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A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic. Alex Tizon passed away in March.

A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic

He was a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and the author of Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self. For more about Alex, please see this editor’s note. he ashes filled a black plastic box about the size of a toaster. It weighed three and a half pounds. I put it in a canvas tote bag and packed it in my suitcase this past July for the transpacific flight to Manila.

Her name was Eudocia Tomas Pulido. Listen to the audio version of this article:Download the Audm app for your iPhone to listen to more titles. To our American neighbors, we were model immigrants, a poster family. After my mother died of leukemia, in 1999, Lola came to live with me in a small town north of Seattle. At baggage claim in Manila, I unzipped my suitcase to make sure Lola’s ashes were still there. Early the next morning I found a driver, an affable middle-aged man who went by the nickname “Doods,” and we hit the road in his truck, weaving through traffic. I was 13. Blog — emily blincoe. BBG Diaries: Mitch Zachary / BBG Diaries: Mitch’s NYC Boys / News / Boys by Girls. New York, a city baptized as a playground for anyone wild and free, where boys from other cities become transplants in hopes to achieve their life goals and fantasies.

BBG Diaries: Mitch Zachary / BBG Diaries: Mitch’s NYC Boys / News / Boys by Girls

Formalities are something of the past; we live for the moments we truly believe in, where tip-toeing around each other is long forgotten and being open and naked is an opportunity to tell the sincerest of stories. In this BBG Diary series, native New Yorker Mitch Zachary captures and explores tender moments of history, enlightening you with a series of photographs taken from an insider perspective of boys that are a slice of the microcosm that is gay life in NYC.

Mitch’s topic of interests includes boys that are friends, Instagram friends and lovers. In moments that are pure and unexposed, typically after partying all night and ending up in hotel rooms and private sanctuaries, we get to part-take in these moments. For a little while to feel that we also are free and unhibited, making the late hours of the night ours. My series on normalizing the beauty of body hair. Augustin David et Clémence, Odilon 4 ans, Gustave 2 ans - The Socialite Family. The Most Influential Images of All Time. For over 40 Years, This Guy Photographed the Same Buildings as he Watched them Decline. │ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ AVIGNON │ˉˉˉˉ│∩│ˉˉˉˉ│ Avant, Laurent Deglicourt (Le voyage minuscule 1/22– Photo-graphies) – DIACRITIK. Écrire, pour moi, c’est un peu comme faire de la broderie : je n’ai jamais appris.

Avant, Laurent Deglicourt (Le voyage minuscule 1/22– Photo-graphies) – DIACRITIK

Et puis comment éviter la paraphrase lorsqu’un texte est associé à une / des image(s) ? Je présenterai ici une série ancienne, réalisée entre 2005 et 2010. Voici le contexte dans lequel elle s’est lentement élaborée. En 2004, j’ai quitté Paris pour m’installer à Marseille. Obscures et idiotes raisons sentimentales. Cette série n’a pas été conçue de façon chronologique. Le site de Laurent Deglicourt Sur le même thème Qui vous ont jadis ravagés, Laurent Deglicourt (Le voyage minuscule 22/22) Gabriel, après le bac, a commencé des études de médecine. Dans "Photo-graphies" Véronique Chochon Photographies - Photos. Neglected Utopia: Photographer explores the forgotten modernist estates of Paris. From the 1950s to the 1980s, Paris was booming.

Neglected Utopia: Photographer explores the forgotten modernist estates of Paris

Foreign migration and urbanisation of the city caused a huge surge in population and a crisis for housing. France’s solution came in the form of vast housing projects and so during this period massive, modernist and really quite unique estates sprung up across the city — aiming for a new way of living. Just a few decades later and these towering buildings look dated, discarded and forgotten. Often stigmatised by the media, they divide opinion in France and have been left mostly occupied by the ageing community of ‘urban veterans’ who first made it their home, as the younger generation are drawn to more contemporary city living. Images all © Laurent Kronental Via Bored Panda. Lyon, France. 2016. - Hayden. Portugal posts - Hayden. Tripping through Grace Wales Bonner and Harley Weir’s India. In the spring/summer issue of Dazed, Grace Wales Bonner, photographer Harley Weir and stylist Tom Guinness travelled to India for a shoot that brought together the designer’s world with the people and places of the country.

Tripping through Grace Wales Bonner and Harley Weir’s India

In this travel journal and accompanying poem, Wales Bonner describes the inspirations behind and discoveries of their journey. Malik Ambar brought me to India for the second time. I was drawn there to connect with Siddhis, Afro-Indians. I was brought there to reflect on displacement, migration and exchange across the Indian Ocean. Les plus belles photos de l'amérique des outsiders. Parfois, on a besoin de quitter son pays pour mieux le comprendre.

les plus belles photos de l'amérique des outsiders

L'exposition collective Outsiders : American Photography and Film, qui s'est ouverte à l'Art Gallery of Ontario à Toronto, présente un tour d'horizon visuel de la vie des marginaux américains. The abstracted aerial landscapes of Iceland and Africa. SAMI KELSH - PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILLUSTRATION. Jacqueline salmon, photographe, photographie, site officiel. Saidou-dicko.