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How to Kill a School Library: 10 Easy Steps. This is a straightforward, how-to set of instructions for squelching all remnants of library service in a school community. It’s been a painful set of rants and raves to record, and I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it. However, what I see worries me so much that I just can’t keep my mouth shut. 1. Fire your librarians. If you really want to get rid of library programs and services, start at the top. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Robin Overby Cox is an elementary library supervisor in central Texas. 14 Ways K–12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media by Joyce Valenza. 9/27/2009 By: This is the best time in history to be a teacher-librarian.

14 Ways K–12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media by Joyce Valenza

Major shifts in our information and communication landscapes present new opportunities for librarians to teach and lead in areas that were always considered part of their role, helping learners of all ages effectively use, manage, evaluate, organize and communicate information, and to love reading in its glorious new variety. A school’s teacher-librarian is its chief information officer, but in a networked world, the position is more that of moderator or coach, the person who ensures that students and teachers can effectively interact with information and leverage it to create and share and make a difference in the community and beyond. For background, take a look at the Standards for the 21st Century Learner. These information-fluency standards scream inquiry, critical thinking, digital citizenship, creative communication, collaboration, and networking.

Ms. O Reads Books: Pinterest & Teacher Librarians. So I know there has been a lot of press lately about Pinterest ... and here I am jumping on that bandwagon.

Ms. O Reads Books: Pinterest & Teacher Librarians

But I've been using it for about a year now and I have to say that even though I know it's not perfect in terms of copyright (just pin to the original source as much as humanly possible, please!) And it can be a serious "time sucker" (give yourself 15 minutes a day) ... I like it! Helped me to find lots of cool ideas that I've used with the kiddos very successfully. I'm sure I missed more than a few (is there a way to see who you repin the most besides the three listed on your profile page?) Isn't it funny ... have you seen that ecard that talks about how you feel like you could be friends with someone just because of their Pinterest boards? Find a balance. LibraryATBOT/The Book Bug/Sharing the ShelvesRandom House KidsHarper ChildrenReading RocketsAmy BansakLaurie LeavittLinda's LinksValerie FortAshley KurthKirsten MurphyMax MaciasRegina Hartley: Hey Twitter friend!

IFLA – Etični kodeks za knjižničarje in druge informacijske delavce. Teacher-Librarians. I don't know about you; when I earned my certification as a media specialist, I had never been required to take a course in book repair.


My colleague Nancy just received an MLS from Rutgers University (well known for their library sciences program) and she also never learned how to deal with damaged books. How is this possible? Can't figure that one out. But, if you can't attend a training workshop locally, you can always benefit from those who have posted videos and information online.

(When I first started my job, the Internet was just a little baby....) Creaza- suite of creative tools, including cartoonist, movie editor, audio editor and mindmaps DigiTales- create 3-5 minute stories from these types: living memories, beyond words, itza wrap Do Ink- create Flash-style animations using a "simple and friendly vector editor Domo Animate- free animation website offers characters with dialogue, backdrops and special effects. Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

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ICDL - International Children's Digital Library. Vintage Library Posters Dropbox.