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Save Up to $450 on Satellites at Camping World. Kids Room Rollback at Walmart. Autos - Seven ways the driverless car will change your life. 1.

Autos - Seven ways the driverless car will change your life

You'll stop running errands. If your car can drive itself, then there’s no need for it to take you along is it picks up your dry cleaning, your groceries, or even your kids (they stopped listening to you years ago anyway). You’ll never stop for fuel again, because cars will be electric and charge wirelessly wherever they’re parked. Also, every restaurant will deliver, as long as they don’t mind dropping a bag into the trunk of your driverless car (or their own delivery robot). The flip side: Collapse of the Slurpee market as 7-Elevens are shuttered. 2. 3. 4. 5. The future, to go About the images in this story. Trade up to Surface Pro 4 – Get an additional $100 trade in credit at Microsoft Store. Pingo Offers the Lowest Rates on International Calls. Scientists Have Managed To Edit HIV Out Of Infected Cells. The last few years has seen a massive leap in terms of genome editing.

Scientists Have Managed To Edit HIV Out Of Infected Cells

With the development of the incredible CRISPR/Cas9 technique, never before have scientists been able to so easily and precisely identify, edit, or remove specific sections of DNA. This has allowed scientists to target particular mutations, giving hope that the cure for certain inherited diseases could be around the corner. Now, researchers have used it to target HIV, and have managed to remove the genome of the virus from infected cells. When HIV infects someone, its RNA is transcribed into HIV-1 DNA, which is then integrated into a specific immune system cell known as CD4+ T-cells.

This means that the infected cells then replicate the HIV genome, producing more of the virus, which can then go on to infect more CD4+ T-cells. “The findings are important on multiple levels,” says Dr. Amazon Coupons 10% Off. I might have gotten high on headphones. Last week I put a strange pair of headphones on.

I might have gotten high on headphones

They're designed to stimulate your vagus nerve, which then is supposed to trigger a small boost in dopamine in your brain, subsequently relaxing you. I have no idea if they work, despite having used them for a solid half hour. The Nervana (yes, that's spelled correctly, because it's a pun) headphones don't claim to get you high — but the tiny Boca Raton, FL company that's producing them will come right up to the line of saying it. That didn't stop everybody who tried it this year at the Consumer Electronics Show from saying it happened to them. As for my experience, I don't know if I got high. The headphones come in two parts; there's a large, chunky box that sends the electrical signals in pulse with your music or the ambient noise of the room and a specific pair of headphones that are designed to deliver them. Shop MBT Footwear’s Outlet Sale. $10 off $100+ purchase at Gander Mountain. Inside Monaco’s Most Lavish Royal Ball, the Bal De La Rose.

It would take superhumans to throw New York’s blasé populace into a frenzy and yesterday at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere, Gotham City was treated to an overabundance of DC heroes.

Inside Monaco’s Most Lavish Royal Ball, the Bal De La Rose

Fans, onlookers, and paparazzi came out in droves to see stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, and Tao Okamoto as they screened DC Comics’s latest blockbuster at Radio City Music Hall. If the collective star power of the group wasn’t immediately evident, the blocked-off city streets and hundreds of cosplaying fanboys were a testament to the franchise’s mass appeal. While the focus of the evening was on comic books—famed scribe Frank Miller even made a special appearance—the attendee list was appealingly fashionable. Shop Skin Irritation Pet Products plus Free Shipping at $49 at 1800PetMeds. Sprint Sale – 5% off on all orders at Petcaresupplies.

Taylor Swift’s Reaction To Calvin Harris On Stage Is Everything. Categories (Hidden) / Style Icons.

Taylor Swift’s Reaction To Calvin Harris On Stage Is Everything

Pacsun Coupons 30 - 50% off Promo codes. Inside Phelan's N.Y.C. Trunk Show. Just one month after her second solo collection debuted at New York Fashion Week, Amanda Phelan is moving full speed ahead.

Inside Phelan's N.Y.C. Trunk Show

The former Alexander Wang knitwear designer hosted an intimate trunk show at 287 Gallery in New York City Monday night, allowing guests to pre-order pieces from her label Phelan’s fall/winter 2016 collection—months before they hit retailers. Shoppers excitedly perused an assortment of chunky knits, bedazzled skirts, and glittering bomber jackets while sipping on Champagne. Tracks from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly thumped through the speakers until midway through the evening, when guests were asked to clear the main area of the room as four dancers from Vim Vigor Dance Company made their way to the center to perform a captivating contemporary routine. RELATED: Your Fall 2016 Fashion Month Cheat Sheet in 16 Pictures.

Pacsun Coupons 50% Off. Sony's Concept N Headphones. 1800Petmeds Coupons $5 Off. If We Don’t Want AI to Be Evil, We Should Teach It to Read. Smart people have been known to make hyperbolic statements about artificial intelligence.

If We Don’t Want AI to Be Evil, We Should Teach It to Read

In 2014, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk compared the current research around AI to “summoning the demon,” and called the malicious HAL 9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey a “puppy dog” compared to the AIs of the future. That same year, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said that creating AI “would be a mistake, and potentially our worst mistake ever.” Mark Riedl, an AI researcher from the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, isn’t all that worried. Take $10 off $100+ on every order at overtons. How Silent Discos Bring Us Together. On a late spring evening in 2015, at South Street Seaport, a square on the southern tip of Manhattan, hundreds of people slipped on headphones and slipped into their own worlds.

How Silent Discos Bring Us Together

It was a clear night, perfect for a stroll, but attendees weren’t interested in local shops and restaurants. They were too busy dancing silently to the music, tuning in—or tuning out—to a “silent disco.” The silent disco is a concert that passersby can barely hear, and that attendees can customize with a flip of the switch. Get $15 off orders $120 or more at EntirelyPets. Oregon Becomes First US State To Pass A Law To Phase Out Coal. Oregon has become the first state in the U.S. to pass legislation that will see it phase out all coal.

Oregon Becomes First US State To Pass A Law To Phase Out Coal

The state has committed itself to a complete ban on all coal-generated energy by 2035, as well as obligating that at least half of the state’s power come from renewable sources by 2040. The legislation was passed by Oregon's state assembly in a 38-20 vote, and will now need to be signed into law by Governor Kate Brown. Despite only actually having one coal-fired power station within the state, Oregon still gets a third of its energy from coal-fired plants in the states of Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. This means that if Oregon is to wean itself off the dirty fossil fuel, there could be a knock-on effect as carbon emissions from these other states might also drop. The decision has the backing of two of Oregon’s major energy producers, who will also be required to increase their share of renewables to 50 percent by 2040. Save up to 90% on textbook rentals at Alibris.

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