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Tonic.vice. Goodbye, Kind Friend: RIP The Bear (1995-2016) My cat The Bear died yesterday morning.

Goodbye, Kind Friend: RIP The Bear (1995-2016)

I’m pretty sure I know the exact moment he died because at about 2.40am I woke with a full body jolt that felt like a benevolently intended electric shock and my house felt very different to how it had ever felt before. A few hours later, as the lazy winter sun was finally beginning to rise over the line of bare trees overlooking my house, I went downstairs and found him on his side in the hallway, lifeless. I wrapped him in in the towel I’d been recently using to dry him after cleaning his increasingly matted fur, and buried him in the garden. I wanted to dig a grave for him under the yew tree where he’d loved to sleep for the last three summers, each of which had seemed like a miraculous extension of his long life, during which rain, clear air and sun seemed to be performing a magic natural spa treatment on his brittle old body.

In summer 2014, I realised his slight deafness had become a greater disability. Linocut of The Bear by my mum. Vaucluse: Un village transforme sa vieille cabine téléphonique en... bibliothèque! INSOLITE Elle est ouverte sur 7 jours sur 7 et 24h sur 24h...

Vaucluse: Un village transforme sa vieille cabine téléphonique en... bibliothèque!

Clément Carpentier Publié le Mis à jour le Une BD, une bibliographie de Brigitte Bardot, des contes pour les enfants ou encore un roman d’Henning Mankell, on trouve de tout dans la bibliothèque de Suzette dans le Vaucluse. Jusque-là rien d’anormal sauf que celle-ci se trouve dans une cabine téléphonique. Artichaut - Artichaut revue. Gay Talese on the Voyeur’s Motel. I know a married man and father of two who bought a twenty-one-room motel near Denver many years ago in order to become its resident voyeur.

Gay Talese on the Voyeur’s Motel

With the assistance of his wife, he cut rectangular holes measuring six by fourteen inches in the ceilings of more than a dozen rooms. Then he covered the openings with louvred aluminum screens that looked like ventilation grilles but were actually observation vents that allowed him, while he knelt in the attic, to see his guests in the rooms below. He watched them for decades, while keeping an exhaustive written record of what he saw and heard. Never once, during all those years, was he caught. I first became aware of this man after receiving a handwritten special-delivery letter, without a signature, dated January 7, 1980, at my house in New York. Dear Mr. He then described the motel he had owned for more than ten years. La bibliothèque est à nous. La douloureuse histoire du psy qui a perdu un patient dans les attentats du 13 novembre.



An American Slam Poet in Paris, Then Dublin – The University Times. It’s the last day of August, and the peach glow of summer’s final sunset is making its slow, languorous descent over the windowpanes.

An American Slam Poet in Paris, Then Dublin – The University Times

I’ve watched sunlight fall through the Workman’s Club windows the same way at least five times, always on a Wednesday, always with poets I sort of know taking part in another fundraiser and always from the couch at the back of the vintage room. I used to be a regular fixture at such shows, where I’d inebriate myself with metaphors and mojitos. Somewhere along the way, though, it lost its buzz for me. One of the beauties of the Dublin slam poetry scene was its closeness, how after hitting up a few spoken word nights you could get familiar with the poets and organisers. It’s also one of its downfalls, as with more events you frequent the more familiar poems and cadences and even postures become.

The History of Survivor Spoilers in Lions, Tigers, Survivors - Oh My! Forum. I figured there's never been a list of the History of Survivor Spoilers so I put one together.

The History of Survivor Spoilers in Lions, Tigers, Survivors - Oh My! Forum

This is a history that deserves its own attention. It's by no means 100% complete, but I figure it's something we can add to as time goes by. Anyone that has any additions or suggestions, feel free to let me know. BLACK GRETCHEN True During the opening montage of an early episode, a split-second clip was added in that showed the final 9 seated at tribal council.

[News/People] [MA, USA] 15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010: Ezekiel O. Smith. The Harvard Crimson (Harvard University), MA, USA 15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010: Ezekiel O.

[News/People] [MA, USA] 15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010: Ezekiel O. Smith

Smith By Madeleine Smith, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER Published: Friday, December 11, 2009 [Photo: Ezekiel O. "Some Harvard students change concentrations,” Ezekiel O. Docu sur "L'École en bateau": cette atroce affaire de pédophilie doit nous faire réfléchir. Ardisson dévoile le nom du violeur de Flavie Flament : la loi la condamne au silence. Flavie Flament, le 28 août 2011 (A.

