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Whether you need consulting and support implementing an off-the-shelf solution, or new customized applications built from scratch, Neo Code can do it. Visit us @

Tips In Hiring The Right Software Development Company. The advancements in the field of technology have become instrumental in the success of different entrepreneurs all over the world.

Tips In Hiring The Right Software Development Company

This is why you need to join the bandwagon of companies that are starting to embrace the power of technology. Whether you like it or not, it is essential for you to step up your game and be ahead of your competitors through the use of technology. One of the best decisions that you need to make is to hire the right custom software developer for your company. In this article, we are going to provide you with some tips on how you can make this happen. Know What You Want Before getting in touch with a professional software development company, you have to assess the needs of your own company first. Do Your Own Research Take note that many companies are now engaged in providing application and software development services. Ask For Referrals Establishing strong and close ties with other businessmen is essential for your survival in the industry.

FileMaker Development Solutions For Small Business. For even the most complex systems or demanding problems, Neo Code can provide affordable and powerful solutions, customized to your unique organizational requirements.

FileMaker Development Solutions For Small Business

Years of experience developing rigorous software solutions for enterprise-scale clients to small businesses enable us to meet your needs with the best custom solutions. Specializing in FileMaker, MySQL, JavaScript and PHP, our developers will design software that meets your budget and timeline requirements.

Neo Code has successfully delivered hundreds of custom software projects and gained the trust of its clients & partners. In our experience, the key ingredient to building trust is great communication. Great communication starts with transparency and great documentation. Neo Code knows that impactful custom applications are built on a backbone of assessing ROI, planning, & measurement. Neo Code only does the work that the client agreed to.

Embrace immense benefits of reliable custom Filemaker. Modern businesses have started realizing the importance of the latest effective technology for optimizing business growth.

Embrace immense benefits of reliable custom Filemaker

To enhance workplace efficiency and reduce operational complexity, many organizations around the globe rely on fast, highly flexible, and user-friendly Filemaker software. Reputable Filemaker solution providers with their years of experience, qualified and skilled professionals and in-depth knowledge of powerful features have been helping businesses to run and manage their projects, assets, and team more efficiently than ever before.

Fully functional Filemaker software comprises of FileMaker Server, FileMaker Advanced, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro provides best CRM solution as per the specific need of the business. Things to consider Have peace of mind Go through website Before choosing any company, it is advisable to go through websites of a few reputable companies and gather relevant information and then choose the best deal. FileMaker App Development - iPhone and iPad. The RFID+ App has been built to interact with special piece of hardware that can retrieve data encoded on RFID tags.

FileMaker App Development - iPhone and iPad

It connects to an iOS device ( iPhone, iPad ) and is called the Arete POP. Filemaker Go solutions can scan information stored on Radio Frequency Identification Tags ( RFID ) into a local FileMaker Go database or into a hosted FileMaker file accessed remotely through FileMaker Server. For further, detailed information, please download the documention from this link:RFID+ Documentation in PDF format Includes links to a FileMaker demo file and the App Store to get the RFID+ App, which will show on your device as the following icon: To get the app directly from the App Store, use this link:RFID+ by Neo Code Software Ltd. FileMaker Database Corruption Inspection Report. What is FileMaker Corruption File corruption is not inevitable, but it’s a good idea ensure that databases are properly backed-up in case of disaster.

FileMaker Database Corruption Inspection Report

While FileMaker takes every precaution possible to prevent data loss – there are those rare occasions when your FileMaker Pro file can become corrupted and data loss may occur. If your Filemaker database exhibits the following signs, chances are, your file could be corrupted: Multiple users report beachballs or hanging that require force quitting of FileMaker.Repeatable FileMaker file crashes.Repeatable FileMaker application or server crashes.Records that can’t be deleted.Ghost records.Layouts that cause FileMaker to crash. Filemaker Expert. FileMaker Database Corruption Inspection Report. FileMaker Pro Consultant. FileMaker Developer Experts - Neo Code. There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to managing your own business.

FileMaker Developer Experts - Neo Code

The competition in your chosen industry is quite tough these days, which is why you must learn how to reach out to your target market in the right manner. One of the ways that can help you stay up in the game with the other competitors is to come up with your own website. In this age of digital technology, having your own company website is a necessity for brand awareness. It is essential to have the right platform that will showcase your company’s products and services. At the same time, it will also serve as the perfect venue for reaching out to existing clients and potential customers.

Here at Neo Code, we help entrepreneurs and people in business establish a website that suits the personality and style of their chosen venture. We have a set of web developers who specialize in the latest technology that will help your company stay on top in the competitive market. Our FileMaker Training Course Schedule. Your Workplace Innovation Platform. Service Page FileMake Web Integration. Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Mobile App. Simple Starter Sync Solutions for FileMaker. FileMaker Developer Experts - Custom Business Software.