemes. Heys guys u should follow my new theme blog at for cooler nicer themes haha thanks for the support!

□ mermaidthemes

& bonus i follow everyone back on that new blog 101011: how did you make all your photos black and white? :o it's so cool how it becomes colored when you hover! Exotic layouts. I'm not a lady, i'm a wolf. Themes by narvage. This is my design. Man, iceage is just a rlly g8 band. ❝ Anonymous asked: how do u put a link on your desc?

man, iceage is just a rlly g8 band.

<a href=”URL”>the link title in here</a> you might have to replace the quotations around the URL, but that’s it man. THEMES BY OLIVIA. Desidero Theme Simple fixed sidebar navigation, one or two columns, customizable scrollbar, optional caption visibility, infinite scroll, up to 5 customizable links.


Preview // Code Solatium Theme Simple fixed header navigation, number of columns differs with the multi-sized posts, customizable scrollbar, infinite scroll, up to 5 customizable links. Preview // Code. Network Themes. Picturesque Network Theme One of my most asked questions about my themes is “How can I add pictures to your network theme? " A ton of you have made some pretty impressive networks out of the simple network themes I’ve made, and you’ve inspired lots of people to create equally awesome networks. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same knack for html and CSS coding. With that in mind, this theme offers: Themes by Sam (ry-ot) OVERDOSED THEMES MOTHER FUCKERS. Themes by viventi. Luiz Henrique. Filming Themes. I haven’t been working on Themes a lot recently since I wasn’t really inspired to do anything.

Filming Themes

So I am initiating a theme giveaway! What you’ll get. A completely unique, custom-built theme for your blog. How to participate. Follow this blog.Reblog this post.Done! Feel free to reblog the post as often as you want to, without annoying your followers. Good luck! Theme 06 ☞ by filmingthemes ☞ A minimal theme with a sidebar. Features Optional endless scrollBack to top buttonOptional monochrome imagesOptional centered quotesOptional hidden notes on permalink pagesHidden captions4 custom links2 different fontsSidebar imageTooltips Notes To use the custom links, simply add your URLs and titles into the fieldsPlease like this post if you use the theme, I would love to see your blog with it.

I am the motherfucking fox. Themes by Infinitives. 여보. Adaryble whispered: thank you so much for all the help!


I'm sure i am gettin gon your nerves /runs away THAANK YOUUU (also your profile picture is kawaiiii) you’re welcome :) & thanks! Heavenlyhaute whispered: I feel like this is a hassle to ask you to do but I was wondering if it is possible to make codes for blogrolls to correspond with your existing themes. Gyapo. Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns. /index Ettudis (n) A graphic site offering freebies ranging from website designs, tumblr themes to textures and other graphic resources. about designer contact terms of use links sitemap tagboard.

Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns

Milk Themes. Haven’t submitted a theme in ages!

Milk Themes

Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Simple, clear, Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scroll. Untitled. Themes by Glared. To download these themes, click on the download link on whichever theme you wish to use > copy and paste coding > go to customize on your blog > Edit HTML > paste all the coding > Cick Update Preview > Click Save.

These themes are meant to be the way they are. If you choose to alter them and something does not work do not annoy me with stupid questions about them not working. They all work because I used them at some point so yeah. Please do not message me asking abou taltering something on a theme, if you wish to do so, figure that out by yourself., I am not your special go to coding guy. Please keep credit on all themes, it took time and effort to make all of them.

Either than that, you can message me here regarding anything about themes, please do not annoy me with questions in where you can use common sense to solve. Tumblr. Venoms Themes. YONGJUTHEME. Themes by duckponds. Aerou ✭ ◜nunmuri's themes◞ Tumblr. Please don't remove the credit. Dec0der themes. O download 86x86 icon image250px two column postsendless scrollpop-out blogroll and description o download endless scrollpop out blogroll250px index posts o download endless scroll400pxslide links o download. Meththemes. Anonymous said: can the gradiant be changed to horizontal ? Ask me off anon and I can alter the code for you xx. THEMES. Themes by heloteixeira. Tumblr. Tumblr. Themes by bluntstatements. Masonry2 ColumnsTwitter integration (optional)Color customizationInfinite scrolling includedCustomizable title fontBackground/Sidebar image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry2 ColumnsColor customizationInfinite scrolling (INCLUDED!)

Body and title fonts customizableBackground image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry3 ColumnsInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors. Themes by atonals. Themes by her. KLAXTON THEMES. YONGJUTHEME. Modernise themes. Themes by Berceau. Tumblr. Tℎℯmℯs & tutℴriaℓs by ann. JBAM THEMES. Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or large posts (500px) *optionalSidebar Image *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link and like button on postsEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional 1 year ago. Tumblr. This Garçon Creates. Lucas Makes Themes. Lucas. We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.

The Layout Shop » Blog Archive » Perendies Tumblr Theme. Atmos Themes. Intensify it. Mozilla Firefox. LINNEAMARIA. Themes by theskeletonofme. Themes. Tumblr Themes by Pour Être Belle. Sleepy themes. Themes by Peachcity. themes and skins.