Ardisson dévoile le nom du violeur de Flavie Flament : la loi la condamne au silence

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women. There is a particular look about a teenage boy that lets you know what kind of man he’ll be.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women.

A certain fullness of lips, a frank sensuality in his gaze. We all know what the word for that is, but it’s not polite to use it until he’s proven he’s that kind of boy. Hugin was chosen, among all the boys of the village, to compete in the Races. He had grown up, the child of a simple, lovely baker, and his wife, the wolf-hunter. Hugin wore his hair in simple golden waves and had the longest legs anyone had ever seen, coated in fine, silky down. What they did not know was that Hugin was torn; torn between tall and silent Joina and her younger sister, Kika the Maker of Knives. Mini Metro - Indius. City of Women. “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” is a song James Brown recorded in a New York City stu­dio in 1966, and, whether you like it or not, you can make the case that he’s right.

City of Women

Walking down the city streets, young women get harassed in ways that tell them that this is not their world, their city, their street; that their freedom of movement and association is liable to be undermined at any time; and that a lot of strangers expect obedience and attention from them. “Smile,” a man orders you, and that’s a concise way to say that he owns you; he’s the boss; you do as you’re told; your face is there to serve his life, not express your own. He’s someone; you’re no one. In a subtler way, names perpetuate the gendering of New York City. A horde of dead men with live identities haunt New York City and almost every city in the Western world.

L'incroyable légende de l'histoire en six petits mots d'Hemingway. Le manifeste infraréaliste de Roberto BolañoJeu de Paume / le magazine. Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize divides Irish writers and literary critics. Il est 5 heures, Jaipur s'éveille. Lettres d'amour de Mitterrand à Anne Pingeot : l'ancien président était-il polyamoureux. Barbershop Cuts Prices For Kids Who Read Aloud During Appointment. Untergunther, réparateurs clandestins du patrimoine.

The First Use of 'to Google' on Television? Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Robinson Meyer. Today I learned that, beyond the success Buffy the Vampire Slayer entailed for Joss Whedon—late of Avengers-directing fame—it has a nerdly milestone of its own. The character Xander answers: “She’s 17!” Willow clarifies: “It’s a search engine.” Television history. Remembering Matt Irwin in the right way.

It’s so important that we keep talking about depression, keep telling people’s real stories. The fact is, it’s killing people. School Successfully Replaces Detention With a Mindful Meditation Room. Detention—whether you've experienced it directly or not, you know it's not the ideal place to spend your school day. Long hours spent staring at the clock or doing busy work were anything but motivating. However, for students at Baltimore's Robert W.

Coleman Elementary School, being sent to detention is an opportunity to practice mindfulness and awareness. Misbehaving children are sent to a purple-pillowed space called The Mindful Meditation Room, which allows them to calm down and recenter through breathing exercises and mediation before reentering the classroom. The room was created in partnership with Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. which is a non-profit organization "committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. " This Is How You Can Get More from That YouTube Instructional Video. An insistent pattern has quietly taken hold in my household. I will order some consumer product online. The product will arrive. I will open the package, extract the thing from its protective wrappings, and retrieve the instruction manual. Inside the World's Only Surviving Tattoo Shop For Medieval Pilgrims.

Wassim Razzouk tattooing the classic Jerusalem Cross motif known to look exactly like this since at least the early 1600s. (All Photos: Anna Felicity Friedman) In Jerusalem’s Old City today, you can find a uniquely obscure historical relic—the sole surviving pilgrimage tattoo business, Razzouk Ink. Merci de nous avoir aidés à retrouver Laure perdue dans Paris.

Laure, la soeur de notre confrère Anne Crignon (DR) I’m Not Mad at Vic Mensa, I Just Miss the Old Vic Mensa. Ever had an ex get engaged? Ever had an ex get engaged 10 months after you broke up? It's...complicated. Trust me, I know from experience. Suffering From Success: J. Cole’s Dark Days During Bright Times. Leonard Cohen to late 'So Long, Marianne' muse: 'I think I will follow you very soon' Why Calvin and Hobbes is Great Literature. Les noms dans la littérature (nouveau thème) Looking and the lack of gay stories on HBO. For children, nothing beats the first literary love. Érudit. Recherche détaillée. MARC NAMMOUR en entrevue avec Longueur d'Ondes. Sir, c'est une révolution. 1986 : l'assassinat du football. Brésil : 10 phrases marquantes de Socrates, homme de paroles - Coupe du monde 2014.

