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Our team of Psychologists at Neo Chi offers Anxiety Counseling services with Mindful framing Practice in San Jose for individuals, couples, and families.

Depression treatment services in San Jose. The 5 Building Blocks of your Memory Palace. Imagine no more misplacing your car keys or forgetting names, missing appointments.

The 5 Building Blocks of your Memory Palace

Imagine being able to be present, mindful of the moment while confident that anything you want to memorize is easily retrievable and safe, backed up in your synaptic cloud. Imagine having an indestructible hard drive inside your brain. Discover and develop your ‘Memory Palace’ right now! Memory and the Hippocampus. Ways to Improve Sleep Quality in San Jose. With so much going on in our hectic lives, is it wise to ‘waste’ time every day… sleeping?

Ways to Improve Sleep Quality in San Jose

With so much anxiety, fear, loneliness and everything going on inside and around us, it can be hard to focus on a bedtime routine and improving our sleep. Let’s discover why quality is just as important as quantity for a sound and restorative sleep. Strategies to Keep Anxiety Away in San Jose. By Jennifer Scott For some people, anxiety is something you have to manage on a daily basis.

Strategies to Keep Anxiety Away in San Jose

For others, anxiety pops up out of nowhere, especially around stressful times like the holidays, weekends and vacations. Personally, I fall somewhere in between these two. Dealing with chronic anxiety means I have to stay committed to healthy activities that help. Activate the Vagus Nerve in San Jose. Why do you breathe a sigh of relief when a stressful situation is resolved?

Activate the Vagus Nerve in San Jose

Why is deep breathing or stretching your neck so relaxing? Be thankful to your vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body. It contains ‘vagabond’ nerve fibers driving the ‘rest and digest’ response to key organs and body systems. This is the key pathway for our brain to connect with the entire organism and deactivate the ‘fight and flight’ response leading to anxiety and stress. What is the Vagus Nerve? Avoid and Manage Burnout in San Jose. Have you ever felt like a candle burning at both ends?

Avoid and Manage Burnout in San Jose

Work and everyday life are increasingly demanding and with today’s 24/7 technology, the boundary between work and our personal lives is getting blurrier and blurrier. Compound that with a myriad of obligations and little or no time to relax and chill out, and it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed. Infallible Ways to Boost Your Immune System. Modern medicine focuses on cures, not on lifestyle interventions that can prevent many diseases depending on a healthy immune system.

Infallible Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Let’s actively boost our immune system to overcome deadly pathogens, carcinogens and self-inflicted wounds driven by anxiety and stress. Let’s realize that our immune system is at the core of our wellbeing, regulating our organism’s response to infections, cancer and autoimmunity. Basics of the Immune System. Mental Health Concerns in San Jose. By Brad Krause According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health concerns — such as depression and anxiety — can lead to premature death, with some people dying as much as two decades younger as a result.

Mental Health Concerns in San Jose

While the right combination of medication and psychotherapy can often help to treat or relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, a good self-care routine can also contribute to better psychological health and well-being. Mindful Framing wants you to be happy and healthy, so read on for information that can help with these concerns. Care for Your Wallet, Calm Your Mind. Immune health treatment in San Jose. Depression treatment services in San Jose.