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Amor Azul. Imagecache Example: User Profile Pictures. User profile pictures (or avatars) have been around for about as long as online bulletin board systems themselves.

Imagecache Example: User Profile Pictures

Drupal has included this ability for several versions, but we've found it lacking in both user friendliness and consistency. If you're using the default Drupal user pictures. Your site's users must upload an image exactly to the dimension specifications. The default is 85x85 pixels, and often that will mean a special trip to the GiMP or Photoshop just to make such an image. Arthemia: Wordpress Magazine Theme Released - jubel and the unes. Compatible with WordPress 3.8.1 Parker We always keep up with WordPress.

Arthemia: Wordpress Magazine Theme Released - jubel and the unes

All of our themes are compatible with its latest version, WordPress 3.8.1 Parker. Carrington Theme Documentation : Crowd Favorite. 9rules logo color, Daily Color Scheme - Your every-day color res. JsTheme - PolarLight v2.2 beta at JsBlog. Js Theme 2.0 named PolarLight This version can let you change the style of Jstheme.

JsTheme - PolarLight v2.2 beta at JsBlog

Now have 9 styles available for Download. And I will make more style for you guy download soon. Marinelli. Marinelli is a 3 column, tableless layout theme with a wide image banner and a "top-tabbed" primary-links system.


Here you can try a live demo 3x Main Features Flexible 3 column system with 8 extra collapsible regions and a "top slide-box". You can move content on the right or in the middle from theme settingsOptional built-in megadropdown menu per Primary links: Just activate it in the theme settings pageIntegrated rotating banners system based on jquery cycle: upload banners from theme settings and decide where to rotate them. Each banner con also point to an url to highlight contentProgressive enhancement with modernizr for css3 featuresBetter headings mangement. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes. Advertisement High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or professional coding solutions — in both cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them and you can build customized designs upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time.

In this article we present 100 free high-quality WordPress themes. Together with hundreds of other designs, these themes have been manually selected, installed and tested over the last weeks. They all can be downloaded, customized and used for free in both personal and commercial projects.