Sócrates : entre football et romantisme révolutionnaire – Le Comptoir. Autrices, programmes et canon: « Mais on ne peut pas refaire l’histoire! » (2) Ovale Lune – JP Nataf – Chronique Musicale. Becker 1987, Federer 2013, Djokovic 2016... Le Top 10 des séismes à Wimbledon - Wimbledon 2016. Sexual Monogamy & Violence Against Woman - Part 1 A Betrayal of Human Sexual Evolution by James Prescott. I’m Madly in Love with You, But Don’t Worry, It’s Not a Big Deal. A Conversation With Joanna Newsom. Juliette : « Quand un jeu vidéo me passionne, je peux y jouer douze heures par jour » Keny Arkana ou la vie sauvage. Collection « Orphée » aux éditions La Différence. In a room with Radiohead. I told myself: 'Get over yourself. Stop snivelling. Stop whining...'

The death bloggers. Sergei Polunin dances with his demons to Hozier's Take Me to Church. Osipova and Polunin: backstage with ballet's most explosive couple. The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender: 2,000 scripts, 25,000 actors, 4 million lines. Our Favorite Typefaces of 2015 – Typographica. Saviedevantnous. This Harry Potter Wedding Was Pure Magic. The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies. « Le Vide » / Essai de cirque – Dansercanalhistorique. I Got Married Because of the Water Bill. Olympic smiles: How to identify athletes’ nationalities based on their facial expressions.

What does the way you count on your fingers say about your brain? Mental Illness Can Shorten Lives More Than Chain-Smoking. 17 Delicious Ways To Take Your Avocado Obsession To The Next Level. Villeurbanne : les squatteurs de l’Oblik seront expulsés. The Sunday Rumpus Essay: Grief Magic. Rencontre avec Andréa Bescond, pour son spectacle Les Chatouilles ou la danse de la colère. Dans les montagnes du Sud-Liban : du taboulé, des loups, le Hezbollah, et moi – Route des explorateurs. Le don de voix : l'enregistrement d’un livre sonore en CM2 - Les actualités de l'École des lettresLes actualités de l'École des lettres. Tell Me A Story by MM Florin. Exploring Brontë country from the back seat of a bus. What’s at Stake in Translating Slang? Postcolonial Plurilingualism in Rachid Djaïdani’s Boumkoeur - Asymptote Blog.

Maître Philippe ou le retour du Christ au cimetière de Loyasse à Lyon. Les cacous, ces lépreux bretons - Histoire - Cagots. A Dragonborn & their Dog (with images, tweets) · SuperSpacedad. The white art world killed Basquiat - THUG SCHOLAR. The Modern Sisyphus: Albert Camus Goes Online. A Lyrical Guide To The Poisons In Yeasayer's song I Am Chemistry.

Ne te demande pas pour qui sonne le glas — ERIC ROHMER, DE FILLES EN AIGUILLE Une... Jeu de go: AlphaGo le «divin» met K.O. le champion du monde Lee Se-Dol. Un manchot nage 8000 kilomètres chaque année pour retrouver son sauveur. 59 Rivoli : "un art libre, un art qui vit, un art qui vibre" Dolziger Str. 2 ou VABDLNDV13N – Zblurk, le blog. Lettre de suicide de Romain Gary. Les mots tuent. The Fierce Courage of Nina Simone by Adam Shatz. Love, Kindness, and the Song of the Universe: The Night Jack Kerouac Kept a Young Woman from Taking Her Own Life. 6 Reasons To Go To A Museum Alone. The Writer as Meme Machine. Les musées, nouvelles pistes pour la danse. Radio France va vendre une partie de sa colossale collection de disques. Lemony Snicket Hasn't Aged at All: Q&A with the 'Unfortunate Events' Author. On peut rire de tout, mais on peut aussi arrêter de citer Desproges n'importe comment. How to Write a Story: Schools Version.

IP-rimer: A Basic Explanation of Intellectual Property.